TOYING AROUND: Licensing Expo Announcements & More SDCC Exclusives

The last few weeks have been jam-packed with Comic-Con International in San Diego exclusive merchandise announcements, but with the show less than a month away most have been revealed. Of course, "most" doesn't mean "all," so fans saw a few more unveilings, all featured in this week's edition of TOYING AROUND. Meanwhile, the Licensing Expo is currently going on at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, revealing movie collectible news surrounding "Godzilla" and "Guardians of the Galaxy." This week also featured new tantalizing images from Kotobukiya, Sideshow Collectibles, Bluefin Tamashii Nations and more!

DC COLLECTIBLES CCI EXCLUSIVE | MTV Geek scored a first look at DC Collectibles' previously unseen CCI exclusive: a 1:6 scale "Man of Steel" Icon Statue featuring Superman as he appeared in the recent Zack Snyder film during a dream sequence. Notice how the Zod-like black suit works so well with the human skull base!

KICK-ASS 2 CCI EXCLUSIVE | It's fair to say that "Kick-Ass 2" character Colonel Stars & Stripes is a fairly patriotic fellow. It's right there in his name, of course, but he also carries a signature axe handle painted like the flag and dubbed Betsy Ross. If you like celebrating your country in the same way as the Jim Carrey character, head on over to the NECA booth at CCI and pick up one of 2000 show-exclusive prop replicas.

STAR WARS CCI EXCLUSIVE | Gentle Giant took to The Star Wars Blog to show the world yet another CCI exclusive: Boba Fett! The Deluxe Mini Bust of the character is available at the show and comes with swap-out arms to display him cradling his rifle or pointing towards certain doom. This mini bust is limited to 2500 pieces.

DOMO CCI EXCLUSIVE | Dark Horse Deluxe showed off one more San Diego Comic-Con exclusive -- a Caveman Domo Qee not available anywhere else! The 2.5 inch tall figure is limited to just 1200 pieces. Good luck smashing it over the head and brining it back to your cave!

POWER RANGERS EXCLUSIVES | Bluefin Tamashii Nations has a pair of S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers exclusives in the works, one for CCI and the other available only through their website. San Diego-bound fans have the chance to pick up a Super Samurai Metallic Coating Deluxe Action Figure 5-pack -- this is the first time the metallic versions of these figures has been sold in the U.S. The set includes all the accessories and the Red Ranger in his Super form. While on the subject of Red Ranger variants, Japanese MMPR fans have the opportunity to pick up the Armored Red Ranger figure in November. Sporting both his own gear and the Green Ranger's, this figure will eventually find its way to the States.

WORLD WAR Z | With "World War Z" hitting theatres this weekend, Jazwares finally unleashed images of the figures based on the film. The first wave includes a Special Forces Zombie and a Civilian Zombie while the second boasts a Paramedic Zombie and a figure based on Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane character from the film. (via ToyNewsI)

GAME OF THRONES | While many "A Game of Thrones" fans are still recovering from the "Red Wedding," Dark Horse Deluxe unveiled a collectible that hopefully makes them feel a tiny bit better: the White Walker. The piece is available December 18 and was partially constructed from exotic resins.

VIEW ASKEW MINIMATES | Last week, Diamond Select Toys revealed their huge slate of Comic-Con International exclusives. Part of that group involved a Jay and Silent Bob black and white MiniMate 2-pack -- that was just the tip of the View Askew 'Mate iceberg. DST announced this week they're moving forward with figures based on Kevin Smith's interconnected film universe consisting of "Clerks," "Mallrats," "Chasing Amy," "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" and "Clerks 2."

SUPERMAN | A few weeks ago, Kotobukiya posted pictures of an unpainted Superman statue on their Facebook page. This week they've gone the same route to show off the final product, part of the ARTFX+ line of statues. Based on the Jim Lee "For Tomorrow" run on "Superman," the piece stands 12 inches tall and is out in December.

MAN OF STEEL | Superman also got some love from Sideshow Collectibles, this time based on Henry Cavill's portrayal of the character in "Man of Steel." The 1:4 scale polystone Premium Format Figure stands a whopping 21.5 inches tall and comes with a poseable fabric cape. The piece ships in March of next year but is available for pre-order now.

MARVEL BISHOUJO | Koto also showed off a new entry in their Marvel Bishoujo line of statues. Psylocke, one of the more dangerous and confusing X-folks around, appears in her X-Force togs. The 8-inch PVC statue ships in December.

WOLVERINE LEGENDS | Marvelous News spotted something interesting in the latest issue of "Previews." According to the catalog, the Wolverine Legends wave of figures from Hasbro is Previews exclusive. That means Wolverine, Cyclops, Sabertooth and Emma Frost are only available online and through your local comic shop. The September-shipping figures were originally thought to hit regular stores as well, but that doesn't seem to be the case any longer.

HALO 4 | Back in February we saw images of a new wave of figures based on "Halo 4" set to debut in September. McFarlane Toys just posted new pictures of the line on their Facebook page looking a little different. The five new figures posted are Master Chief with Micro Ops Cortana, a Rust Spartan Scout, an Elite Ranger, a Violet Spartan C.I.O. and Storm Jackal. The figures each come with an exclusive DLC code for the game and are still scheduled to hit in September.

THE WALKING DEAD | McFarlane Toys dropped some pretty huge news this week -- in addition to creating highly detailed, 5-inch scale action figures based on both "The Walking Dead" comic book and movie, the toy company announced new plans to make 10-inch Deluxe Figures based on the AMC show. The first figure is Daryl Dixon based on 3D scans of actor Norman Reedus. No image has been supplied just yet, but we'll keep you posted when they do.

POP VINYL | In other "Walking Dead" news, Funko has a 9-inch Pop Vinyl version of Daryl Dixon in the works for a July 3 release. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn, Darkseid and Batman Beyond join the Nightwing figure we saw last week. Finally, Toytastik has an exclusive Pop Vinyl figure featuring an unmasked version of Wolverine complete with rugged facial hair, available only on the collectible-selling site.

MARVEL STATUES | Every month or so Bowen Designs gives Marvel Comics fans something to drool over. No matter who your favorite corner of the Marvel Universe may be, we guarantee they've made something you either own already or still pine for to this day. This month's offerings include a 12-inch Johnny Storm Human Torch, a 12.5-inch 1970s Ms. Marvel, a 13-inch Hobgoblin, a 17.5-inch Rogue in her modern costume and a 15-inch statue of Thor called "Strike Down" that was crafted by the man himself, Randy Bowen. Torch and Ms. Marvel are out in August, Hobgoblin and Rogue in September and Thor in October.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY | Variety's keeping tabs on this year's Licensing Expo, which means the Hollywood trade is picking up interesting collecting news. One such piece of information came from Disney and Marvel as they announced Hasbro and Sideshow as licensing partners for all things "Guardians of the Galaxy." Longtime toy partner Hasbro is to handle mass market action figures while Sideshow will create statues based on the film's increasingly impressive cast.

GODZILLA | Variety also broke news this week that Warner Bros. Consumer Products are putting together collectible relationships for "Godzilla." The new film, which hits May 14 2014, will inspire collectibles from companies like Bandai America, NECA, JAKK's Pacific and Sideshow for action figures, novelties, large scale figures and statues.

DOCTOR WHO | The Doctor Who Merchandise Guide showed off a brand new Doctor Who bust of the Ninth Doctor as portrayed by Christopher Eccleston. Eccleston's portrayal of the Doctor was essential in bringing the character back to public prominence during the 2005 relaunch of the epic BBC series. He only stuck around for a single series before stepping aside and letting David Tennant steer the TARDIS.

DOCTOR WHO | Speaking of David Tennant, the beloved Tenth Doctor is getting his own statue, this one from Big Chief Studios Limited. The 1:6 scale piece is part of the Dynamix Ultra-stylized Vinyl Figurine line which takes a cartoony look at the iconic character. The Doctor here is available in November -- just in time to celebrate the series' 50th anniversary.

THE SIMPSONS | Fox and NECA have an interesting way of celebrating "The Simpsons" in 2014. The toy company and TV network have worked out a deal to create boutique collectibles based on the long running series' extended line of guest stars. The first five pieces are based on the animated appearance of Hugh Hefner, James Brown, Kid Rock, Yao Ming and Tom Hanks. Images have yet to be shown, but we're keeping our eyes peeled.

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