TOYING AROUND: "Civil War," DC Collectibles, Gentle Giant & More!

As the weather finally starts turning to the warm side, our thoughts tend to wander. But, that doesn't mean we're going to stop keeping an eye on all the collectible news worth reporting on! Some highlights include new solicitations and offerings from DC Collectibles, Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant, plus new "Captain America: Civil War" 12-inch figures from Hot Toys and tons more!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR | Starting May 6, film fans will start seeing the new shape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the debut of "Captain America: Civil War." While the heroes in the movie have to choose sides, fans don't and even have their options when it comes to Hot Toys representations of the characters. Battling Captain America, Iron Man Mark XLVI and Scarlet Witch all debuted from the company this week on their Facebook page and will be out in the not too distant future.

DC COLLECTIBLES | No slouch when it comes to unveiling new toys and statues, DC Collectibles did not disappoint this month with the latest solicits. Sure, we've seen some of these pieces already, but here's another look at the Justice League 7-pack, Bumblebee Bombshells statue, Aquaman bust, Amanda Conner-inspired Harley Quinn statue, Batman and Aquaman from the Greg Capullo collection, Frank Quitely's Robin Batman: Black and White and DC Films incarnations of Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Jor-El and Nam-Ek from "Batman v Superman" and "Man of Steel" respectively.

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS | Here's another mix of old and new reveals thanks to Diamond Select Toys' previews. "Alice Through the Looking Glass," "Plants Vs. Zombies," "Ghostbusters," "iZombie," "Giant-Size X-Men," "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Predator" all inspired new Minimates. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight Batman and Robin as seen on "Batman: The Animated Series" will become resin busts while Spider-Gwen becomes a statue and Ant-Man becomes a 9-inch PVC figure. "NBX" will also lead to Santa Jack, Mayor and Dr. Finkelstein Select figures and dolls of those latter two and Sally. Finally, dig those Ghostbusters tumblers featuring the original cast and start counting the days until you can drink with the whole crew.

GENTLE GIANT | The Gentle Giant Jumbo figure family continues to grow thanks to new additions like Batman from the classic '90s "Batman: The Animated Series" and Super Powers Penguin, both based on old school Kenner figures. Meanwhile, the Animated Marvel line also expands with Deadpool with sucker darts all around (and on him). All three can be pre-ordered now and ship early next year.

FUNKO | The last company-specific batch of collectibles this week comes from Funko. The always eclectic company unveiled a new line of Dragon Ball Z Pops consisting of Gohan, Trunks, Bulma, Goku on Flying Nimbus, Krillin and Majin Buu hitting in July which will also see the release of a set of "Stephen Universe" Mystery Mini blind box figures.

Animation fans will also be pleased to hear that the title character from Tom DeLonge's "Poet Anderson" will join the Pop ranks along with plenty of "Sailor Moon" favorites including Sailor Moon with Luna, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Venus with Artemis, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter.

Finally, the summer will also witness the creation of Flash, Ming the Merciless, General Klytus and Prince Vultan from the cult classic "Flash Gordon" as Pops, plus the original Ghostbusters, Stay-Puft and Slimer as Mopeez.

ALIEN | The geeky powers that be decided that April 26 will now be known as Alien Day. While we might not exactly need another one of these to remember, it does mean there will be some cool new collectibles related the film like NECA's tribute to the Kenner Ripley action figure from the '90s. The 7-inch figure will only be available that week at Hastings, the Toys "R" Us website and its brick and mortar stores.

IRON GIANT | Finally, Mondo showed off images of the Shadow Variant of the Iron Giant action figure. This one will have a limited run of just 150 pieces, stands 16 inches tall and comes with 30 points of articulation. The new variant features many of the same bells and whistles as the original, but with the addition of stealth mode!

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