TOYING AROUND: Many Minimates, Arty Avengers & More!

The collectible world gave us looks at everything from the very first "iZombie" action figure to one of the most terrifying Leatherface toys of all time. In between those, Diamond Select Toys debuted a bunch of products, Square Enix debuted Black Widow and Captain America toys and Gentle Giant went big and small with toys based on classic toys from the '80s. For all those reveals, plus Lady Deadpool, Pop Vinyls, Arkham Knight, The Goon and more, keep reading!

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS | DST dropped a bomb's worth of reveals this week thanks to the most recent batch of solicits for items that will be out at the end of the year. Highlights include the "iZombie" Liv Moore action figure, retro "Star Trek: TOS" versions of Spock and Khan and the 64th wave of Marvel Minimates which includes Secret Wars-based versions of Ultron, Iron Man 2020, Maestro, Old Man Logan, Dazzler, Howard the Duck, Captain Marvel and Thor.

Other new Minimates include the eighth wave based on "The Walking Dead" which includes "New Beginning" Carl with Sophie, "All-Out War" Rosita with Father Gabriel, Gregory and Forest Zombie and the rare Maggie with Forest Zombie. The Ninja Turtles will also get a new set, this one featuring Vision Quest Turtles, Slash, Bebop, Rocksteady, Ivan Steranko and Vision Quest Splinter. Two-packs based on the Predator movies will also hit soon, including Dutch and the Unmasked Predator, Dillon and the Masked Predator, "Predator 2" star Harrigan and City Hunter Predator and the rare Mud-Covered Dutch with War Cry Predator.

The DST superhero statue lines will also continue to grow with Mad Love Harley Quinn, the classic "Batman" resin bust, Femme Fatales Wonder Woman and the animated Supergirl resin bust.

Finally, some collectibles can look cool and also be functional. DST proves that with their "Aliens" warrior cookie jar and a series of banks based on the "Batman: The Animated Series" Batmobile, Jet Jaguar and glow-in-the-dark Slimer!

AVENGERS | When it comes to making super-posable, ridiculously detailed action figures with their own distinct style and flare, few do it better than Square Enix and their Play Arts -KAI- brand. This week, their U.S. distributing partner Sideshow Collectibles revealed two new Marvel figures of Black Widow and Captain America that look ready to take on all the bad guys. Widow comes with multiple hand and guns as well as snap-on blast and spark effects to show off her incredibly proficiency with deadly weapons. Meanwhile, Cap comes with his iconic shield a variety of hands with which to throw it at the enemy. Both can be pre-ordered now and ship this winter.

GENTLE GIANT | Gentle Giant's all about extremes these days. On one hand the company is recreating old school action figures in the gigantic Jumbo style, while on the other they create 2.5-inch tall bobbleheads using similar technology. The former group will grow to include Robin and Catwoman from "Batman: The Animated Series" as well as Wonder Woman, Flash and Lex Luthor from Super Powers. At the same time, another iconic '80s toy line -- "Marvel's Secret Wars" -- inspired the first wave of Micro Bobbles that includes Spider-Man, Hobgoblin, brown costume Wolverine and black costume Spidey! All of these are expected to ship the first half of next year if not earlier.

KOTOBUKIYA | For more current takes on the characters of DC and Marvel, check out Kotobukiya's latest offerings. Lex Luthor in his "Forever Evil" armor will be the next entrant in the ARTFX+ New 52 statue line while Lady Deadpool jumps into the world of Bishoujo. The latter piece comes with a swap-out unmasked head as well as two different left hands, one giving a thumb's down, the other holding the mask. Both pieces are expected to debut in February.

BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT | Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studio have a big offering for fans of this summer's "Batman: Arkham Knight" video game. How big? Three feet tall, to be exact. That's the size of the Arkham Knight statue from the two companies which ships next spring. The piece has arms that can be put in different positions with different weapons, but the Sideshow exclusive version includes a spoilery head and chest symbol.

THE GOON | Eric Powell's The Goon has been thrilling audiences for over 15 years now, so it's time for him to have his own plush from Dark Horse! This little guy measures 7 inches tall and is ready for you to cuddle the heck out of him... at your own risk.

POP VINYL | Funko's diving deep when it comes to comic and fantasy properties this week. The first wave of "Gotham" Pop Vinyls includes all the main characters from the first season of the Fox series: Bruce Wayne, James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Fish Mooney, Selina Kyle and Oswald Cobblepot. They all land in September.

The company also showed off a hodge podge of other characters. The Phantom will also debut in September along with Holiday Dancing Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy." They will be followed the next month by "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." lead Agent Coulson and his flying car Lola.

Finally, the gang from "Once Upon a Time" will enter the Pop world with their first wave. The starting line-up includes Emma Swan, Regina, Captain Hook, Rumplestilskin, Prince Charming and Snow White. They also debut in September.

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE | Do you like scary movies? If so, then you definitely love "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Clearly, the gang over at NECA is in the same boat as you can see in these detailed photos of the Ultimate Leatherface. The 7-inch figure celebrate's the face-wearing character's 40th anniversary by including an alternate head and variety of implements to terrorize anyone foolish enough to drive through the Lone Star State. 'Face ships in September.

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