TOYING AROUND: "Man of Steel" & "Walking Dead" Figures, Ultron Statue

With Toy Fair 2013 fading into the rearview mirror, the toy industry slows down when it comes to announcements, focusing instead on getting their products ready for shipping and distribution. Luckily, there are always more pieces of information being released, including the complete line of "Man of Steel" figures from Mattel, the accessories for NECA's 18-inch Batman toy, the latest line of TV-based "The Walking Dead" figures and plenty of others.

MAN OF STEEL | We've seen bits and pieces of Mattel's "Man of Steel Movie Masters" line based on the upcoming film by Zack Snyder, but now you can check out the full first wave of four figures featuring Superman, Jor-El, Zod and Faora. The figures soar into stores in June, the same month as the film's release. (via ToyNewsI)

THE WALKING DEAD | A few weeks back we heard about McFarlane's plans for the third wave of TV-based "Walking Dead" figures, but only got a look at the Michonne piece. Now, the company is showing off the entire wave featuring show-accurate versions of everyone's favorite sword-wielding zombie killer, Merle Dixon, the autopsy zombie and a 2-pack with both of Michonne's jawless pet zombies. (via ToyNewsI)

HALO 4 | McFarlane Toys also showed off a new wave of Halo 4 action figures, this time over on Halo Way Point. This new batch of toys, the second in the line, features Didact, the Master Chief, an Elite Ranger, Spartan C.I.O., Spartan Scout and Storm Jackal. The figures are expected to debut in September.

ULTRON | It's a big year for Hank Pym's number one robotic son, Ultron. In addition to being the main villain in the upcoming "Age of Ultron" by Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch, the robotic menace also has a figure in the upcoming line of "Iron Man Marvel Legends" figures from Hasbro and this just-teased statue from Sideshow. Called the Classic Ultron on Throne, it looks like the Marvel villain's sitting regally on a fancy chair, though not necessarily reminiscing on fond memories with old pal Pym. The real question is whether there's still a head in that Ant Man helmet.

STAR TOURS | Long before Disney bought Lucasfilm, the two had a good thing going at the theme parks between the Star Tours ride and exclusive in-park-only toys. This latest batch of Star Tours toys from Hasbro exemplifies both. Starting in May you'll be able to pick up two 3-packs: Search for the Rebel Spy featuring a Signal Droid, a Seeker Droid and an Imperial Sky Trooper as well as Sector 2 Security which includes a G2 Droid, C-3PO and the RX Droid. (via Topless Robot)

BATMAN | At Toy Fair, we got a look at NECA's giant Batman figure based on Michael Keaton's portrayal of the character in "Batman" and "Batman Returns." Now, thanks to a quick photo, we got a glance at the weapons and accessories the figure comes with. The piece has additional hands, a Batarang, grapple gun and the cape is made of pleather. The 18-inch figure is scheduled to appear this summer.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE | In addition to making cool things like Castle Grayskull business card holders and power sword letter openers, Icon Heroes have a lot of new products in store for Masters of the Universe fans. They showed off a not-yet-approved statue based on He-Man from the 80s Filmation cartoon as a way to announce a whole line of resin bust paperweights in that vein. Icon Heroes also teased a tiny image of what looks like some detail on a Snake Mountain piece. That's a lot to look forward to for longtime He-fans.

PETER PAN | The MiniMates family gets a little bigger in March with the addition of Disney's Peter Pan to the roster. A whole line of Pan-based 'Mates go on sale exclusively at Disney Stores next month, where you'll be able to pick up a pair of 4-packs -- one featuring Peter, Cubby, Tootles and Nibs, the other with Michael, John, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell -- as well as a Jolly Roger that comes with Wendy and Smee figures.

POWER LORDS | If you're curious to see how the Four Horsemen are coming along with their reboot of 80s toy line Power Lords, head over to the Power Lords Return website and take a look at the series of pictures they've posted. Fans of the series will likely be very happy with the results so far.

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