TOYING AROUND: Lots From DC Comics and Animation, Plus: The Wolverine!

Comics, video games and movies, oh my! As always, the toy and collectible industry is bubbling with with toys based on the three major forms of entertainment, and this week's toys and statues based in all three venues also just so happen to superhero-heavy! This last seven days saw the reveal of Diamond Select Toys' Hugh Jackman "The Wolverine" figure, DC Collectibles' statues of Superman and Batman as well as newly revealed DCC figures based on the upcoming "Injustice" game. Of course, that's not all, so jump on in to see what else happened this week in the world of collectibles.

THE WOLVERINE | Marvel.com showed off the very first public look at Diamond Select Toys' The Wolverine Premium Format figure this week. The piece which was on display at Toy Fair, but not supposed to be photographed, features a shirtless Hugh Jackman with fully extended claws as he will appear in James Mangold's "The Wolverine" this summer. He comes with another head and set of hands and will be available this fall, just after the film's July 26 release.

DC CON EXCLUSIVES | DC Entertainment also recently revealed a pair of convention-exclusive 2-packs that will be available at WonderCon and C2E2. Attendees who hit up the Graphitti Designs booth will have their choice of 3.75-inch figures of Guy Gardner and Larfleeze (with Glomulus, of course) and/or the Cartoon Network DC Nation-based Classic Aardman Batman and Robin figures that stand 6.375 and 9.5 inches each.

DC COLLECTIBLES STATUES | Many of the statues seen in the latest batch of solicitations were also on display at ToyFare (check out that coverage here), but the solicits do feature previously unseen official images of the Rafael Grampa-designed Batman Black & White statue, Superman: Man of Steel entries by Jim Lee and Rags Morales and the second edition of Sandman and Death Bookends.

STAR WARS | That's one big bounty hunter! Gentle Giant's been taking old school Kenner Star Wars figures and blowing them up to epic proportions for a while now, and they've finally gotten around to IG-88. This foot-tall figure dwarfs the original 3.75-inch version but does come in replica packaging and with two blasters. The robotic manhunter will be out this summer.

INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US | DC Collectibles continues to reveal 3.75-inch figures based on the upcoming Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment/NetherRealm Studios video game "Injustice: Gods Among Us." In the latest batch of solicit images, they showed off two brand new 2-packs: Superman and Nightwing as well as Black Adam and Aquaman. The game comes out on July 16; the figures arrive in August.

X-MEN | Diamond Select Toys have an all-new, bamf-tastic Nightcrawler figure in the works. The piece, based on Kurt Wagner's swashbuckling mutant hero persona, stands 7 inches tall and comes with a purple cloud stand to represent his teleporting power.

BATMAN LEGACY | Target's got a pretty interesting 7-pack of figures coming to stores and available on their website featuring the reigning big seven of DC's New 52. The line of figures fits in with the evergreen Batman Legacy line that gives kids and collectors the opportunity to pick up new figures that aren't tied in to an existing franchise. This pack includes Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and, as you'd expect, Batman.

ALIENS | At Toy Fair, NECA showed off all kinds of figures based on the world Ridley Scott created in "Alien," specifically figures taking cues from that film's sequel "Aliens." The company took to Twitter to explain the upcoming 2-packs. Hick will come with a blue headshot alien warrior, while Hudson comes with a brown shot-up warrior. They also revealed this 2-pack based on the early 90s "Aliens: Genocide" miniseries from Dark Horse which come out in June.

TEKKEN | Kotobukiya took to its Facebook page recently to show off some all new artwork for a statue based on Namco Bandai's "Tekken Tag Tournament." Ling Xiaoyu here has been around since 1997's "Tekken 3" and is currently in the process of joining the company's popular Bishoujo line of lady-centric PVC statues.

DOCTOR WHO | Bif Bang Pow and EMCE Toys have plenty of Doctor Who retro-style toys finally in stock at online stores like Entertainment Earth. In addition to a TARDIS playset that comes with the K-9 figure you can only buy on its own over on Think Geek, they've also got Classic Who figures available in pairs like the Fourth Doctor's companion Leela and Sutekh from "The Pyramids of Mars" as well as aliens Scaroth from "City of Death" and Morbius as seen in "The Brain of Morbius."

THE TWILIGHT ZONE | In addition to getting Doctor Who figures ready to roll Bif Bang Pow and EMCE Toys also now have two Twilight Zone 2-packs. You can pick up the one that includes the alien from "Hocus-Pocus and Frisby" along with the nurse from "The Eye of the Beholder" as well as Cyclops from "The Fear" and Alicia from "The Lonely."

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