TOYING AROUND: "Breaking Bad," "The Walking Dead" & All Kinds of Iron Men

This week in collectible news is all about balance -- while there's a number of new Iron Man figures and busts to admire, there's also a healthy dose of "The Walking Dead" comic-themed toys and a new spawning from the Predator franchise. Plus, AMC's "Breaking Bad" cooks up its first figure while Knight Rider, Doctor Who and LEGO show off their new stuff. Good luck balancing your budget adding all these pieces to your collection!

THE WALKING DEAD | People are gaga over AMC's "The Walking Dead," but it's important to remember the show takes many of its cues from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's ongoing comic book series from Image Comics and Skybound. McFarlane Toys continues to celebrate the phenomenon with the second wave of figures based on the comic series, including Glenn in riot gear, The Governor with weapons and eventual deformities, plus Michonne's chained pet zombie and the Governor's zombie daughter Penny complete with undead head fish tank. (via ToyNews International)

IRON MAN 3 | Shane Black's "Iron Man 3" not only puts Robert Downey Jr. and company back on the big screen, but also onto Hasbro's 6-inch Marvel Legends figures. Marvelous News has a look at the series' first wave, consisting of Classic Horned Iron Man, Heroic Age Iron Man and Iron Patriot. Each comes with a piece of the build-a-figure Iron Monger, to be completed with the second wave.

IRON MAN 3 | Since Hot Toys scored their own license to make "Iron Man 3" collectibles, they haven't dawdled, releasing a trio of pieces based on the franchise. Both the Iron Man Mark XLII and War Machine busts are based on the movie designs, complete with light-up features. They also have a 1:6 scale Tony Stark figure that looks exactly like Robert Downey Jr., coming with the usual slew of accessories.

BREAKING BAD | AMC's "Breaking Bad" is ending this year, but Mezco's revving up their collectibles based on the series -- the company revealed their 6-inch version of Walter White's Heisenberg alter ego, equipped with removable glasses, hat, a sack of cash and blue crystal baggie. (via ToyNews International)

DOCTOR WHO | While we're awaiting New York Toy Fair stateside for first looks at the hottest new toys and statues, England's already in on the game and The Doctor Who Site was there to snap pictures of a ton of new Who merch. In addition to new lines of talking Daleks, Mashems monster heads and playsets, brand new 3 3/4-inch figures were shown off. These new figures include a Cyberman with arm blaster and the Doctor's latest companion, Clara. There's also a new in-scale TARDIS for your figures to hang out it, but just so you know -- it's exactly as big as it looks.

KNIGHT RIDER | The gang at Diamond Select Toys posted a picture on their Facebook page of the Entertainment Earth exclusive Knight Rider KITT car. What makes this one so special is it's the only version with a 3 3/4-inch Michael Knight action figure! You can pre-order this set now and it ships in March.

LEGO HOBBIT | If you're curious to see how the LEGO team brings to life "The Hobbit's" Bag End in brick form, head over to the LEGO site and watch a cool video. They enlarge almost everything to 20 times its actual size -- it's truly something to behold.

LEGO BATMAN | Speaking of LEGOs and video, Warner Bros. announced the very first LEGO Batman feature film as a home video release available for purchase May 21. Titled "LEGO Batman: The Movie -- DC Super Heroes Unite," the story follows Batman, Robin, Superman and a group of DC heroes teaming up to stop Lex Luthor and The Joker from destroying the world brick by brick. The Blu-ray/DVD/Ultraviolet combo pack comes with an exclusive Clark Kent MiniFigure.

MARVEL COMICS | Bowen Designs has been producing iconic statue and bust versions of Marvel heroes and villains for as long as most of us can remember. The latest batch of statues includes a 13.5-inch Iron Patriot, web-exclusive Captain Marvel as she currently appears in the Marvel Comics series and classic Crimson Dynamo. The latter two are technically sold out by Bowen, but expect some to find their way for sale online when they ship in the spring .

PREDATOR | It's shocking to think how many collectibles are announced every month based on the Predator franchise -- it has five feature films in the series (two of which co-star Aliens), the latest coming out in 2010. Yet, Hot Toys continues their own line of figures with the "Predator 2" City Hunter 12-inch figure as shown on their Facebook page.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS | Mattel's Scott Neitlich presents a number of questions for fans over on He-Man.org. First, would you pay less for figures with fewer accessories? Second, if you used to buy Masters of the Universe Classics and have stopped, why? Voice your opinion on either topic by following the links to the respective polls.

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