TOYING AROUND: DC Bombshell Polls, Marvel Labbits and More!

After Toy Fair, the collectibles world takes a bit of a breather as everyone recovers from the event, the travel and everything related to it. Between that and the fact that they just showed off a veritable ton of upcoming products all in one showing, the reveals tend to slow down a bit. But, as always, there are great new items to look at and add to our wishlists. This week DC Collectibles gave fans the chance to vote on which version of Mera they want to see in the Bombshells line, Kidrobot revealed some new Marvel Labbits and NECA unveiled the plans for a new version of an existing "Pacific Rim" figure. And that's just the half of it! Read on to see all the action revealed this week.

DC COMICS BOMBSHELL | After hitting 50,000 likes on their Facebook page, DC Collectibles not only made a thank you video posted on their blog, but also gave fans a chance to vote on an upcoming statue! The piece in question is Mera's entry in the DC Comics Bombshell line. DCC gave fans three different looks -- one beachy, one sailor-based, and a combination of the two -- and asked fans to vote on which one they preferred. Head on over to find out which look won!

MARVEL LABBITS | Kidrobot has Labbits in all sizes for Marvel fans! As you might be able to tell, Labbits are bunny-shaped vinyl toys made to look like the heroes and villains from the House of Ideas. In addition to a pair of 7-inch Ghost Rider and Deadpool Labbits which debut on March 7 & 13, respectively, Kidrobot also has a second series of Marvel Mini Labbits in the works that will consists of Cyclops, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Thing, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk, Carnage, Iron Man and Anti-Venom. They also hit on March 7.

PACIFIC RIM | NECA might have already presented a Gipsy Danger figure in the 7-inch scale, but they're working on an even better version. As you can see from the designs reveled over on Figures.com, the new version is now 7.25 inches tall and comes with swap-out hands that will include the Plasma Cannons. The new version will debut in the fifth series of Pacific Rim toys which hits in the summer.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE | Bif Bang Pow continues to roll out a variety of different collectibles and wearables based on 29 years' worth of "Saturday Night Live." New offerings for 2014 will include Ambiguously Gay Duo action figures and Monitor Mates as well as a Seth Meyers Weekend Update Bobble Head and even three different takes on the Dick in a Box including a tin tote, salt and pepper shakers and a wearable version with a belt. We're sure everyone in your life will love that last one.

THE VENTURE BROS. | Brock Sampson is a dirty, dirty boy. Just look at this new figure from Bif Bang Pow! The 3 3/4-inch figure comes with a shirt that shows its wear as he goes on adventures keeping Dean and Hank Venture safe. He comes with a knife and the confident swagger we've all come to know and love on "The Venture Bros."

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 | Funko just keeps on adding to their various licensed figures lines. They just announced a series of Pop Vinyl figures based on the upcoming Dreamworks Animation sequel, "How to Train Your Dragon 2." The wave includes Hiccup, as voiced by Jay Baruchel in the film, and America Ferrera's Astrid as well as dragons Stormfly, Hookfang, Barf & Belch and Toothless. They debut in April, a couple months ahead of the film's June 13 release.

RESIDENT EVIL | The next Resident Evil piece from Hollywood Collectibles Group is pretty massive. The 21-inch tall Tyrant statue shows off the villain's gross evilness to a T. HCG even has two versions, the regular statue as well as the site-exclusive version that comes with a print of the piece itself measuring 18" x 12". You can pre-order either version now, and they both ship this summer.

HEAVY METAL | "Heavy Metal" fans will recognize this next Hollywood Collectibles Group statue as the Alien Marine Girl as seen on a 2004 issues of the magazine drawn by James Ryman. As with many of their other offerings, there's a regular version as well as an exclusive that comes with a print of the statue. Alien Marine Girl stands 21 inches tall and looks ready for just about anything space can throw at her.

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