TOYING AROUND: Jim Lee's Batman & Catwoman Kiss for New Statue

Despite Comic-Con International in San Diego being almost a month ago, companies like DC Collectibles, NECA, Diamond Select Toys, Bif Bang Pow, Gentle Giant and Mattel never seem to rest very long between big announcements. New solicits this week revealed all kinds of DC Collectibles and GG goodies while NECA continues to bring our favorite films to action figure life. Plus in this week's TOYING AROUND, there's new figures in the works based on "Doctor Who" and "The Walking Dead" (which includes spoilers!).

DC COLLECTIBLES | DC Collectibles revealed a ton of new figures and statues in the most recent solicits. We saw some of them during SDCC, so we'll skip those for now. Luckily, there's still plenty of new goodness to talk about like the 11-inch tall statues called Hush Batman & Catwoman Kiss based on Jim Lee's art or the Crime Syndicate action figures of Power Ring, Ultraman and Superwoman developed from Dave Finch's designs. DCC also announced you can get the Super Best Friends Forever pieces that were previously only available as Comic-Con International exclusives. Now they're sold separately and come with secret storage boxes. Finally, the full line-up of Scribblenauts: Unmasked Mini Blind Box Figures were shown off. The line consists of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Aquaman, Vampire Batman, Deadman, Gold Superman, Black Manta, Bizarro and the game's main character Maxwell dressed as Green Lantern.

THE WALKING DEAD | ToyNewsI dug up images of the fifth wave of "Walking Dead" TV figures from McFarlane. Be warned, one of the following toys is a pretty big spoiler for the AMC horror show based on Robert Kirkman's Image Comics series. The next wave features figures of Glenn, Maggie, Tyreese, a Charred Walker and SPOILER! Merle as a Walker. The figures are expected to ship in January.

DOCTOR WHO | Bif Bang Pow wasted no time when it came to creating an action figure based on upcoming Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi. As they explain on their blog, this basic head sculpt is but the first step in creating the figure as the company is waiting to see the character's style for the body and then get everything approved later. This seems like a good first step to us! The figure's estimated shipping date is May 2014.

POWER RANGERS | If you're a fan of color-coated kid-oriented martial artists, then Bluefin Tamashii Nations has a treat for you! The toy importer brings a Crimson and Navy Thunder Ranger to the states in early 2014 followed by a Blue and Yellow Wild Ranger set in February. Both 2-packs come with the characters' iconic accessories as well as additional hands for better fighting poses.

MINIMATES | Remember those cool black and white "Lost in Space" and "Clerks" MiniMates Diamond Select Toys sold as CCI exclusives this year? Well, the company took to Parallel Worlds to show off the new color versions! The Robot and Dr. Smith pack -- first seen in color back in May -- come with three different heads for the doc! Meanwhile, the Jay and Silent Bob figures scored a paint job to reflect their appearance in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." As we talked about in a previous TOYING AROUND installment, these figures are part of a whole View Askew line of 'Mates from DST.

ALIENS VS. PREDATOR | Over the years we've seen plenty of Alien and Predator figures, ranging from the gimmicky Kenner entries to NECA's multi-wave presentations paying tribute to the beloved franchises. Hot Toys is in on the action with this foot tall figure of Scar, the main Pred from "Aliens vs. Predator." The figure comes decked out in the armor seen in the film as well as all the weapons we've come to expect from Hot Toys.

PREDATORS | Hey, speaking of rad Predator figures, NECA released official promo images of their 11th wave of figures. Check out the first reveal of the Wasp piece based on the "Dead End" fan film as well as the Armored Combat version of the Lost Predator from "Predator 2" and Thermal Vision Dutch based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's heat signature as seen in "Predator." The figures are available for pre-order now and hit stores in November.

STREET FIGHTER | Kotobukiya is kicking off their Street Fighter Bishoujo line in style. Oh the puns! The first entry in the new line, which hits in January, features none other than Chun-Li, the warrior lighting up the fighting game franchise since the second installment in 1991. The piece stands 8-inches tall and is joined in the future by characters like Cammy.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS | In an attempt to get more people to sign up for their Masters Of The Universe Classics Club Eternia subscription, MattyCollector made a few posts hyping the upcoming figures and accessories in the works should the sub read its goal. First they revealed the posing possibilities for Modulak, followed by the announcement that Goat Man comes with Stratos' Staff of Avion. They also showed off the cartoon accurate version of the Sword of Power, but didn't reveal which figure it would come with. If you want to get in on the MOTUC action you've got to sign up by August 19.

GREMLINS | Sure everyone loves the murderous Gremlins, but we can't get to that stage without the cuter and cuddlier Mogwai that spawn them. NECA celebrates these furry little guys with the fourth wave of Mogwai figures. This batch is based on concepts dreamt up by Rick Baker Studios for "Gremlins 2: The New Batch." From left to right, you've got DooDah, Brownie and Penny. They hit stores on in November.

G.I. JOE | Storm Shadow's a pretty dangerous guy on his own -- he has all that ninja training which makes him scary enough, but you give this guy a sword, a bow and a parka and he's pretty much unstoppable. Sideshow outfitted their latest 1:6 scale G.I. Joe action figure so he can withstand all types of weather, plus blend in and cut you down before you even know you're being hunted. The figure ships in February.

STAR WARS | Gentle Giant's used some pretty deep cuts for inspiration when it comes to their latest batch of Star Wars collectibles. First up, there's the 1:6 scale Yoda statue based on Adam Hughes' take on Gennedy Tartakovsky's "Star Wars: Clone Wars Animated Series." They've also got a statue of Boba Fett as he first appeared in animated sequence during the infamous "Star Wars Holiday Special." Finally, their line of unconverted Kenner Jumbo figures get a little winter support in the form of the Imperial Snowtrooper in Hoth Battle Gear. All three are scheduled to hit next spring.

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