TOYING AROUND: Hawkeye, Iron Man, Flash, Arrow & More!

One of the beauties of collecting action figures and statues is the level of creativity and style the artists are able to go to in representing your favorite characters. Whether you prefer spot-on likenesses or an interesting twist on an old favorite, there's something for just about everyone out there. This week's news captures that idea thanks to movie-accurate takes on Hawkeye and Iron Man from Hot Toys and Kotobukiya, Funko's Pop Vinyl and ReAction offerings based on "Arrow" and "The Flash" and a variety of alternatives showcasing all the colors, shapes and sizes of the collecting rainbow!

AVENGERS | Hot Toys will just not let up when it comes to unleashing killer versions of the Avengers as they will be seen in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" when the film hits theaters on May 1. This week, the company showcased Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye who comes with his bow and high-tech quiver along with the longer coat he's been seen wearing in the trailers. The piece also comes with a logo stand, shades and a variety of hands and arrowheads for ultimate Ultron-fighting action. Meanwhile, Hot Toys also unveiled their exclusive Stealth Mode Iron Man that will be on sale at exhibition locales in Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Japan. So, if you want the figure you better buy a plane ticket or keep your eyes peeled on eBay.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON | In other Iron Man movie collectible news, Kotobukiya plans to expand on their Marvel Studios-based collectibles by offering an ARTFX version of Shell Head's Mark 43 armor as it will appear in "Age of Ultron." Ready for a fight, the armored Avenger stands over 11 inches tall and ships in September.

DC TV HEROES | Marvel might be lighting it up with their characters on the big screen, but DC fans have a lot to love when it comes to The CW's superhero offerings. Both "Arrow" and its spinoff "The Flash" continue to impress new and old fans alike. Funko wants to give those people something to gawk at when not watching the shows, so they have Pop Vinyl and ReAction figures ready to rock this spring and summer.

In May, Pop Vinyl representations of The Arrow, Oliver Queen, Black Canary and Deathstroke from "Arrow" will hit alongside "The Flash" players Flash, Reverse Flash and Captain Cold. Come July, the ReAction figures land in stores. The Flash lineup is the same, but The Arrow, Black Canary and Deathstroke will be joined by Dark Archer.

BLACK CAT | J. Scott Campbell became a hot commodity in the comics world back in the '90s because of his ability to draw beautifully rendered female heroes who could also wreck shop. He continues to do that to this day both in comics and statue design. His designs inspired this Sideshow Collectibles Black Cat statue where she sits crouched with a Spidey-themed ball of yarn. The piece sits 9 inches tall and comes with a cat sitting on the base if you buy the Sideshow exclusive variant.

DORBZ | Vinyl Sugar is not messing around when it comes to cute. The Funko imprint revealed two different lines of their 3-inch Dorbz vinyl collectibles. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" wave will include Groot, Rocket, Star-Lord in masked and unmasked versions, Gamora, Drax, The Collector, Ronan, Nebula, Korath and Yondu. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight will lighten up a bit thanks to his line where he will be joined by Robin, Batgirl, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and Penguin.

FUNKO SCI-FI | Funko plans to celebrate some classic sci-fi entertainment this May by way of their Pop Vinyl and ReAction lines. Fans of the old school "Battlestar Galactica" show will be able to get their hands on Lt. Starbuck, Capt. Apollo, Commander Adama and a Cylon Centurion. Meanwhile, that same month will see the debut of the "Fifth Element" line of ReAction toys featuring Korben Dallas, Zorg, Leelo, Leelo in her straps costume, Ruby Rhod, Diva Plavalaguna and Mangalore.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS | This week Mattycollector officially announced that their 200X subscription of six figures based on the cartoon series reboot is officially a go! The line-up includes King Chooblah, Queen Grayskull, Prahvus, Evil Seed, Ceratus and Gallix. The figures will be available to non-subscribes, but the exclusive accessory pack is only for subscribers.

NIGHTS INTO DREAM | Fans of Sega Saturn's "NiGHTS into Dream" finally have the statue of their dreams thanks to First 4 Figures. The company debuted both a regular and a light-up exclusive version of the 12.5-inch-tall piece this week which is the fifth in their series of Sega statues. Both ship next fall.

MARVEL COLLECTOR CORPS | Finally, news broke in late January of a new geeky subscription box service. It's called Marvel Collector Corps and, as you can imagine, it focuses primarily on the House of Ideas and their stable of characters. What sets this one apart? For one thing, it's "powered by Funko" which means the collectible company aggregates all the goodies. For another, everything in the monthly box -- from the shirts to the vinyls to the accessories -- is 100% exclusive. The first box ships in April and will have a 6-inch Hulkbuster Pop!

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