TOYING AROUND: Comic-Con International Exclusives Galore!

Comic-Con International: San Diego is just a few weeks away -- and that means the toy companies are making a last push to let everyone know what exclusive collectibles they'll have for sale at the show which runs from July 9-12. In addition to new convention exclusives from Hasbro, Gentle Giant, Kotobukiya, Icon Heroes, LEGO, Funko and Bif Bang Pow, Diamond Select Toys also revealed new Walgreens-exclusive Minimates and Figures Toy Company went super retro with DC Comics toys!

HASBRO SDCC EXCLUSIVE | Hasbro already revealed their Doctor Strange and Transformers SDCC exclusives, but this week they showed off a pair of Ant-Man-related products. First off, there there will be a .75-inch Ant-Man with zero points of articulation that comes packed in a Pym Technologies matchbook. The second (and more impressive release) is a box set that includes a 12-inch Giant Man, 6-inch Goliath, a 3.75-inch Hank Pym in lab coat with helmet, 1.5-inch Scott Lang Ant-Man and a 1-inch Pym Ant-Man.

GENTLE GIANT SDCC EXCLUSIVE | Giant Man won't be the only huge Marvel figure on sale in San Diego. Gentle Giant unveiled their own this week, a Jumbo Deadpool packaged to look like it came straight out of 1984's "Secret Wars" (even though the character never appeared in the original comic or the classic toy line).

KOTOBUKIYA SDCC EXCLUSIVE | Not enough Deadpool convention exclusive goodness? Kotobukiya also has a special collectible version of the Merc with a Mouth that comes in the classic red and black costume with pulled-up mask and hands that can hold either a chimichanga or Headpool! On a completely different note altogether, Koto will also offer an Alfred Pennyworth that stands 8 inches tall and comes ready to serve the rest of the Batman ARTFX+ statues.

LEGO SDCC EXCLUSIVE | LEGO hit up THR with the con-exclusive first look at the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" set called Throne of Ultron. The 203-piece block collection features the title villain and a few of his bots.

ICON HEROES SDCC EXCLUSIVE | The DC Bombshells imagery continues to blow up all over the place including over on Icon Heroes' SDCC exclusive offering. The company teamed up with Action Figure Xpress to sell a die-cut Harley Quinn mouse pad based on the Bombshells variant cover for the upcoming "Harley Quinn" #7.

BIF BANG POW SDCC EXCLUSIVES | Last week, Bif Bang Pow revealed a few of their SDCC exclusive "Penny Dreadful" figures, but even more saw the light of day this week including Sir Malcolm Murray, Dr. Victor Frankenstein and The Creature. Additionally, BBP will also have the first, numbered versions of their foot-tall The Dude figure from "The Big Lebowski" for sale at the show. It comes packed with accessories from the rug and a wardrobe's worth of clothes to shades and a White Russian.

FUNKO SDCC EXCLUSIVES | Funko is not messing around when it comes to convention exclusives this year. Last week the company took two posts to kick off the reveals, but this week they topped it with three.

The first featured Pop Vinyls of flocked Ted, Flamehead Anger from "Inside/Out," unmasked Jason Voorhees and orange Lil' Gruesome from "Wacky Racers" along with a Cosmic Powers Deadpool Hikari, a "Breaking Bad" Dead Gus Fring ReAction toy and a Vinyl Idolz Marshmallowed Ghostbuster Ray.

The next continued to Pop with Cheesy Skipper from "Penguins of Madagascar," Black Out Ant-Man, an unmasked, 6-inch Baymax and a green Lil Gruesome plus a hole-headed T-1000 ReAction and Antique Metaluna Mutant Hikari.

Finally (for now at least), the huge Pop army grows to include chrome C-3PO, unmasked Twisty from "American Horror Story," Parka Helena from "Orphan Black" and a yellow Lil' Gruesome. A bloody ReAction "Jaws" shark and a 501st Clone Trooper Hikari round out the offerings.

DC COLLECTIBLES | We've already seen a lot of the items DC Collectibles unveiled in the latest batch of solicits between earlier exclusives and Toy Fair tours, but it's still fun to give these things another look. CBR unveiled the "Arrow" badge replica last week and the "Teen Titans: Year One" toys have been out there along with the Jim Lee-designed Wonder Woman bust. Also check out the 9.75 inch tall Harley Quinn statue from the DC Comics Icons and Black Canary Cover Girls entries. Finally, the "Mask of the Phantasm" 2-pack includes the Dark Knight and the title villain plus a few extra hands and a batarang. Look for all of these in January.

MARVEL MINIMATES | Diamond Select Toys has been making Marvel Minimates for years based on the comics and movies, but now they're moving into the realm of cartoons. The newly announced entry will be available exclusively at Walgreens. The initial wave will launch on September 4 and feature characters based on the Disney XD shows "Ultimate Spider-Man," "Avengers Assemble" and the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy." The 2-packs will include Hulk with Captain America, Spider-Man with Electro, Spider-Man 2099 with Agent Venom and 3-pack of Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

RETRO DC | Figures Toy Company continues to kick it way old school with their retro DC collectibles dubbed World's Greatest Heroes. Last week we saw some limited edition packs, but now they're showing off recreations of the classic Mego Batcave! The Aquaman Vs. The Great White Shark set includes, well, Aquaman and a shark. We assume that everyone buying this packaged deal will finally play out the "Aquaman vs. Jaws" fan fics that have been living in our heads forever. Both are currently up for pre-order.

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