TOYING AROUND: Jim Lee Visits Kotobukiya, Minimates Galore & More!

New York Toy Fair is exactly one week away. That means the toy and collectible companies are working overtime to get their final reveals and presentations ready to show off starting on Feb. 14. But, some are still taking the time to show off a few new things going into the big event. Kotobukiya had DC Co-Publisher and superstar artist Jim Lee at an event where he drew the next DC ART FX+ statue, Diamond Select Toys revealed a slew of new Minimates and McFarlane enlisted a new batch of "Halo 4" figures. To see those and the rest, read on!

KOTOBUKIYA | Jim Lee recently attended an event held by Kotobukiya celebrating American comics. While there, he did the usual con thing, but also did a few sketches of Barry Allen Flash, one of which will be the basis for the next DC Comics ART FX+ statue! (via Entertainment Earth)

MINIMATES | Diamond Select Toys unleashed the floodgates when it came to new Minimates. CBR already had the exclusive reveal of the Valiant Minimates, but there's still plenty of great new sets to check out like the 62nd wave of Marvel 'Mates which includes "AXIS"-based 2-packs of Sam Wilson Captain America vs. Red Onslaught, Superior Iron Man vs. Apocalypse, Carnage vs. Hobgoblin and Sabretooth vs. Kluh, the Evil Hulk.

Other offerings include a "Kill Bill" Deadly Vipers Box set featuring Bud, Vernita Green, Elle Driver and Beatrix Kiddo and a "Comic Book Men" 5-pack that includes Kevin Smith, Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen.

Finally, the company displayed a pair of kid-based properties. The first wave of "SpongeBob Squarepants" 2-packs includes SpongeBob and Sandy, Patrick and Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Perch Perkins and the one-per-case Grandpappy Redbird and orange Perch Perkins. DST also has plans for blind-bagged Ninja Turtles Minimates. Grab a bag and you might wind up with Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Splinter, Casey Jones, Karai, Chris Bradford or a Norman!

HARLEY QUINN | Between her upcoming movie role and a comic that people love, Harley Quinn's having a great time lately and so are her fans. Yamato USA and Sideshow Collectibles want to keep that streak alive with their Fantasy Figure statue of the character who comes balanced on a huge beach ball and caressing that massive mallet. The 10.25-inch-tall piece can be pre-ordered now and ships next spring.

BATMAN | Rainbow versions of Batman seem to be making a resurgence lately. Just a few weeks ago, DC Collectibles showed off an unreleased assortment based on the color-coded Caped Crusader as he appeared in "Detective Comics" #241. Now, he's getting an actual series of toys thanks to an exclusive agreement between Funko and Entertainment Earth that will start in May with the yellow version of the Dark Knight.

HALO 4 | McFarlane Toys and Halo continue to collaborate on all-new action figures based on the long-running video game franchise. In their latest wave of action figures, McFarlane focuses on 2012's "Halo 4" with a wave that includes Jul 'Mdama, Spartan Thorne, Commander Palmer and a Walgreens exclusive version of the Spartan Soldier. These toys debut later this month.

FABRIKATIONS | The world of cute and cuddly plush toys continues to grow by leaps and bounds thanks in part to Funko's Fabrikations soft sculpture collectibles. This week, the company showed off five new entries including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Darth Vader, each of which comes with their iconic weapon. The Turtles land in May and Vader marches in the following month.

ALIEN | Who is the so-called Space Jockey? It's a question sci-fi fans have been asking since Ridley Scott's "Alien" hit the screen in 1979. Plenty of those same fans didn't like the explanation Scott gave when he revisited the franchise with 2012's "Prometheus," but that doesn't take away from that iconic imagery. Sideshow Collectibles went back to the H.R. Giger source material to base their Space Jockey maquette on. The 21-inches-tall by 18-inches wide statue ships a year from now.

THE BIG BANG THEORY | After a variety of in-progress looks, Bif Bang Pow! finally posted images of the final versions of their "Big Bang Theory" 3 3/4-inch action figures. Feast your eyes on Bernadette, Penny, Sheldon in a Green Lantern T-shirt, Raj, Howard, Leonard and Amy. Sheldon will also be available in Flash, Batman and Superman shirts. The figures ship in May.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE | Bif Bang Pow! also took some time unveiling early concepts for the second series of 3 3/4-inch, black-and-white "Twilight Zone" figures shipping in April. Now scope out these finished versions of Nurse, Doctor and Bandaged Patient from "Eye of the Beholder," Anthony Fremont from "It's a Good Life," Santa Claus from "The Night of the Meek" and the Three-Eyed Venusian from "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?"

BIF BANG POW! | Finally, Bif Bang Pow! announced a new licensing agreement with DC Comics. According to the announcement, the team-up will result in "nesting and kokeshi-style wooden dolls, jack-in-the-boxes, and tin windup figures based on the ever-popular Super Heroes and Super-Villains of the DC Comics universe." Don't be surprised if the company shows off a few in-development fruits of this union at Toy Fair!

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