TOYING AROUND: Batman, Pop Vinyls & More!

We've said it before and we'll say it again, for a character who's been around for 75 years, Batman continues to fascinate collectors week in and week out. The Bat family inspired a variety of pieces in the latest series of DC Collectibles offerings, but Figures Toy Company, Square Enix and Quantum Mechanix also got in on the action. Meanwhile, Funko revealed three new lines of Pop Vinyls, an old school Sega franchise scored a statue, C-3PO waddled into Sideshow's sixth scale line and much more.

DC COLLECTIBLES | Earlier this week, DC Comics did their usual solicit roll out which always includes a solid number of statues and figures from DC Collectibles. On the statue front, July will see the release of a 10.5-inch tall Harley Quinn statue, a Batman Black & White piece based on Mike Mignola's designs, David Finch's take on Wonder Woman in the Art of War line and a 10.25-inch-tall Shazam piece based on his New 52 look.

In last week's column, we showed off the New 52 figures of Joker, Poison Ivy, John Stewart and Harley Quinn, but the solicits also revealed the Ninja Talon action figure based on the look of the "Batman Vs. Robin" animated feature.

BATMAN | DC doesn't have the market cornered on Batman products, of course. Square Enix and Sideshow Collectibles showed off a highly articulated version of the Dark Knight in armor. The worn-looking gear comes with a gun-like weapon that offers a variety of functions. The figure can be pre-ordered now, but ships in March.

BATMAN | The fourth series of Figures Toy Company's Batman line just added another character in the form of Commissioner Gordon. The early bird figure can be ordered right now and ships with Jim's iconic trench coat and glasses.

BATMAN | Turkey Day is next week which means big sales and exclusives aren't far behind. Quantum Mechanix plans to celebrate with a stealth version of the 1989 Batmobile in keychain form. This matte black version is limited to 1000 pieces.

STAR WARS | The galaxy's most cautious droid, C-3PO, is ready to join Sideshow Collectibles like of sixth scale action figures. The toy comes with a magnetic restraining bolt, a comlink and the worn look seen in "A New Hope." Those picking up the Sideshow Exclusive version will also get a swap-out left shoulder to recreate arm damage. Both versions ship Nov. 2015.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE MINIS | To entice people to subscribe for a full year of Masters of the Universe Minis, Mattycollector showed off the full line up of 2-packs for the year. We've seen some of these, but the line will include She-Ra and Horde Trooper, Jitsu and Mekaneck, Webstor and He-Ro, Trap Jaw and Ram Man, Buzz Off and Stinkor and finally Hordak and Orko. If the goal gets reached the line will start shipping in January and come out every other month. Subscriptions can be purchased up until November 24 on Mattycollector.com.

POP VINYL | Funko just can't stop making ridiculously cute Pop Vinyls of past, present and future favorites. This week, the company announced plans to bring characters from "X-Files," "Jupiter Ascending" and "Lilo & Stitch" into the fold. The X-line hits in April and will include Mulder, Scully, The Cigarette Smoking Man and a gray alien. Meanwhile, "Jupiter" will launch with two versions of Mila Kunis' title character and Channing Tatum's Caine. Finally, the leads of "Lilo & Stitch" along with Lilo's patchwork doll Scrump will hit stores next month.

JET SET RADIO | The 2000 Dreamcast game "Jet Set Radio" inspired the fourth piece in First 4 Figures' line of Sega statues. This offering recreates Beat's signature spray paint can and roller blades. Speaking of those sick skates, they set off some wicked sparks which come packed with LEDs. The piece stands 14 inches tall, is limited to 1250 pieces and ships next spring.

BISHOUJO | Kotobukiya unveiled a pair of Bishoujo pieces ready to kick butt. First off, from "Tekken Tag Tournament 2," Anna Williams which stands 7.5 inches tall. For fans of "Street Fighter" and super-limited offerings, Koto has a limited-to-100 piece pink version of Chun-Li. It went up for sale yesterday and will ship in December or January.

KIDROBOT | Let's cut right to the chase, Kidrobot and NECA are now one big company! The latter purchased the former in a move that brings the urban vinyl company into NECA's world of distribution and team members. KR will continue to operate out of Boulder. Hopefully this means that we'll get some cool combinations like Rambo Dunnys and the like!

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