TOYING AROUND: Marvel, "Titanfall," "Street Fighter" & More!

Two major sources of entertainment rose to the forefront this week in the realm of collectibles: Marvel and video games. The House of Ideas not only showed off new Hasbro toy variant covers and Funko pieces, but also a comic-accurate Spider-Man/Electro 2-pack from Diamond Select Toys. Meanwhile, games like "Dead Space 3," "Titanfall" and the Street Fighter franchise also came out swinging (or kicking as the case may be for Chun-Li). For the full rundown, read on!

MARVEL LEGENDS COMIC COVERS | Hasbro and Marvel are going the classic team-up route for a series of new variant covers that showcase the toy company's many incarnations of the House of Ideas' characters. The two shown off this week on CBR are recreations of "X-Men" #1 and "Captain America" #115 which will be on the October-shipping "All-New X-Men" #33 and "Captain America" #25 respectively.

MARVEL FUNKO | If you've been paying even remote attention to the internet lately, you've probably already seen Funko's latest two "Guardians of the Galaxy" Pop Vinyls. Robot 6 showed off Dancing Groot, but Funko also unveiled a Howard the Duck version as seen in the film's post-credits scene voiced by Seth Green. Both pieces hit this December.

BIG HERO 6 | In other Marvel-related Funko Pop Vinyl news, the company revealed their full line-up of "Big Hero 6" Pops which will be out in October ahead of the film's November 7 release date. The line-up includes Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago, Hiro Hamada, Wasabi No-Ginger and Fred in the regular scale as well as a pair of Baymaxes in the 6-inch scale in both regular and suited-up looks.

SPIDER-MAN | Diamond Select Toys and MarvelShop.com have teamed up to give fans a classic comic book take on "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" thanks to this Spider-Man vs. Electro 2-pack. The Marvel Select figures come in a displayable window box, but also feature over a dozen points of articulation each and "power rod" bases. The Spider-Man figure is a repaint, but Electro is a brand new sculpt. The set is only available on MarvelShop.com, but can be purchased right now.

DEAD SPACE 3 | Isaac Clarke returned to finally finish off the threat of the Necromorphs in "Dead Space 3." To celebrate last year's game, Threezero and their partners at Sideshow Collectibles unveiled the snow suit version of the foot-tall action figure. The figure comes with a variety of hands to hold weapons like the 211-V Plasma Cutter and his trusty shotgun. This cold weather version of Clarke will be perfectly dressed when he hits stores this winter.

TITANFALL | "Titanfall" gives video gamers the opportunity to run around as an armored individual with big weapons, which is already cool, but on top of that, they can also hop into huge mechs -- called Titans -- and smash adversaries on a much larger scale. Gaming Heads looks to show off how cool the smaller pilots are with their Militia Assault Pilot 23-inch-tall statue. The limited-to-500-pieces GH exclusive version comes with a Combat Carbine assault rifle that can replace the standard Hemlock Burst-Fire rifle. Both ship early next year.

STREET FIGHTER | Tsume Art chose a pair of "Street Fighter" all-stars for their next statue offerings (as seen on their US distribution partners Sideshow Collectibles' site). September will see the release of two pieces, both based on "Ultra Street Fighter IV." Chun-Li's 11-inch-tall statue captures her in the middle of her quick kicks. Meanwhile, Vega channels Wolverine and Spider-Man in his piece, which finds the masked marital artist hanging on a chain link fence with claws ready to slash out. The statue tops out at 13.75 inches and his signature mask can be removed.

SCI-FI MYSTERY MINIS | Sci-fi fans take note, Funko's Science Fiction Mystery Minis box probably has a toy you'd dig. The blind boxed first wave includes a Metalunan mutant from "Thus Island Earth," Robocop, Spock, Predator, E.T., The Rocketeer, Alien, Mal Reynolds from "Firefly," Judge Dredd, Robby the Robot, Tron, stealth Predator, metallic Alien, Jayne from "Firefly," glow-in-the-dark Tron, a "Mars Attacks" Martian and bloody Predator. The boxes start hitting shelves in September.

BLUEFIN TAMASHII NATIONS | Bluefin Tamashii Nations showed off a trio of impressive imports coming to the US in March. In the third month of 2015 the S.H. MonsterArts line grows even larger thanks to Mecha King Ghidora, which comes with mechanical arms as well as three tiny, cute Dorats. Meanwhile, the FiguartsZERO Sailor Moon statue line will induct Sailor Mars into its ranks. Mars joins fellow Sailors Moon, Mercury and Venus while showcasing her fiery abilities. Finally, the S.H. Figurarts "DBZ" line gets another robot thanks to Android 16. He comes with interchangeable face parts and swap-out hands.

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