TOYING AROUND: Dr. Strange, Batgirl, Scarlet Witch & "Big Bang"

As with the past few, the big news coming out of the collectible world this week revolved around Comic-Con International: San Diego exclusives. Hasbro unveiled their Book of Vishanti, Dr. Strange-inspired 5-pack while Bif Bang Pow got small with their "Big Bang Theory" and KISS con offerings. "Big Bang" also earned its first official LEGO set while Batgirl featured in not one, but two statues. An "Avengers: Age of Ultron"-inspired version of Scarlet Witch from Hot Toys and more incredible female figures from IAmElemental round out the list, but there's so much more to look at you have to just dive right in!

HASBRO SDCC EXCLUSIVES | By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, Hasbro's Dr. Strange-based CCI exclusive set sure looks magical! USA Today conjured up the first look at the five pack which includes Astral Form Strange, Brother Voodoo, X-Man Magik, Hela and the dread Dormammu. The 5-packs comes in a package modeled after the Book of the Vishanti and even comes with a replica of Eye of Agamotto.

BIF BANG POW SDCC EXCLUSIVES | Bif Bang Pow showed off some 3 3/4-inch exclusives of their own this week. The "Big Bang Theory" 2-pack features Sheldon wearing a Flash T-shirt and comic shop owner Stuart in his first toy appearance. The set also comes with diorama resembling the shop. Meanwhile, the KISS Army will want to focus their efforts on picking up the KISS "Alive II" Stage set that includes all four band members and, as you might expect, the stage they play on in the classic live rock album.

THE BIG BANG THEORY | In other "Big Bang Theory" collectible news, LEGO announced a set based on the ridiculously popular sitcom. The set includes the seven main characters from the show as well as bricky representation of the living room. This came through the LEGO Ideas program which allows people to upload plans for sets that other users can then vote on. If the proper licensing agreements can be met, the set gets produced -- which is exactly what's happening with this Mathew Boyle-created one!

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON | Scarlet Witch may have made her big screen debut last month, but the character hits another milestone soon thanks to her 1:6 scale Hot Toys action figure. Based on Elizabeth Olsen's appearance as the character in Joss Whedon's film, this one comes with alternate, power-using hands and attachments that recreate her on-screen abilities. As an added bonus, Scarlet Witch also comes with Ultron's heart.

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS | The end of the year will see a variety of new offerings from Diamond Select Toys, but we can start drooling over them now thanks to the most recent batch of solicits. The second series of "Aliens" Minimates will feature Vazquez, Hudson, Jumpsuit Ripley, Newt, Frost, Burning Alien and Crowe with attacking alien eggs. They will be joined by Batman Animated versions of Harley Quinn and Batgirl as well as a Tarot who joins the Femme Fatales PVC statue line.

Also, check out Vinyl Minimates -- or Vinimates -- recreating podcasting pals Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes, the Savage Hulk Marvel Select figure, the Yeti from "Plants Vs. Zombies" and the Dr. Whooves "My Little Pony" bank.

In other news, DST announced that renowned sculptor Clayburn Moore signed on as the company's Art Director. He will also be the lead sculptor for lines like the Premier Collection 12-inch resin statue one which will relaunch with Batgirl from "Batman '66."

VINYL VIXENS | Speaking of Batgirl, the character also earned a spot in Vinyl Sugar's Vinyl Vixens line. The wide-eyed take on the character stands confidently on a star base and hits stores in August.

MARVEL LEGENDS | Not too long ago, Hasbro revived the 6-inch line of Marvel action figures known as Marvel Legends. The series is up to its third wave which can currently be pre-ordered on Entertainment Earth. The line-up features pieces for a Hulkbuster Build-a-Figure that comes together if you buy Blizzard, Dr. Strange, War Machine, Vision, Valkyrie, Thundra and Marvel NOW! Iron Man. The figures ship next month.

SPIDER-MAN | Everyone's favorite wall-crawler, Spider-Man is known for his wild, city-swinging acrobatics thanks to his spider-like abilities and web shooters. Sideshow Collectibles captured that athleticism with this latest Premium Format Figure statue featuring an exploding building base complete with pumpkin bomb. The Sideshow exclusive version comes with an alternate squinting head and another hand featuring web fluid coming out of the shooter. Spidey ships next summer.

FUNKO | As usual, Funko unveiled a variety of Pop Vinyls based on all manner of franchises. "Adventure Time" inspired a Pocket Pop! 3-pack of Jake, Finn and B-Mo while Daniel, Johnny and Mr. Miyagi kicked off the "Karate Kid" line.

Disney princess lovers will want to check out the Rapunzel and Pascal 2-pack, Maximus as well as Princess Tiana with Frog Naveen, Dr. Facilier and Louis from "Princess and the Frog." Ariel and Aurora from "Little Mermaid" and "Sleeping Beauty" will debut in August along with a pair of Pocket Pop! 3-packs featuring Belle, Tinker Bell and Ariel and Ursula, the Evil Queen and Maleficent.

Finally, video games inspired a whole slew of other Pops. "Fallout" stars the Lone Wanderer (in male and female versions) will be joined by Deathclaw, Brotherhood of Steel, Super Mutant, Feral Ghoul and Vault Boy debuted while Dovahkiin, The Daedric Warrior and a super-sized, 6-inch Alduin add their looks to the"Skyrim" line. Lastly, "Elder Scrolls Online" characters Breton, High Elf and Nord join the Pop! family this August.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE | "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" introduced the world to a variety of unique characters, from Skeletor and Beast Man to Man-E-Faces and Ninjor, but Pop Culture Shock went with one of the most important when it came to the next entry in their line of 1:4 scale statutes based on the franchise: The Sorceress. Why is she so important? Because she hooked He-Man up with the Sword of Power that turns him into He-Man! The statue version stands 21.5 inches tall and the limited-to-200 PCS exclusive comes packed with Zoar, the falcon Sorceress turns into when she wants to leave Castle Grayskull. Both versions ship on April 30 of next year.

IAMELEMENTAL | Finally, Courage is the name of the game when it comes to IAmElemental's latest batch of action figures aimed at girls. The first series of 4-inch figures features seven characters that can be purchased individually or as a set in a lunchbox carrying case. Those are Bravery, Honesty, Energy, Industry, Enthusiasm, Fear and Persistence. A 6-inch Courage Core Power figure comes with 30 points of articulation and accessories. Fans of the line can also pick up a tableware set that includes a plate, bowl and glass along with a board storybook. All of these can be pre-ordered on the IAmElemental site and will ship in the fall.

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