TOYING AROUND: Lex Luthor, Spawn and Gollum!

This week's collectible offerings might be a small group, but they are mighty. Part of that comes from some physically huge pieces like a full-size Gollum from Weta, a 1:4 Beast Man statue based on the "Masters of the Universe" cartoon and a nearly 9-inch tall Lex Luthor in his huge, bad guy armor. Meanwhile, two different companies announced new "Pacific Rim" lines and a stripped down version of a Spawn statue signed by Todd McFarlane go offered for pre-order. For those stories and more, read on!

DC VILLAINS | At this year's New York Comic Con, DC Collectibles showed off plenty of upcoming action figures and statues including a rough-draft version of Lex Luthor in his armor. Just this week, they unveiled this video showing the figure off in all its plastic glory. This 8.5-inch tall deluxe offering will be available in May.

SPAWN | Spawn has always been a pretty raw character. From his uncooked meat-like face to the violence inherent in the book since its 1992 launch, the character has a long history of going all out. For the latest statue from McFarlane Toys, they created an unpainted artist's proof of the statue that comes with McFarlane's signature. The piece is currently sold out, but we all know that means they'll be available online for a bit more green.

LORD OF THE RINGS | In a strange mix of fiction and fact, Weta has created a Gollum statue that will be precious to many a Lord of the Rings fan. The company that handled special effects for all of Peter Jackson's Middle Earth films also have a collectible branch which currently offers fans the chance to buy their very own life-size Gollum statue. The piece crouches 3 feet, 6 inches on his rock base and is being offered in limited quantities.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE | The latest piece in Pop Culture Shock's 1:4 scale Masters of the Universe statue line is taking an interesting turn. After showing off He-Man, you'd expect to see Skeletor next, but instead they're going with his lackey, Beast Man. The regular version comes with a growling head while the PCS exclusive features more of a grimaced Beast Man mug. Pre-orders for both start on Nov. 11.

CAPTAIN AMERICA | "Let's give peace a chance." That's clearly the secret message conveyed by Sideshow Collectibles' latest Captain America Premium Format Figure. Just look at his right hand. The 22-inch tall statue comes with both versions of his shield -- round and the pointy original -- but if you pick up the Sideshow exclusive version, his right arm can be swapped out for a gun. Okay, maybe we were wrong about that peace thing.

POP! HORROR | When it comes to horror toys, Funko's making a big push to translate some of the most iconic villains around into their various lines. Back in August they showed off the first wave of their blind boxed Horror Classic Mystery Minis, but now they're rolling out a line of Pop! Vinyl toys. The first wave includes Ghostface from "Scream," Ash and a Deadite from "Army of Darkness," Pennywise from "It," Chucky, Sam from "Trick 'r Treat" and Captan Spaulding from "House of 1000 Corpses." All seven of these creepy weirdos hit stores on Nov. 12.

THE BIG BANG THEORY | Funk had all kinds of Pop! Vinyl figure exclusives up for sale at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but now some of them will be available in wider release. The con exclusives included a "Star Trek"/"Big Bang Theory" mash-up in the form of the main characters wearing Star Fleet uniforms. While those versions featured phased legs, the ones available on Dec. 3 will come fully teleported.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS | Mattel took an opportunity at Comikaze to not only sell their Stan Lee-based action figure Standor, but also show off a few upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics figures that will be available on Mattycollector. At their panel, they showed off Flutterina from "She-Ra" as well as an "Adventures of He-Man" version of Skeletor who also comes with a spare battle-damaged Faker noggin. Before taking off, Mattel snuck figures based on Broom and Loo-Kee into the booth and mentioned on their site that those will be packed in with other figures.

PACIFIC RIM | "Pacific Rim" stomped its way into theaters earlier this year and gave collectors all kinds of dream toys to get their hands on. NECA kicked off many lines celebrating the monsters-versus-robots and will now bring them together in 2-packs! The company announced this week that Gipsy Danger and Knifehead will be joined in epic struggle thanks to a November-shipping 2-pack!

PACIFIC RIM | While still on the subject of "Pacific Rim," Play Imaginative announced that they will try their hand at the license with a line of die-cast coated Super Alloy Collectible Figures set to debut early next year. Sounds like a solid match to us!

SCALERS | Last week, NECA revealed a new line of mini collectibles called Scalers that can attach to your headphone or other chords. A few biggies like Jason Voorhees, the Alien and Freddy Krueger shared the spotlight, but this week you can check out Gizmo from "Gremlins," Gollum and a Predator. This mini marvels hit stores in February.

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