TOYING AROUND: Black Panther, Suicide Squad, Funko & More!

With summer in the not-too-distant future, the collectible world is starting to heat back up. Convention season's kicking off pretty soon which means plenty of new exclusives will see the light of day, but the blockbuster season is also fully underway, hence new "Captain America: Civil War" and "Suicide Squad" collectibles. Additionally, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Transformers, Harry Potter and plenty of other properties also shared the spotlight this week!

BLACK PANTHER | As "Captain America: Civil War" continues to bring hero-filled conflict to the box office, plenty of people have become instant fans of Black Panther, as portrayed by Chadwick Boseman in the film. His version got some love from Iron Studios and Sideshow Collectibles in the form of a 22.24-inch statue perched on a base taken directly from the film. T'Challa here ships towards the end of the year.

SUICIDE SQUAD | With "Batman v Superman" and "Civil War" already out in the world, the next big comic book movie to look forward to is "Suicide Squad." Mezco will have a 5-pack of Mez-Itz just in time for the August 5 release. The set includes Killer Crock, Deadshot, Joker, Harley Quinn and Katana. Hot Toys also announced that the company will be getting in on the action, but we're just in the teaser stage at this time.

KOTOBUKIYA | Kotobukiya turned their considerable Fine Art Statue-making talents toward the creation of an epic Thanos piece. Measuring 15.5 inches tall, this take on the Mad Titan sports the Infinity Gauntlet and stands atop the skulls of his enemies. The company also revealed some new pieces for fans of the Distinguished Competition: the 7.5-inch-tall Batman based on the '90s animated series and the ARTFX+ Super Powers Aquaman piece.

PUNISHER | One of the toughest dudes in the Marvel Universe stomps his way into Mezco's One:12 Collective line. The Punisher figure comes with three different heads in varying degrees of rage and injury, plus a fabric costume, magnetic gauntlets, a variety of hands, skull vest and enough guns to clean up the streets of New York City! He ships at the end of the year.

STAR WARS | On May the Fourth, Hot Toys teased a variety of upcoming Star Wars pieces, but now you can see the full reveal of the 1/6th scale Yoda! The figures looks so spot-on, you half expect Frank Oz's iconic voice -- and unique sentence structure -- to eke out of the piece. He comes with a regular head as well as a concentrating one, Dagobah base, crates and an LED power unit. And, of course, he's got his walking stick.

GENTLE GIANT | Gentle Giant came out of the gate with a ton of new products featuring characters from Marvel, DC and Star Wars. "Captain America: Civil War" inspired a bust of the title character to go along with the Deadpool Collector's Gallery and the Animated Spider-Gwen statues. Meanwhile, Batman and the Joker will join the 1:6 scale Jumbo Super Powers figures while a Stormtrooper from "A New Hope" and the Flametrooper from "The Force Awakens" enlist in the Star Wars bust series.

ARKHAM KNIGHT | Prime 1 Studio continues to show off rad new pieces based on the "Arkham Knight" video game like this 31.3-inch Two-Face that comes with two hands and a pistol. He's also available in an exclusive version that sports an alternate right hand holding a grenade launcher. Also peep the Museum Master Line Batmobile from that game that comes tricked out with remote controlled LEDs!

TRANSFORMERS | Hasbro revealed a historical entry in the Transformers line: Victorion, the first all-female Combiner. The Combiner Wars participants will come in a box set that features the group collectively known as the Rust Renegades. Pyra Magna, Stormclash, Skyburst, Dustup, Jumpstream and Rust Dust will all be in the package and serve as their own figures, but can also be joined together to make the massive bot!

HARRY POTTER | Sometimes you just want to ditch the wizard robes and just hang out, you know? That seems to be the idea behind Star Ace's latest Hermione Granger 1/6th scale figure which features the "Sorcerer's Stone" take on the character in her casual wear. Even with the more relaxed outfit, though, Hermione still takes her studies seriously with a magical theory book and her wand.

METROID | "Metroid Prime 2: Echoes" introduced the world to Samus' Varia Suit and now First 4 Figures will translate the look into the third dimension with a nearly 21-inch-tall statue. If you decide to go with the F4F exclusive version, you'll also get a series of LEDs built in to more accurately recreate the look of the game!

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS | Edward Scissorhands is having a bit of a resurgence lately. He earned a comic book series last year from IDW and now he has two different collectibles in the works. Hollywood Collectibles showed off a 1:4 scale, 24-inch-tall statue of the Johnny Depp character that also comes with a six inch ice sculpture replica of Ed's dad as played by Vincent Price in the 1990 film. For a completely different piece based on Tim Burton's movie, Kotobukiya unveiled the Bishoujo take on Edward Scissorhands complete with goth stylings and sharp appendages.

FUNKO | Hopefully your shelves aren't too full because Funko has boatloads of new collectibles coming your way this season. The company debuted a new Pop concept called Impopsters that kick off with Batman's rogues gallery dressed up as the Caped Crusader including Riddler, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, Harley Quinn twice, Penguin and Scarecrow. At the same time, the company also showed off the Daredevil Fabrikations!

In other Pop news, Scott Pilgrim and Ferris Bueller (and their friends) will join the family along with Space Ghost, the animated version of Pete's Dragon, Rick and Morty, the new Ecto-1 and the Golden Girls! Finally, if the new Marty, Doc Brown and Einstein with DeLoreon Dorbz don't put a smile on your face, you need to lighten up!

FRIDAY THE 13TH | The masked terror of millions of teens continues to make his presence felt over at Sideshow Collectibles. The version of Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th Part III" -- arguably the most iconic in the series -- joins the 1/6th scale series from the company. The regular version sports the first hockey mask worn by the slasher plus a machete and an axe while the exclusive version also comes with the crossbow. The limited-to-1000 piece figure stalks your way early next year.

MATTYCOLLECTOR | Finally, over on the imprint's Facebook page, Mattycollector has been teasing all kinds of She-Ra bits and pieces for upcoming SDCC exclusives. The company also posted this image promising further exclusives from Thundercats, WWE, Halo, Ghostbusters, DC, Ever After High, Monster Hight, DC Super Hero Girls and more.

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