TOYING AROUND: New York Comic Con Edition!

Unless you've been living under a rock that gets terrible wireless reception, you know that the New York Comic Con took place last weekend. While comic books, films and TV shows might have dominated the news reports, there were also a number of toy, statue and other collectible-related news from companies like Mattel, Hasbro, DC Collectibles, Mezco and more. With this TOYING AROUND column in mind, CBR News took to the convention floor and snapped as many photos as we could. Of course, there was also a lot of other news being released thanks to solicits and the usual web reveals.

For a full report on everything DC Collectibles showed off at their panel on Friday, keep your eyes on CBR for the full report!

BATMAN | One figure that DC Collectibles only teased during their NYCC panel finally saw its debut on their Facebook page a few days later. All we knew was that the figure was part of the Greg Capullo Batman line, it had a purple and green color scheme and wasn't the Joker. So who else could it be but the master of mysteries, The Riddler?!

MATTEL DC NYCC | As the major DC Comics license holder when it comes to toys, Mattel had a small universe of toys to show off at this year's biggest east coast con. The "Batman" TV show line saw the reveal of a bathing suited Joker as well as an unmasked version of Catwoman which hadn't been seen before. They also had a group of Multiversity figures out for viewing based on the Batman: Arkham games. Check out a few different Batman figures, Mr. Freeze, Bane and Deadshot. Meanwhile, the Total Heroes line continues to grow with Superman, Bizarro, Aquaman, Sinestro, Green Lantern, Flash and Mr. Freeze figures as well as Ultra packages showcasing Batman Beyond, John Stewart and Black Manta. The Batzarro figure from DC Universe was also on display. For a look at figures based on the Superman and Batman films with awesome likenesses, head on over to Spinoff Online.

HASBRO MARVEL NYCC | Before NYCC even kicked off, Hasbro had a party to show off many of their upcoming Marvel-based offerings. The two main lines coming out this year will be based on "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and Spider-Man. The Cap line of toys will involve some role playing elements for kids as well as a 3.75-inch scale line featuring Winter Solider and an Infinite Series legends line that will include a Hydra Soldier and Build-A-Figure Mandroid. Meanwhile, Spidey will also have two different waves of figures. "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" will have a 3.75-inch scale series that includes Axe Gauntlet, Sky Strike Glider and Spider Strike Batckpack versions of the Wall Crawler as well as Light Up Electro. Then you'll have the Legends Infinite line featuring the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF, movie costume Amazing Spider-Man, movie Electro, Superior Spidey, Carnage, Beetle and Black Cat.

STAR WARS NYCC | Marvel didn't get all the love from Hasbro, they also showed off a lot of upcoming Star Wars merch. The Black Series will continue in both 3.75- and 6-inch scales. The smaller figures will add Luke in training along with Yoda, Snowtrooper Commander and Toryn Farr. Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker from "Episode 3" will join his larger brethren. The company also revealed the packaging for the "Star Wars Rebels" toys which you can also look at on Spinoff.

SQUARE ENIX NYCC | Square Enix came out in full force for the New York show, so let's go down the line. They had a pair of xenomorphs from "Aliens: Colonial Marines" on display dubbed Spitter (left) and Lurker (right) along with figures of Connor and Edward from the Assassin's Creed franchise. A pair of "Halo 4" figures, a trio of "RoboCop" toys based on the original film as well as the remake, some "Tron"-inspired "Kingdom Hearts" toys and a prototype of the Snake figure from "Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes" were also out for all to see. Mostly finished versions of Spock and Kirk from "Star Trek Into Darkness" were also there along with Ken and Sakura from the Street Fighter games. Finally, Square showed off a bunch of their DC pieces including two different Batmen, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and Supergirl.

ADI GRANOV AVENGERS | Over the past few months we've seen bits and pieces from Kotobukiya's Adi Granov-inspired Marvel NOW! line of Avengers statues. The company had a number of pieces in various stages of completion out for show at NYCC. Check out the finished Black Widow along with unpainted prototypes of Hawkeye, Thor and Hulk!

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS NYCC | Mattycollector's online-exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics line continues to roll right along. They had a few upcoming pieces on display at their booth like Sea Hawk and Long-Or. They also premiered new figures of Flogg who will go on sale in July and Extendar who drops in June. They also detailed the urban vinyl-influenced MOTU Classics Minis 2-packs which break down to Armored He-Man and Mer-Man in the first and Skeletor and Moss Man in the second. Get all six of the 2-packs and you'll be able to make a tiny Castle Grayskull.

GENTLE GIANT | Gentle Giant might not have been at NYCC, but they still came out with all kinds of brand new reveals this week thanks to their latest batch of solicits. Next summer, Star Wars fans will have a few new collectibles to choose from including the Rebel Seal bookends, a nearly 20-inch tall Wampa figure from the Jumbo vintage line and the unconverted Jump Luke in Hoth gear. They also have three pieces from the House of Ideas in the works: a Scarlett Johansson Black Widow statue as she appears in "Captain America: The Winter Solider," a 12-inch tall Juggernaut mini bust and Captain America's Shield bookends. "The Walking Dead" stalwarts Carl Grimes and Michonne also got statue-ized with Rick's son entering the mini bust line and everyone's favorite walker slicer measuring in at 17.5-inches. GG even showed off their first statue of Eva Green's Artemisia as she appears in the March' "300: Rise of an Empire." Finally, the Giant continues to build up their own in-house Honey Trap line of statues with Derby, an 18-inch tall piece that looks ready to roll right over you.

BISHOUJO | Between a few reveals at NYCC and some posts on their Facebook page, Kotobukiya has unveiled a number of new Bishoujo pieces. At the show, they had concept art for the upcoming Jubilee piece as well as an unpainted prototype for a Spider-Woman piece. On Facebook they the fully finished Mara Jade piece from Star Wars which will be out in May as well as more art of Cammy from Street Fighter and Starfire.

SHERLOCK | After teasing these figures for what seems like ages, Big Chief Studios Limited finally revealed their "Sherlock" figures. Check out their wildly detailed figures of Benedict Cumberbatch's lead sleuth along with Martin Freeman's Doctor John Watson. Both pieces are 1/6th the height of the actual actors and come with cloth outfits and plenty of accessories to keep you reenacting episode after episode.

POP! VINYL | Funko has a small army of new Pop Vinyl figures hitting stores later this year. Dec. 13th will see the release of the first wave of toys based on "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug." The line includes Legolas, Thorin, Azog, Gandalf and an Invisible Bilbo. If your tastes run more towards animal-filled futures, they've also got a line of "Planet of the Apes" pieces ranging from Cornelius and Dr. Zaius to an Ape Soldier and General Ursus. Finally, they revealed the final image for the Turbo figure in the "Wreck-It Ralph" line that got teased a few weeks back.

VILLAN STATUES | Sideshow Collectibles has brought on the bad guys in the past few weeks. The statue and figure makes came out with a series of new reveals that showcases villains from Marvel, DC and even G.I. Joe. The Legendary Scale Doctor Doom (or is it really a Doombot?) statue stands a whopping 50-inches tall and comes draped in the finest cloth and armor. Meanwhile, one of DC's more complicated villains, Sinestro has earned his own Premium Format Figures statue. This one stands 34.5-inches tall unless you get the exclusive version which comes with a construct over the former Green Lantern's head. Sinestro might have his own corps, but Destro has a good deal of resources himself. The G.I. Joe nemesis joins his comrades and enemies in the 12-inch scale line of Joe toys. Finally, Sideshow and Rockin' Jelly Bean 9.5-inch tall PVC Mystique statue is being offered complete with big hair and arched back.

PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES | The eternal struggle between the undead and plant life is spilling over from your device of choice onto your shelves. Gaming Heads is dipping its toe into the "Plants Vs. Zombies" world with a group of new statues. On the zombie side of things, you can choose between the regular or coneheaded exclusive version. The plants also get in on the action thanks to the Peashooter, which you can get either with (exclusive) or without (regular) a pea projectile. The zombie is 13 inches tall while the Peashooter measures 9 inches.

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