TOYING AROUND: Kicking Off the New Year

Looks like we survived another year, gang! Whether you're looking forward to new challenges in 2014 or just hoping to do better than last year, there is one thing we can all focus on: new action figures, statues and other collectibles! Even though the news train slowed down to a near crawl over the holidays, several new pieces did get unveiled over the past few weeks. DC Collectibles showed off a gigantic Clayface toy while NECA polished their Midas Iron Man figure for presentation to the general public. Hot Toys, Kotobukiya, Pop Culture Shock, Mezco and several others also revealed their upcoming goodies.

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY | DC Collectibles kicked off the new year by showing off their largest action figure to date. This "Batman: Arkham City" Deluxe Clayface stands over 13 inches tall and looks hefty enough to actually commit a robbery with. This behemoth comes with 11 points of articulation, swap-out arms and an extra Joker head to recreate the part of the game where Clayface reveals that he's been masquerading as the Clown Prince of Crime.

IRON MAN | Everyone already knows Tony Stark's a rich guy, but just in case you didn't, here's a gold-colored Iron Man armor for your purchasing pleasure. The 1/4 scale figure from NECA takes its cues from the Mark XXI Midas armor and comes painted in the mythical king's favorite color. This golden idol of millions will land in stores this March, but don't try to pawn it. It's just paint.

BREAKING BAD | We might have lost "Breaking Bad" in 2013, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate its life in 2014. Mezco's helping us all deal with the huge void by putting out a number of collectibles like this Jesse Pinkman bobblehead. Jesse features a methy base, balled fists and intense, piercing eyes. He debuts in July.

THE DARK KNIGHT | Can you build a better Batman? Hot Toys is giving you the chance to find out with their "Dark Knight" Batman Armory as seen in the film. You might not have your own underground lair, but you can use this 1:6 scale playset that comes with a customizable Batman figure that comes with a variety of swappable faces and hands. It's the perfect gift for any design-conscious collector!

X-MEN | The Juggernaut is one big bad, especially in statue form. The X-Men's hardest hitting foe -- and sometimes teammate -- is part of Kotobukiya's Jim Lee-era X-statue line called The Danger Room Sessions. The 1/6th scale figure stands on a patch of rubble featuring the seal of his half brother Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The piece will hit stores and anything else in its path in August.

PLANET OF THE APES | The folks at NECA took to social media recently to show off a figure from a brand new, upcoming line. Check out this in-progress image of a Gorilla Soldier that will be in stores later this year.

PREDATOR 2 | At this point Predator action figures are gaining ground on Batman for sheer number in existence. Hot Toys will add to that number when they release the Elder Predator from "Predator 2" later this year. Like their other foot-tall toys, this one comes with incredible detail, a spaceship full of weapons and the requisite number of skulls for decoration.

MORTAL KOMBAT | Pop Culture Shock showed off it's coolest Mortal Kombat statue yet, Sub-Zero. Zing! But seriously folks, their 1:4 scale statue stands 17.5 inches tall and should not be messed with. The regular version of the statue wields an ice sword while the limited-to-250-piece PCS exclusive edition comes with alternate ice blast-creating arms. Both come with an alternate head with "ice eyes" and ship in the summer.

CHUCKY | Everything's coming up Chucky! The murderous little doll has had something of a resurgence recently. In addition to starring in "Curse of Chucky" in 2013, the "Child's Play" star also has a new stylized roto figure coming out from Mezco later this year. The busted-up maniac features seven points of articulation and comes with a knife which he surely won't use on you if you buy him in August.

POWER RANGERS | Billy the brainiac Blue Ranger is finally joining his pals the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers thanks to a new figure from S.H.Figurarts. Blue here comes with the Thunder Slinger, Blade Blaster and two versions of the Power Lance, one with the pieces joined, the other separated. Along with his pals the Black and Yellow Rangers, Blue comes with one of three pieces that make up the larger Power Blaster. The figure will be out in June.

DOCTOR WHO | Bif Bang Pow announced on January 1 that their licensing agreement with BBC America for Doctor Who products is no more. That means that, for now, Whovians will have to go elsewhere for their Mego-style retro figures, journals, bobble heads, beverage holders and the like.

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