TOYING AROUND: Drax, Red Sonja, Batman & More!

This week's collectible news boasts the combined might of Drax, Batman, Cassie Hack, Red Sonja, Ultraman and a variety of other characters who have been thrilling audiences for decades. New takes on these heroes come our way from Hot Toys, Tweeterhead, Diamond Select Toys, Funko and other companies all dedicated to translating favorite characters from all mediums into the one we can all keep displayed on our shelves: collectibles!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY | At last, the gang's all here! Hot Toys unveiled Drax, the last member of the big screen Guardians of the Galaxy squad in the 1/6th scale. Draxy comes with those big ol' knives, a rocket launcher and what looks like perfectly recreated tattoos all over his body! Dave Bautista's returning along with his co-stars for "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," which started filming last month with an eye towars the proposed May 5, 2017 release.

COMIC BOOK HEROES | In addition to covering dozens of Marvel characters, Diamond Select Toys' Minimates will continue to offer tiny toys based on other comic companies as well, hence the Comic Book Heroes line. The first series will feature two packs of "Chew" stars Tony Chu and John Colby with Poyo, "Hack/Slash" star Cassie Hack and Em Cypress from "Revival," as well as Valiant's Ninjak & Shadowman and Battle Beasts Ruminant the Giraffe & Spyrnus the Hammerhead shark.

BATMAN | For one of the most secretive heroes around, Batman sure has a tendency to show up often in stores. The Batman maquettes from Tweeterhead continue that trend with two different options. The blue smiling version will be available in wide release while the Noir variant can only be purchased through the company's website.

RED SONJA | Red Sonja is not one to be trifled with. This lady rides around in a metal bikini and is still the baddest warrior around! Executive Replicas captured that with the May-shipping 1/6th scale figure of the She Devil With a Sword. In this case, the figure comes with a sword, a dagger, a massive axe and a shield to go along with extra hands and a variety of costume pieces.

ULTRAMAN | One of Japan's most famous heroes, Ultraman will land Stateside this summer thanks to Bluefin Tamashii Nations. The S.H.Figurearts Ultraman marks the character's 50th TV anniversary and even recreates the original suit. The toy also comes with a variety of hands and accessories like the Specium Ray effect parts.

24 | If you need a little more "24" in your life, the Hollywood Collectibles Group Jack Bauer statue might not be for you, mostly because it stands 19 inches tall. The company boasts not just one, but two versions. The regular features Kiefer Sutherland's exposed face while the limited-to-100 piece HCG exclusive comes with a swap-out head featuring the mask seen in Season 8. Both ship this summer.

FUNKO | It's a big week for Ghostbusters. The first trailer for Paul Feig's take on the supernatural hit big the other day and now Funko has some collectibles to check out including the May-shipping Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Pocket Pop Keychains. A Stay Puft Fabrikation will also join the fold in June.

Finally, in our Toy Fair coverage we mentioned Funko's new line of MyMojis, blind bagged licensed mini-toys playing with the emoji make-up. This week the company unveiled the full line-up for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony and Minion lines. Each one also comes with a download code so you can use the MyMojis on your phone.

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