TOYING AROUND: New "Adventure Time" Pop Vinyls, X-Force Psylocke Statue

With big screen blockbusters like "Iron Man 3" and "Man of Steel" spawning all kinds of offerings in the collectible department, this week saw plenty of new movie and TV-based action figures and statues making their digital debut. In addition to this year's hot properties, movies like "Rocky" and "Alien" also got in on the announcement action. Don't worry comic fans, Green Lantern, Iron Man and one of Spider-Man's special ladies also get some love in this week's edition of TOYING AROUND!

PACIFIC RIM | Last week, fans of Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim" got a glance at Sideshow Collectibles' Striker Eureka statue. Now the company has many more detailed looks including the specs for the piece which stands 19 inches tall and ships next August.

MAN OF STEEL | Michael Shannon's portrayal of Zod in "Man of Steel" perfectly mixed the physicality of a general with the menacing lunacy of a zealot. Hot Toys captures both of those elements, along with his cool battle suit, in their latest "Man of Steel" figure which comes with a base for display and the mask seen in the film.

IRON MAN 3 | The Super Alloy family of superhero figures gains two more members in the near future. Play Imaginative revealed a pair of "Iron Man 3" toys, War Machine Mark II and the Starboost armor. Both come 85% covered in die cast materials, hand painted and featuring all kinds of accessories and articulation. While the exclusive additive for the Starboost figure wasn't announced, the War Machine one comes with an extra head based on Don Cheadle's face as seen in the film.

X-FORCE | Kotobukiya took to Facebook to unveil their latest X-Force Fine Art Statue. The dark costume-loving character to make the statue version of the team is none other than Psylocke. The piece comes with swap-out left arms so Betsy can wield either a sword or her Psy Dagger.

GREEN LANTERN | Play Imaginative gave Comic-Con International in San Diego attendees a look at their upcoming Green Lantern Super Alloy figure, but not everyone could see what the fuss is about. The 18 inch figure comes covered in die-cast material, packed with articulation and bursting with extra body parts. The exclusive version comes with an angry head and a green battle damaged version of the body armor without a weapon.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE | Were you hoping to spruce up your Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull statue? Well, there's an accessory pack just for you! Featuring the Castle Grayskull bone base, flag, turret gun, Point Dread and Talon Fighter all of which can be added to the existing Grayskull for a more complete recreation of the animated locale.

GWEN STACY | A few weeks back Sideshow Collectibles unveiled the first piece in a series of Spider-Man statues designed by artist J. Scott Campbell. Back then we got several looks at Mary Jane as well as a glance at the other two pieces: Spidey and Gwen Stacy. This week, Sideshow gave Gwen the spotlight, showing off her sunny disposition in rainy weather. The 18 inch tall statue ships next March. By the way, where can we get an umbrella like that?

TOTAL RECALL | Are you a huge fan of the "Total Recall" remake? Hollywood Collectibles Group has just the piece for you -- a full-size Synth replica. The 6 foot, six inch statue towers over any enemies of the USB and comes complete with blaster in case you start acting up. Limited to 25 pieces, the Synth is available for purchase right now and is ready to ship.

ROCKY | Have you ever wondered if you could stand head to head with Rocky Balboa in the ring? Hollywood Collectibles Group is giving you the opportunity with this Rocky life-size bust (just don't ask to stand toe-to-toe). The sculpture is based on Sylvester Stallone's portrayal of the character as seen in "Rocky 3" and "Rocky 4," meaning you get a more distinguished version of the character without delving into the less than stellar "Rocky 5." The piece is limited to 500 and ships early next year.

CARTOON NETWORK | The wonderful world of "Adventure Time" continues its entry into the collectible realm thanks to a second wave of Pop Vinyl figures from Funko. The September 28-shipping line includes fan favorite characters like Fionna, Cake, Gunter, Lemongrab, BMO and Princess Bubblegum.

ALIEN | NECA took to social media to reveal a behind-the-scenes look at their in-production Nostromo Spacesuit figure that helps celebrate the 35th anniversary of Ridley Scott's "Alien" next year. Look for more updates as the figure and its wave-mates get closer to production.

ALIEN | Speaking of "Alien," Funko announced this week they're teaming up with Super 7 to produce not only the Alien ReAction figures that made a splash at Comic-Con International this year, but also more projects in the future. Let's hope this is the beginning of a beautiful toy relationship for everyone involved!

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