TOYING AROUND: Classics Revisited

Newer isn't always better. As much as we love checking out brand new intellectual properties and seeing how they're translated into the collecting world, it's also great to see some old favorites given their due through faithful recreations and brand new interpretations. Many of the reveals and announcements this week revolved around well-known properties and characters getting new action figures and statues from companies like Diamond Select Toys, Playmates, Sideshow Collectibles and the rest. Of course, there's a few newbies slipped in here and there too, just to keep things fresh!

THE CRIME SYNDICATE | DC Collectibles wasted no time revealing their upcoming line of Crime Syndicate figures based on the characters as seen at the end of the "Trinity War" crossover. The line includes Ultra Man, Superwoman, Power Ring, Owlman and Johnny Quick who comes with a tiny Atomica, all in their newly updated New 52 duds. Check out the images for more character and figure specs. They'll be available for purchase in February and March of next year.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES | Playmates recent announcement officially confirmed their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Collection figures will be available exclusively at Toys "R" Us and on ToysRUs.com. These figures are made from the same molds as the old school figures. The announcement also mentioned that the line will include figures based on the 1990 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie! Recreations of the Turtle Wagon and the Mech Wreckers are also in the works. (via The Fwoosh)

BATMAN | Everyone needs a little Batman in their lives, but some people need a whole lot more. >Sideshow Collectibles has just the right thing for those folks: a life sized bust of the character as he appeared in the 80s and 90s. Decked out in the Modern Age gray and blue, the Slightly-Less-Dark Knight stands 29 inches tall and ships March.

THE AVENGERS | Kotobukiya revealed the first statue in the Avengers ARTFX+ line and it's none other than the Jade Giant himself, the Hulk! Poised to take on all comers, Hulk stands a bit under 10 inches tall on a magnetic base. The piece will hit in March soon to be joined by Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow all based on the designs of artist Adi Granov.

THE LONE RANGER | While "The Lone Ranger" might have been a dud at the box officer, Hot Toys still thinks there's potential for the film to spark interest in the collecting world. They've got a 1/6th scale version of Johnny Depp as Tonto in the works that looks pretty much how the actor appears as he does in real life with maybe a little less makeup.

IRON MAN 3 | Tony Stark got to show off all kinds of armored goodness in this summer's hit "Iron Man 3." Now Hot Toys is showing off their 1/6 scale bust versions of some of those armors in the Collectible Best Series. The line includes the Mark XLII, Iron Patriot, War Machine Mark II, Heartbreaker (Mark XVII), Tank (Mark XXIV), Blue Steel (Mark XXX), and Silver Centurion (Mark XXXIII) armors. If you pre-order all seven, you'll get an exclusive Battle Damaged bust.

MARVEL MINIMATES | Marvel.com got a first look at Diamond Select Toy's upcoming MiniMate 4-pack based on the "Age of Ultron" event. The set includes the very first Angela MiniMate as well as new versions of Ultron Iron Man and Nick Fury. DST also announced a Toys 'R Us exclusive Wolverine and Gold Ultron Drone 2-pack, but has yet to reveal images. Both set will be out in early 2014.

FRANKENSTEIN | A mysterious statue recently appeared on the Bowen Designs website. They showed off a 16-inch tall Frankenstein statue sculpted by Randy Bowen himself! It can be purchased through the Bowen site but is noted as a Rocky's Vault exclusive.

GODZILLA | Godzilla's had its fair share of reboots and new looks over the years, including the one recently memorialized in plastic thanks to S.H. MonsterARts. "Godzilla 2000," the Millennium version, is a more lithe version of the terrible thunder lizard. If you're more into the lean and mean style, he can be yours in January.

DOCTOR WHO | Entertainment Earth has a pair of Doctor Who figures from Bif Bang Pow ready for order. Both are 8-inch figures with cloth costumes and their own accessories. The figures based on the First Doctor -- which is limited to just 560 pieces -- is available right now while you can pre-order the October-shipping 11th Doctor who has a larger run of 1560 pieces.

ASSASSIN'S CREED | McFarlane Toys announced the last figure from the first wave of their Assassin's Creed figure line. It's none other than Black Bart Roberts, but don't expect to get him like you do the others. This figure will be an Amazon exclusive that will also come with the site-exclusive "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" Letha Pirate Edition Pack.

SAILOR MOON | The next figure to appear from S.H. Figurarts line of Sailor Moon figures will be the Solider of Flame and Passion herself, Sailor Marts. The short tempered enemy of evil comes with everything from an ofuda scroll to articulated hair and lots of extra appendages in between for all kinds of posing opportunities! Sailor Mars will eclipse her fellow scouts in January.

ROBOCOP | Over on their Facebook page, Play Imaginative announced that they'll have 1/12 scale Super Allow die-cast-covered figures based on the original "Robocop" as well as the upcoming remake which hits on Feb. 7. The figures themselves will be out early 2014 in time for the movie!

POWER-CON | The third annual Power-Con, a celebration of all things He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be held on Sept. 14 and 15 at the Torrance Marriott South Bay. Creators and voice actors from the various cartoons will be in attendance along with displays from both Mattel and Playmates. See the site for more details.

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