TOYING AROUND: Merry Marvel Movies & More!

Hopefully by now you've all seen "Avengers: Age of Ultron" at least a half dozen times by now. Considering all the geek attention aimed in that one target, you might not be too surprised that this week's collectible offerings lean heavily toward Marvel. Diamond Select Toys and Marvel.com put a new Hulkbuster Iron Man exclusive up for pre-order while Hot Toys previewed Ant-Man and Factory Entertainment debuted a dancing Groot statue that actually moves. Meanwhile, NECA unveiled some of their SDCC exclusives, Gohan earned a deluxe figure and much, much more.

IRON MAN | Iron Man developed the Hulkbuster armor for a pretty obvious reason: to get destroyed by the Hulk. Diamond Select Toys created their Hulkbuster Iron Man figure for an equally obvious reason: to delight fans. This particular toy is based on the comics which inspired the piece of equipment featured in "Avengers: Age of Ultron." You can head over to Marvel Shop, pre-order now and wait for the super sized Shell Head to stop its way into your place in July.

ANT-MAN | While everyone's still pretty stoked about "Age of Ultron" it's important to remember that "Ant-Man" is coming out on July 17. Hot Toys hasn't forgotten, going so far as to post this photo of what looks like a teeny tiny version of Paul Rudd's Scott Lang along with larger prototypes of his helmet, belt and schematics that look a lot like the comic version!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY | The beauty that is Dancing Groot will forever boogie in our hearts. And now it can shake its wooded money-maker on your desktop thanks to Factory Entertainment's Dancing Groot Motion Statue. The 1:1 piece moves thanks to springs located in the cup area, stands 13 inches tall and ships next fall.

NECA SDCC EXCLUSIVES | NECA spread the love around this week when it came to revealing some of their SDCC exclusives for later this year. SDCC Blog showed off the glow-in-the-dark "Terminator 2" Retro Endoglow Endoskeleton figure that takes its basic cues from the Kenner line of "T2" figures. Over at Action Figure Insider, the company previewed the Ambush Predator toy which is also based on a Kenner figure, this time a mail-away exclusive. This one comes with two different masks and those gigantic blades.

DRAGON BALL Z | Word broke this week that the first new Dragon Ball cartoon series in nearly two decades -- called "Dragon Ball Super" -- is scheduled to debut in Japan this summer. Bluefin Tamashii Nations plans to celebrate DB hero Gohan with a S.H. Figuarts Ultimate Gohan a few months later in October. The "DBZ" toy is based on his teenage appearance during The Buu Saga and comes with multiple face parts and hands plus a base-supported energy ball effect.

PLANET OF THE APES | Are you ready for a quarter-scale warrior ape on a horse? Then you're prepped for Pop Culture Shock's exclusive General Ursus as seen in the "Planet of the Apes" 1970 sequel "Beneath the Planet of the Apes." This statues stands a whopping 31 inches tall, features a cloth costume, is limited to just 350 pieces and ships about a year from now.

MARVEL COLLECTOR CORPS | The first batch of Marvel Collector Corps boxes, fueled by Funko, started shipping recently. We were lucky enough to get in on the ground floor and dug right in when the box landed on our doorstep. We got the Ultron Collector Corps badge, the Captain America CC pin, the Hulkbuster Pop Vinyl, the Ultron Doorbz, the exclusive "Guardians Team-Up" #1 and the Thor versus Ultron shirt. As you can see, other versions featured Cap, Iron Man and Hulk. If this looks like something you'd like to get for $25 every month, hit it up!

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