TOYING AROUND: Dancing Groot, The New Gods & Indiana Jones Debut

"Guardians of the Galaxy" surprised the world this summer. Not just because it was the first Marvel Studios project featuring a band of unknown characters, but also because it was a fun, action-packed space romp. One of the break out characters happened to be Groot, especially when he felt the groove. That scene got some exclusive collectible love this week as did Indiana Jones, The Mother Box, "Pulp Fiction," Mega Man X, She-Ra and plenty more!

GROOT | Entertainment Earth unveiled a pair of Dancing Groot collectibles exclusive to the online retailer. First up, the Funko Pop Vinyl exclusive comes in a red vase with the Ravagers logo. But that's not all! EE also has a recreation of Groot in the mug which features a Dancing Groot lid that can be removed for a fully functional coffee mug. The Pop will ship in February followed by the mug in May.

NEW GODS | DC Collectibles will offer fans the chance to purchase the most powerful computer in the known universe next summer. In a recent video, the company showed off the New Gods preferred method of travel which will feature lights and sounds, but not the ability to teleport.

INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM | For one of the most beloved characters in cinema, Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones has surprisingly few high quality action figures. Sideshow Collectibles stepped in to remedy that with their sixth scale figure based on "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." The December 2015-shipping toy comes with iconic whip, fedora and torn clothing as well as a variety of different hands to hold the weapons. Those who purchase the Sideshow exclusive version will also get a trio of illuminated Sankara stones.

PULP FICTION | Diamond Select Toys and Hastings have teamed up to bring "Pulp Fiction" fans a 4-pack set based on the movie's iconic diner scene. Called, fittingly enough, Diner Showdown, the set feature Jules and Vince in the T-shirts and shorts they got from Jimmy along with unfortunate thieves Pumpkin and Honey Bunny. Also included are four guns, two coffee mugs, the mysterious briefcase, display stands and a shouting Honey Bunny head. The figures can be purchased right now on the Hastings site.

MEGA MAN X | Mega Man might be the more popular of Dr. Light's android heroes, but Mega Man X was technically more advanced -- and also spawned a series of games that lasted a decade. First 4 Figures took inspiration from this latter day series when it developed its X statue. LED lights in the blaster and boots add to the mid-air theatrics of the 17-inch-tall, limited-to-1000 piece statue which ships next fall.

ROBOCOP | This year's "RoboCop" remake might not have replaced the original in the hearts of many fans, but there sure are some interesting design elements to the film. Threezero showcases those in their 1/6th scale RoboCop 3.0 action figure which comes with LED lights in the helmet, multiple hands and pop out leg holsters for the stun and machine guns.

SHE-RA | She-Ra is ready to jump into the world of busts thanks to Tweeterhead. The quarter scale piece stands 9 inches tall and actually comes with a trio of Swarovski crystals. Limited to 350 pieces, this version of She-Ra comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes the signature Princess of Power voice actress Melendy Britt. The piece will ship early next year.

BREAKING BAD | Saul Goodman, Walter White's lawyer on "Breaking Bad" and the star of the upcoming spinoff series "Better Call Saul," will soon be available for home consultations thanks to Mezco's upcoming action figure. The six-inch figure is a spot-on interpretation of actor Bob Odenkirk and comes with his ubiquitous headset. If you call Saul now, he'll be yours in June.

DC OFFICE SUPPLIES | Icon Heroes recently announced a new venture that will lead to some heroic DC Comics-based office accessories. The first two offerings will class up your business cards thanks to two lightweight metal holders emblazoned with the Batman and Superman logos.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE MINIS | Finally, Mattycollector.com had some bad news for Masters of the Universe fans looking forward to the second wave of Minis figures. The series depended on a certain number of people subscribing and the goal was not reached so the figures will not be available for purchase.

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