TOYING AROUND: DC, Marvel & "Walking Dead" Make Huge Splash At Toy Fair

Comics and action figures have had a long symbiotic relationship going back decades. What better way to further the adventures of two dimensional characters than giving fans a 3D version to play with? It should come as no surprise then that the two biggest comic companies around also had tons of representation at this year's New York Toy Fair. Mattel and Hasbro both showed off new lines and figures of DC and Marvel characters while Diamond Select Toys revealed all new "Walking Dead" MiniMates. For a look at those and several other heroes in all shapes and sizes, read on!

MARVEL LEGENDS | Hasbro's taking a two-pronged approach to their "Guardians of the Galaxy" Marvel Legends line. Over the weekend we saw the figures based on the characters in the upcoming movie, but they also have Cosmic Iron Man and Nova in the works. If you collect those two figures along with the movie-inspired Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Drax you'll get all the Build-A-Figure pieces for Groot!

DC COLLECTIBLES | DC Collectibles also showed off many of their Toy Fair reveals early, but did have a few things on hand that weren't shown in that first batch. We snapped shots of the Deadman plush based on the DC Nation shorts, the Death doll, Mera's entry in the DC Cover Girls line of statues, the Michael Turner-based Batman: Black and White piece and the Man of Steel statue featuring the look of "Superman: The Animated Series." We also got a better look at the massive Gotham City Garage Catwoman piece which will hit in October.

SUPER POWERS | Mattycollector will pay homage to the classic Super Powers toys to not only celebrate that line's 30th anniversary, but also the conclusion of their Four Horsemen-designed DC Universe Classics and DC Signature lines. September will see the release of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman while Gold Superman, Green Lantern as the Riddler and Mr. Mxyzptlk will hit in October. Collecting all six figures will build a Collect-And-Connect Kalibak!

THE WALKING DEAD | Marvel and DC might have had the lion's share of representation at Toy Fair this year, but so did Robert Kirkman's Image Comics/Skybound series "The Walking Dead." Diamond Select Toys went all out with a display that included the previously seen fifth series of MiniMates along with the all-new sixth that includes the very first Carl 'Mate. Finally, DST also showed off a new bank featuring Michonne's other pet zombie.

MARVEL INFINITE | Hasbro took the opportunity of Toy Fair to unveil figures from the first three waves of their new 3.75-inch scale line of comic-based figures called Marvel Infinite. The series kicks off with Heroic Age Iron Man, Grim Reaper, armored Hulk, Wasp, Captain America and Hyperion. Meanwhile, the second wave will consist of Death's Head, Red She-Hulk, Yellow Jacket, Whirlwind, bearded Thor, Beta Ray Bill and Steve Rogers. Finally, the third wave includes Deathlok and Ares.

DC HERO SOFUBI | A good deal of going to Toy Fair involves setting up appointments, going through booths and talking about what the various toy companies have coming up. But, there's also a fair amount of stumbling upon really fun and cool upcoming toys. Take these DC Hero Sofubi figures from Medicom we discovered. Superman, Bizarro and Swamp Thing will kick the line off in style!

FABRIKATIONS | Funko does cute and adorable really well, as evidenced by their ever-expanding line of Pop Vinyl toys. Now they're moving into a new space for that kind of thing with a line of plush toys called Fabrikation. The line will include cuddly versions of Batman, Harley Quinn and Deadpool. That actually sounds like a really cool crossover now that we think about it!

HIKARI BATMAN | Funko also has a new vinyl line called Hikari Vinyl that gives characters a bit of Japanese flair. This time around, Batman's the subject of a whole line of pieces that include regular, sparkly, gold and black version of the Dark Knight Detective.

MARVEL MINIMATES | They're the best... around! Diamond Select Toys has put together the third Marvel MiniMates Best Of series that will hit this summer. The line includes a Bruce Banner who can turn into the Gray Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Fist with costumed and shirtless looks, Luke Cage with a variety of costume possibilities, Captain America, Spidey Sense Spider-Man, Ant-Man and Hawkeye.

DC COMICS | Square Enix had a great deal of DC-based Play Arts Kai statues on display. Check out these new versions of Darkseid, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Joker and a Hawkman with a massive wingspan. they also had an "Arkham Origins" version of Batman on display and a Rorschach that looks like it's just itching to cause trouble. If you like your DC heroes a bit smaller, Square will also feature a new line called Static Arts that will kick off with Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. All of the pieces are pending licensor approval and might change between now and release.

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