TOYING AROUND: DC Unlimited, Star Wars & a Quintet of Hulks

We hope everyone survived the one-two punch of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but if you're still getting over your food and shopping induced haze, just sit there, lean back and check out some upcoming action figures, statues and collectibles! Whether you're a DC fanboy or a Marvel Zombie, a Star Wars loyal or a Trekker, there's something here for you to drool over!

MARVEL LEGENDS | The Marvelous News crew pointed out an interesting discrepancy in the latest edition of "Previews." The catalog initially listed a series of figures making up the 2013 wave of Marvel Legends figures, but the listings have since been taken down. The Hit Monkey Build-a-Figure wave will now include Ultimate Captain America, X-Force Wolverine, White Costume Iron Fist, Protector, Sentry, Hyperion, Archangel, an X-Force Archangel variants, Red She-Hulk and a Lyra variant. There's no word yet on why the Hasbro toys were delayed.

DC UNLIMITED | The next wave of Mattel's DC Unlimited action figures will be based on two specific universes. If the New 52 is your jam, keep your eyes peeled for figures based on Aquaman and Darkseid. Meanwhile, Superman and Joker will be getting figures based on their incarnations from the upcoming video game "Injustice: Gods Among Us." None of the figures have actually been shown yet, but can be pre-ordered on most online retailers. (via Toynewsi)

THE HULK | Diamond Select Toys continues their Marvel MiniMates Through the Ages 4-packs by showcasing the Hulk. Next spring will see the release of the Jade Giant's installment in the series featuring Composite Hulk, the classic Joe Fixit gray Hulk, the nefarious Maestro and Barbarian Hulk. The figures just went on pre-order Friday, so you can secure yours now.

STAR WARS | Even with a new trilogy of Star Wars films in the offing, don't expect companies like Gentle Giant to slow down production of pieces based on the existing movies. The company's second quarter 2013 offerings include Max Reebo and Pilot Droid mini busts, the 18-inch tall, Extended Universe Darth Maul Spider statue and the Sandtrooper on Dewback Animated maquette.

STAR TREK | StarTrek.com debuted the first images of an all new Diamond Select PVC statue of everyone's favorite Borg, Seven of Nine. Portrayed by Jeri Ryan on "Star Trek: Voyager," Seven of Nine became one of the most popular Trek characters of all time. This 9-inch tall PVC Femme Fatale statue honors that popularity.

PREDATORS | NECA has no plans to slow down their output of incredibly articulated and movie-accurate Predator figures. Part of that plan include the second series of quarter scale figures which includes a pair of Preds from the second "Predator" film: the Guardian one and Unmasked City Hunter. Both figures stand about 20 inches tall and come with accessories from the movie. NECA also showed off more detailed shots of the Predators Series 7 figure known as the Camo Cloaked Predator from "Predators." That's a lot of dreadlocked, open-mouthed alien goodness.

DOCTOR WHO | Sometimes you just want to hug an intergalactic robotic menace. With this plush Cyberman from the BBC's "Doctor Who," you can snuggle up any time you want. Squeeze the nine inch tall toy and hear soothing phrases like "You will become like us or you will be deleted" and "Upgrading is compulsory." (via The Doctor Who Merchandise Guide)

THE AVENGERS | The breakout star of Joss Whedon's summer blockbuster "The Avengers" was, hands down, the Hulk. Whether he was knocking Thor out or saving Iron Man's shiny metal bacon, Bruce Banner's alter ego played by Mark Ruffalo, made a big impact. Gentle Giant captures this in the 10.5-inch tall polystone mini bust of the character that will be out next spring.

PROMETHEUS | Ridley Scott might not have recaptured that old "Alien" magic with this year's "Prometheus," but NECA has with their action figures. They posted these behind the scenes images of the Deacon character from the film (a kind of proto-Xenomorph) that comes with a pair of Hammerpedes that are actually bendable. The figure will be out in early 2013.

THE MUNSTERS | One of the coolest rides around has to be The Munsters' hearse-meets-drag racer dubbed Koach. Diamond Select Toys is offering two different MiniMate takes on the vehicle along with special versions of Herman Munster. The full color version is a Toys R Us exclusive and comes with an alternate head, meanwhile, comic shops and specialty stores will have a black and white edition matching the classic series that comes with a ready-to-race Herman. Both are available for purchase right now.

McFARLANE TOYS | If you're not all shopped out after Black Friday, the online McFarlane Toys store has a series of deals for you. Between 12:01AM and 11:59PM PST on November 26th, the entire store will be 30%. This will give you a great opportunity to pick up the Walking Dead, Halo, Spawn or sports figures you've been waiting to get.

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