TOYING AROUND: Deadpool, DC Collectibles, Dashing Star Wars Heroes & More!

It takes a long time to make a quality collectible. Going from the design stage to the final product can involve a multitude of steps including redesign, tooling and shipping to and from various plants all around the world. Even with that in mind, sometimes companies can coordinate their action figures and statues to hit at just the right time. And other times, it's a happy accident! We're not sure how these fit in, but it just seems like great timing that Sideshow Collectibles featured their Deadpool figure right after the movie was officially announced and DC Collectibles unveiled "Arrow" and "The Flash" products in advance of both series' debuts. Of course, those are far from the only interesting things we found this week, so read on to take in the whole lot!

DEADPOOL | Deadpool's been having a pretty great few weeks. First, his solo feature film was officially announced after years of speculation. Then, Sideshow Collectibles kept the Deadpool love train rolling right along by showing off their 1/6th scale action figure hitting next October. As you can see, the Merc with a Mouth comes with more weapons than you can shake a decapitated head at. Speaking of which, if you purchase the Sideshow exclusive version, you'll have exactly that in the form of Headpool!

CABLE | Another Rob Liefeld Marvel creation also received an action figure, this one from Diamond Select Toys. The company featured the Marvel Select Cable figure in the latest batch of solicits in all his '90s glory. The 7-inch figure stands atop a Stryfe-themed base and comes with plenty of weaponry and pouches to recreate your favorite moments from classic "X-Force" stories.

DC COLLECTIBLES | Recently, DC Collectibles unveiled their next batch of solicits which consists of everything from TV-influenced pieces and artist-specific versions of Wonder Woman and Batman to all new Scribblenauts Unmasked mini figures!

"Arrow" and "The Flash" both got new action figures including an Arrow-Deathstroke 2-pack and the first ever toy of Grant Gustin as the Scarlet Speedster! A 13-inch statue of "Arrow" star Stephen Amell also made its debut.

The DC statue world will also welcome a few new members into its ranks. Vixen gets inducted into the Cover Girls line while a Dave Johnson Batman and a Tony Daniel Wonder Woman join the Batman: Black and White and Wonder Woman: The Art of War lines.

Finally, the sixth series of Scribblenauts Unmasked blind boxed figures will consist of Black Adam, Poison Ivy, Metal Man Tin, Deadshot, Wonder Woman, Black Lightning and a few surprises.

All of these pieces are scheduled to hit in April.

STAR WARS | There are two tried and true rules when it comes to Chewbacca: let him win at games and don't screw up his action figures. Hot Toys has no plans to violate the latter as they reveal the 1/6th scale figures of the world famous Wookiee and his pal Han Solo. Both are based on "A New Hope," so an exclusive version of Han comes with the Stormtrooper belt and blaster he stole while on the Death Star. Plus, as you can see, Hot Toys did their best to convey the walking carpet's furry disposition!

STAR WARS | Kotobukiya also featured a variety of Star Wars pieces, though they gave little to no information on their Facebook page. First, the company posted a picture of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia from "A New Hope" only noting that they will ship in May of 2015. Not long after the page saw a new image now featuring Han and Chewie wishing actor Mark Hamill a happy birthday.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY | "Guardians of the Galaxy" succeeded for plenty of reasons, not least of which was Chris Pratt's charismatic portrayal of Star-Lord. Hot Toys took to Facebook this week to reveal the unmasked version of their upcoming Star-Lord figure featuring Pratt's likeness.

GAME OF THRONES | Funko has more "Game of Thrones" figures ready to rock in the second wave of their Legacy Collection line of figures. This batch consists of Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, Arya Stark, Khal Drogo, Robb Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. These larger figures sport over 20 points of articulation and hit stores in October.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS | Those darn Dwarves just couldn't leave well enough alone. Thanks to their overly ambitious mining policies, the diminutive dwellers dug too deeply and woke up a Balrog of Morgoth. As seen in Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" movies and designed by Weta, this new statue of Balrog from the FX house's collectible wing stands 20.5 inches tall, is limited to 1500 pieces and ships from New Zealand at the end of this year.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE | Don't mess with Man At Arms. This Master of the Universe is always ready to do battle, something captured in the 17-inch-tall statue from Pop Culture Shock. He-Man's mentor and Teela's dad comes ready to rumble atop a pile of destroyed Hover Robots. The exclusive version comes with three different hands, each holding a different weapon. Both can be pre-ordered now, but ship next summer.

ROBOCOP | The new "Robocop" film might not have replaced the original when it comes to fan-love, but that doesn't mean there's not plenty of room for both in the land of collectibles. Threezero unveiled their new line of figures based on the franchise, which will kick off with the 1/6th scale EM-208. The 12-inch toy comes with an LED visor, fully articulated joints and even guns that extend from both arms.

BACK TO THE FUTURE | Time machine tech is about to take a huge leap forward thanks to Diamond Select Toys. Their Mr. Fusion prop replica based on the Back to the Future films is finally ready for pre-order! This replica was first shown off at last year's New York Toy Fair, but can now finally be purchased for delivery IN THE FUTURE!

SLY COOPER | The Playstation All Stars line at Gaming Heads just got a little shiftier thanks to the upcoming addition of Sly Cooper. The character debuted in the 2002 PS2 game "Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus." The foot-tall statue, which is limited to 750 pieces, finds the thief-who-steals-from-thieves poised on a rooftop, surely up to no good. The limited-to-350-piece exclusive version comes with faux bronze finish thanks to a fancy paint job. Both ship next spring.

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