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It's not often than fifty percent of the stories covered here on TOYING AROUND all take their cues from one particular company or brand, but that's the case this week with DC Comics. Of the ten stories covered this week, five are based on DC's decades of stories and their various adaptations. But, the eclectic nature of the collectible industry also makes its presence known thanks to new Marvel Mini Bobble-Heads and "Muppets Most Wanted" vinyl figures from Funko and "Doom" pieces from Gaming Heads among others!

SUPERMAN | You'll believe a statue can fly with this new Superman piece from Sideshow. Based on Christopher Reeve's appearance as the character in the 1978 film directed by Richard Donner, this take on Superman stands 30 inches tall and comes with a real cloth costume and cape. If you purchase the Sideshow exclusive version, you'll get a bonus Green Knowledge Crystal to display alongside Kal-El, but you might want to think about storing it in a lead box instead.

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS | At this year's New York Toy Fair, NECA unveiled their quarter scale Dark Knight figure based on the hit 2013 video game "Batman: Arkham Origins." We snapped pictures like everyone else, but not the company has a variety of new posed shots to not only show off how poseable the figure is, but also some of his accessories, like the grapnel gun and a Batarang.

MARVEL MYSTERY MINIS | Fans of bobbleheads with crowded desks will rejoice to discover that Funko has a new batch of Marvel Mystery Mini Bobbleheads in the works. The blind-boxed offerings include new versions of Hulk, Thor, Punisher, Phoenix, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Scarlet Witch, Galactus, Thanos, Spider-Man, Green Goblin and Ultron, plus two different takes on Deadpool and Loki.

TEEN TITANS | Scott Beatty has a history with Robins. He not only wrote the original in "Nightwing: Year One," but also recently showed off the very first figure of the New 52 Teen Titan Red Robin on his blog Plastic Memory. The figure takes its cues from his various comic appearances and will join already solicited figures of Wonder Girl, Superboy and Kid Flash when he debuts later this year.

BATMAN RETURNS | There was a time when a big time superhero movie featured an army of mind-controlled penguins ready to lay waste to a major city. The time was 1992, and the movie was "Batman Returns." Hollywood Collectibles Group has a Lifesize Penguin Commando statue for fans of Tim Burton's last entry in the Batman franchise. The 20-inch tall penguin will be limited to 300 pieces and ship in the summer.

MUPPETS MOST WANTED | "Muppets Most Wanted" combines two of our favorite things: Muppets and international intrigue! Funko likes the March 12-debuting film too, as they continue to create Pop Vinyls featuring the characters. The next batch includes Kermit, Ms. Piggy, Animal, Sam the Eagle and Swedish Chef. While Funko did previous Pops based on Kermit, Piggy and Animal, this marks Sam and the Chef's very first entries in the series.

DOOM | "Doom" may have celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, but 2014 will see a variety of collectibles from Gaming Heads for fans of the long-running video game shooter. Their first statue offering, called Knee Deep In Hell, recreates the box art for the original 1993 game. The 12.5-inch statue ships in the summer and comes in two versions, the regular and a GH exclusive with a light-up base. The company also currently has an 11-inch tall Space Marine plushie for sale that will ship right after ordering. Ain't he cute?!

CHUCKY | We here at TOYING AROUND don't believe that murderous souls can infest beloved childhood playthings, so it's perfectly safe to pick up these new Chucky collectibles from Mezco. First they're offering a Good Guy version of the doll that stands 15 inches tall, spouts out Brad Dourif's catchphrases and looks more like the doll did in the beginning of "Child's Play." For fan's of Chucky's love life, be sure to check out the two 16-inch tall plushies of Charles Lee Ray's alter ego and his best girl Tiffany, both of which say seven different phrases.

DRAGON BALL Z | Frieza thought he was pretty tough stuff when he started throwing down with Goku and his crew in "Dragon Ball Z." Little did he know he'd have to evolve like crazy just to take on a Super Saiyan. It's this Final Form that Figurarts captured in their latest DBZ-based ZERO statue. The piece features purple power effects as well as a based made to look like the devastated planet Namek and will be out from Bluefin Tamashii Nations in July.

DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS | Last week we showed you the three options DC Collectibles presented to its Facebook fans for Mera's entry in the DC Comics Bombshells line of statues. After tallying up the votes, it turns out that Option A -- the one with the floppy hat and swimsuit -- won out over Option C by only 34 votes. DCC did note that, if the first run of Mera sells out, they will make the second version based on the runner up.

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