TOYING AROUND: Marvel Infinity, The Walking Dead, Harley Quinn & More!

After last week's foray into the wonderful world of geeky holiday ornaments, it's good to get back to the usual TOYING AROUND format of checking out the latest action figure, statue and collectible offerings from companies like Diamond Select Toys, Sideshow Collectibles, Square Enix, Funko and many more. This week's batch includes current favorites like Harley Quinn and "The Walking Dead" along with blasts from the past like "Commando's" John Matrix, the crew from "The Matrix" (no relation) and lots more.

MARVEL MINIMATES | Over the summer, Diamond Select Toys asked fans which characters should make their way into the company's Marvel MiniMates Infinity 4-pack. Now the winners have been announced! The Toys "R" Us exclusive set will consist of Space Suit Captain America, Thanos, his son Thane and Armored Hulk -- but that's not all! The TRU-exclusive 2-packs will also include poll candidates Space Armor Iron Man and Ronan along with Anti-Sinister Six Spider-Man and Mysterio, Marvel Now Vision and Quicksilver and Payback Wolverine with a Classic Sentinel. The toys will hit TRU shelves by the end of the year.

HARLEY QUINN | Square Enix recently unveiled their Bluefin Tamashii Nations web-exclusive Harley Quinn action figure. The Joker's gal pal comes with seven different hands, two difference faces, a pair of handguns, a Joker card and a big ol' hammer for some smashing good fun. Harley will debut in June.

THE WALKING DEAD | When it comes to the shambling zombies, "The Walking Dead" pretty much has the market cornered these days. Of course, there are plenty of other undead monsters out there to deal with, but Robert Kirkman's creations continue to present the most variety between comics, TV shows and collectibles. Diamond Select Toys focused on the comics with the summer-shipping seventh line of MiniMates which feature 2-packs consisting of Rick and Jesus, Negan and Dwight, Hunter Chris with Zombie Holly and a variant pack with Scavenger Derek and Holly as a zombie.

HOT TOYS | Hong Kong deluxe action figure makers Hot Toys came out with three new reveals. In their continued efforts to re-create every armor seen in "Iron Man 3," the company unleashed the Mark XXII version called Hot Rod which will be a Hot Toys Exclusive. Meanwhile, Star Wars fans can check out the new black paint job on the Stormtrooper figure reformatted to look like a Shadow Trooper. Finally, John Matrix of "Commando" fame -- played by Arnold Schwarzenegger -- will get his own 1/6 scale action figure that comes with a small arsenal ready to get his daughter back as seen in the Jeph Loeb-penned 1985 film.

POP VINYL | "Commando" might have featured John Matrix, but the Wachowskis came along about a decade later with the far more well known a href="http://funko.com/blogs/news/18278847-coming-soon-the-matrix-pop" target="_blank">"Matrix" franchise. Come February, Funko will celebrate the cyber-thriller with a set of

That same month, the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" crew will beam up for duty. That line will include Captain Picard, Riker, Date, Worf, Deanna Troi, Geordi La Forge, Locutius of Borg and a Klingon. Finally, the Penguins of Madagascar will march into prominence with Pops of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private. Funko also showed off designs for Short Fuse who will hit in April.

MOVIE MINIMATES | "Aliens" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" fans got a nice surprise thanks to this month's batch of Diamond Select Toys solicits. The company revealed the sets in both lines which will hit in the summer. "Aliens" Series 1 will include a wounded Hicks with Ripley, Drake with a Battle-Damaged Attacking Alien, Apone with Alien and Dietrich with an Infected Colonist. Meanwhile, Jay and Silent Bob will be joined by Justice and Marshall Willenholly along with Suzanne the primate.

MORTAL KOMBAT | Mezco didn't waste much time after announcing their acquisition of the Mortal Kombat toy license. Right now, three different toys based on the long-running fighting game franchise can be pre-ordered. We've already seen the Raiden figure that came with the original announcement, but now you can also check out Scorpion and Sub-Zero. All three figures ship in June and come with alternate hands and weapons to help recreate that characters' signature moves from the games.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES | Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles put together a really cool package for fans of Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises." Sure, you can purchase the Jim Gordon or John Blake figures separately, but now you can buy both figures along with a Bat signal. Sure, the individual Blake figure also comes with the signal, but all that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman goodness in one box might be too awesome to pass up.

VIDEO GAME MINIMATES | DST and BioWare announced a new partnership to create MiniMates based on the wildly popular "Mass Effect" series. The first wave will be offered in individual blind boxes with the potential for collectors to pick out Liara, Tali, Garrus, Wrex, Ashley and The Illusive Man as well as male and female versions of Commander Shepard. But that's not the only video game property jumping into the world of MiniMates. The first 4-pack based on the "Dragon Age" series features Grey Warden Alistair; the bard, Leliana; dwarf rogue Varric Tethras (with Bianca); and Morrigan, Witch of the Wilds.

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