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This week in TOYING AROUND, Dark Horse Deluxe's line kicks off with a "Game of Thrones" Daenerys figure along with Jon Snow. Meanwhile, DC Collectibles has a Harley Quinn statue to celebrate their Batman Black And White line reaching the 50 statue mark and Kotobukiya presents a new Supergirl piece from their DC ARTFX+ line. Plus, new vinyl toys based on The Simpsons franchise, Tomb Raider MiniMates and a New York Comic-Con exclusive "Breaking Bad" figure!

GAME OF THRONES | Dark Horse Collectibles has shown off various "Game of Thrones" collectibles since announcing the license, but now they're getting into the world of action figures. The first two toys based on HBO's interpretation of George R.R. Martin's epic series are Kit Harington's Jon Snow and Emilia Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen. Both figures drop January 15 and stand 7.5 inches tall.

HARLEY QUINN | To celebrate the 50th piece in their line of Batman Black And White statues, DC Collectibles is bringing an iconic, non-Bat character into the fold -- Harley Quinn. In an effort to get more bad guys in the line, they're testing the waters with a mid-2014-shipping Harley based on the art of her co-creator Bruce Timm.

TOMB RAIDER | At this year's Toy Fair, Diamond Select Toys showed off their upcoming line of MiniMates based on the most recent Tomb Raider game. This week, they've got a full line-up announcement as well as new images showing of Lara Croft and her pals. All stores will be selling the Lara Croft and Scavenger Scout and Battle Damaged Lara and Armored Scavenger 2-packs. The Toys 'R' Us exclusive figures include Scavenger and Scavenger Archer and Storm Guard and Storm Guard Stalker while all over stores will have Roth and Storm Guard General as well as Sun Queen and Father Mathias. The figures are out this fall.

SUPERGIRL | The New 52 version of Supergirl is joining the expanding roster of Kotobukiya's DC ARTFX+ statues. Superman's cousin looks ready to punch someone's face off or just hang out. The piece stands 7.5-inches tall and comes with magnets in her feet for display either on the base that she comes with or any piece of metal you fancy. She ships in January.

PACIFIC RIM | Even though the film didn't do as well in the United States as its creators would have liked, "Pacific Rim" continues to inspire incredibly high detailed collectibles for its fans. Sideshow Collectibles showed of a pair of statues including the 23-inch tall Kaiju Slattern which plays a huge part in the film as well as the Strike Eureka Jaeger. The former is currently available for pre-order while the latter was teased as an upcoming release.

GRIMM | NBC, Dark Horse Deluxe and Gentle Giant Studios are teaming up for a new collectible line based on the network's supernatural fantasy procedural "Grimm." To kick things off, they're producing an 8.5-inch bust of series star Nick Burkhardt as played by David Giuntoli. Nick hits stores December 11.

GREEN HORNET | Britt Reid kept himself well protected when he played hero in "Green Hornet." In addition to teaming up with martial arts expert Kato, he also carried weapons like the Hornet's Sting. Factory Entertainment has a version of this sonic gun up for pre-order right now and includes a telescoping barrel, flip-up parts and sounds taken directly from the show.

BATMAN | We've all thought about dressing up as Batman. Hollywood Collectibles Group is making it a bit easier these days thanks to a new line of cowl prop replicas based on the Dark Knight's various film appearances. Oddly, they're starting with "Batman & Robin," a mask that was inhabited by George Clooney. The piece is available for pre-order right now, but is limited to 100, so get clicking if you're interested.

UNDERWORLD | This statue is something of a spoiler, so if you haven't seen "Underworld" and don't want to know what happens to Bill Nighy's Viktor, pass on by. If you have seen the movie, then you'll dig this 1:4 scale statue of the vampire elder who runs afoul of Kate Beckinsale's Selene. The Hollywood Collectibles Group exclusive version comes with a sliced head as well as two hands with daggers to swap out with the other ones. The piece ships at the end of the year.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE | Icon Heroes posted this image on their Facebook page with a single sentence: "Did we mention we were working on a Snake Mountain environment?" From the looks of it, this will be a great companion piece to the Castle Greyskull, but we wouldn't put them right next to each other, what with all the magic and the fighting.

THE SIMPSONS | In addition to yearly viewings of our favorite horror movies and the tradition of scaring children, one of the best parts of Halloween is seeing what movies and shows get skewered on the annual Treehouse of Horror episode of "The Simpsons." Kid Robot knows what we dig and has a line of vinyl toys to get us in the bewitching mood. They previewed a line of 12 figures based on the holiday specific episodes by showing off the Maggie alien figure as well as a 5-pack featuring the Simpsons clan as zombies complete with spoon and cleaver for easy brain eating access. Both are available September 12.

MATTYCOLLECTOR | We have good news and bad news for fans of Mattycollector's subscription services. First, the Masters of the Universe Classics one, called Club Eternia, got enough subscriptions to move forward. That's great news for He-fans. Then again, there wasn't enough interest in the DC Club Infinite Earths subscription as well as the 6-inch scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 pre-order to move forward. At this point the future of a varied DC-based line of figures is still up in the air, but might come to a close at the end of this year.

BREAKING BAD | Mezco got a huge jump on New York Comic-Con exclusive announcements by showing off their "Breaking Bad" figure. Based on star Bryan Cranston's appearance in the episode "A No Rough Stuff Type Deal," the Walter White toy comes with three lab bottles as well as a 55 gallon chemical drum which isn't in the picture.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE | When it comes to creepy looking villains, Skeletor is pretty high on the list. Let's blame that on his inclusion in a cartoon series aimed at children and move on to Pop Culture Shock's skull-faced life-sized bust of the character which looks like something out of Stan Winston's nightmares. PCS has two versions, a regular one as well as an exclusive that comes with LED light-up eyes. Both are available for pre-order right now and ship at the beginning of next year.

TRANSFORMERS | While we're on the subject of villains based on 80s cartoon characters and toys, peep this 30-inch tall statue of Megatron based on his appearance in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." The Decepticon leader comes with swap out weapon-arms as well as internal LEDs for a spooky blue hue.

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