TOYING AROUND: New York Comic Con Round One

New York Comic Con is currently in full swing in the Big Apple. and the collectible companies have already displayed a number of new and exciting products to add to our wish lists. Hasbro jumped in the ring on Thursday, showing off a variety of Marvel and Star Wars action figures while Diamond Select Toys unveiled a number of statues and action figures. Plus, McFarlane Toys dug up a preview of the ninth series of "The Walking Dead" action figures based on the AMC TV show. Of course, this is far from all the NYCC news. We're currently combing the floor for more announcements and will have even more NYCC goodness for you next week!

HASBRO | As we've come to expect from the big cons, Hasbro brought a lot of new goodies to excited Marvel and Star Wars fans. The latter can scope out shots of new 6-inch figures based of Rogue, Sharon Carter, Mockingbird, Scourge, Taskmaster, Whirlwind and Cottonmouth as well as 3 3/4-inch takes on Classic Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man Noir, Triton, Ulik and Yondu.

Meanwhile, the excellent Star Wars Black Series will expand to include General Hux, a Snowtrooper, X-Wing Pilot Asty, Resistance Trooper and the TIE Fighter Pilot. More figures are on display and will make their way into next week's column!

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS | Diamond Select Toys also wowed many with their early reveals like the "Batman: The Animated Series" Harley Quinn bank, Two-Face bust and the "Batman '66" Egghead bust and Catwoman statue.

Newly minted Minimates include a "Back to the Future" 30th Anniversary 1985 Box Set that comes with "Waking Up" Marty with skateboard, Author George McFly, Car Wars Biff and Needles as well as a Time Machine with exclusive Marty. The first "Mass Effect" box set will include Commander Shepard with John and Jane heads, Miranda Lawson, "Pirate Queen" Aria T'Loak and a Zombified Human Husk. Finally, Agents Mulder and Scully will be represented in a standard 2-pack as well as the 4-inch-tall Vinimates versions.

The Fox series "Gotham" continues to build on Batman's hometown as DST does the same for its characters in the collector space. The second Minimates box set includes Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Alfred and The Penguin while the second wave of Select Action figures features Alfred, Harvey Bullock and Edward Nygma.

Finally, the animated "Justice League" version of Hawkgirl soars into the Femme Fatales statue line while Thor and the Rainbow Bridge debut as the next Marvel resin statue.

THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS | According to sites like Action Figure Insider, Mattel announced a new line of Walmart exclusive action figures at the show as well. Three figures based on Frank Miller's seminal "The Dark Knight Returns" will be available at the mega retailer as part of the DC Multiverse line. Said figures include Batman, Superman and a Son of Batman toy.

DC SUPER HERO GIRLS | Mattel also took some time out to reveal the full line-up of 12-inch action dolls based on their new DC Super Hero Girls initiative. As you can see in this picture posted on the official site, the line-up includes Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Bumblebee.

THE WALKING DEAD | In one last bit of NYCC-related news (for now), McFarlane Toys gave fans a look at the ninth wave of figures based on AMC's "The Walking Dead" which hit next spring. The line-up includes the fan-decided Beth, T-Dog, Constable Michonne, Water Walker, dirty Gravedigger Daryl and a store-exclusive Death Scene Dale.

THE WALKING DEAD | The "Walking Dead" TV crew also find themselves with a new batch of collectibles from Funko hitting the scene next month. This time around Rick Grimes, Morgan, Abraham and Constable Michonne get the Pop Vinyl treatment while Daryl can be cuddled as a Fabrikation later this month.

THE PUNISHER | From zombie killers to criminal killers, Sideshow Collectibles' Punisher sixth scale figure looks like he can carry on the theme of bullet-fueled chaos pretty well. This 12-inch-tall walking arsenal comes with knives, revolvers, pistols, a rifle, several clips, grenades and a submachine gun (but only if you opt for the Sideshow Exclusive version). This big Pun ships next fall.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES | For something a bit less intense, scope out Mondo's newly minted Donatello figure from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line of foot-tall action figures. Like Leo before him, Donny comes with plenty of extras including the bo staff, alternate red head, ninja stars, grapple gun and even a Krang. If you happen to go for the limited-to-500 Mondo Exclusive, though, you also get the Gravitic Equalized from "Donatello" #1.

DOCTOR WHO | Another beloved property will be built from bricks thanks to LEGO. The company's Ideas section will produce a Doctor Who set featuring the TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor (with Fez), the Twelfth Doctor (with Sonic Screwdriver), Clara, a Weeping Angel and two Daleks. This initial offering launches on December 1.

TOY STORY | Finally, the film that proved that this whole computer generated animation thing could work for an entire feature, "Toy Story," celebrates its second decade with a line of Pop Vinyls from Funko. Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Rex and Hamm will be out in December with all new sculpts.

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