TOYING AROUND: Doctor Who, Marvel & Gaming Goodies

Three main sections of the geek empire shared the collectible spotlight this week. The 50th anniversary celebration "Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor" inspired a new replica as well as an action figure with two heads. That one's a bit spoilery, so considering yourself warned. Superheroes of course make several appearances this week as do video games like "Skyrim" and "Diablo III." Finally, "Scarface" and Mothra got in on the action with figures from Funko and S.H.MonsterArts respectively.

DOCTOR WHO | Underground Toys didn't waste any time getting the first ever Other Doctor figure in the works now that the 50th anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor" has aired. If you haven't seen the special yet, you might want to avoid this entry as it contains a major SPOILER. Anyway, the five-inch action figure, which will hit in February, comes with the Other Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver as well as the Moment Accessory and an alternate Eighth Doctor head which you can see on the figure in the alternate photo.

DOCTOR WHO | In other "Day of the Doctor" collectible news, Rubbertoe Replicas unveiled a brand new prop replica from the episode called the Vortex Manipulator which Clara wore in the special. The piece comes in a decorative box and can be work on the wrist like an oversized cuff bracelet. The Vortex Manipulator can be pre-ordered now and will ship next month.

MARVEL NOW! | At this year's Comic-Con International, Kotobukiya displayed a piece of Adi Granov artwork that works as the inspiration for a new line of Marvel NOW! ARTFX+ statues in the works. Captain America will join Black Widow and Hulk in September. The shield-wielding hero stands 7.5 inches tall and comes on a magnetic base like his Avengers pals.

IRON MAN & HULK: HEROES UNITED | Hey kids, do you like free toys? Then pick up the "Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United" on home video! If you do, you can redeem a code for an exclusive Iron Man MiniMate from Diamond Select Toys that comes with Tony Stark hair. If you want to drop a little more money (shipping and handling is $2.59 for the free figure), there's a Hulk-in-Iron Man Armor and Hulkbuster Iron Man 2-pack available as well.

UGLYDOLL DC COMICS | Uglydoll and DC Comics continue to make for some interesting mash-up figures. Feb. 11 will see the release of three adorable vinyl figures from Funko featuring Ice-Bat as Batman, Wedgehead as Robin and Babo as Superman. This is a pretty good start to one of the goofiest Justice League line-ups this side of Detroit.

DIABLO III | Recently NECA announced that they scored the license to create "Diablo III" action figures and prop replicas. Now they're showing off the first two offerings, which happen to include one of each. Figure fans can check out the 9-inch tall deluxe Lord of Terror figure. Meanwhile, if you're looking to arm yourself, the El'Druin, Sword of Justice prop replica stands three and a half feet tall and comes with LED lights in the hilt. Both are set to ship in March.

SKYRIM | Gaming Heads has a brand new line of statues based on "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" in the works called The Elder Scrolls Shrine Series. The first entry, called The Shrine of Talos, features a 14-inch statue of the hero once known as Tiber Septim. Meanwhile, the Gaming Heads exclusive edition, which is limited to 350 pieces, comes with a faux bronze finish. Both versions will ship next spring.

SCARFACE | Everyone's favorite cocaine-snorting mobster is getting not one but two new collectibles celebrating his little friend. Al Pacino's role as "Scarface" inspired both a Pop Vinyl figure and a Wacky Wobbler from Funko. The Pop! hits on Dec. 24, but you'll have to wait until March 25 for the bobblehead.

MOTHRA | S.H.MonsterArts is getting to the point where they're offering enough high quality action figures that crafty fans will be able to easily make their own kaiju films that might even look better than some of the originals. Coming in May, they will have a brand new Mothra toy featuring wing, head and torso articulation. So, if you're looking to make the next Mothra fan film, grab the toy, dress some friends up as priestesses and teach them to sing "Mothra's Song."

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