TOYING AROUND: Batman, Avengers, Firefly & More!

In the wake of last month's New York Toy Fair, many collectible companies have gone into more details about some of the action figures and statues they debuted at the big event. This week we got better, more detailed looks at Funko's "Firefly" and "Rocketeer" Legacy action figures, NECA's "Gremlins 2" video game Mohawk toy, Wild West Batman from Square Enix and DC Collectibles' plans for New 52 figures moving forward. That's not all, though. Hot Toys featured adorable Avengers and Kotobukiya unleashed Cyclops, while Catwoman and Batwoman scored statues.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON | A few weeks back Hot Toys teased a new initiative called Artist Mix that looked like it would feature the Avengers. As revealed this week, the second series will include versions of Hulk, Thor and Iron Man Mark XLIII from "Avengers: Age of Ultron" designed by artist TOUMA. Meanwhile, the adorable Cosbaby line expands to include film versions of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man XLIII, Iron Legion, a blue Ultron Sentry and a red Ultron Sentry that will only be available if you purchase the collectible set. Finally, the company showed off artwork previewing future lines. Series 1.5 will include Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man and Series 2 shows Ultron, War Machine, Vision, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

BATMAN: TIMELESS | While strolling around Toy Fair we spotted Square Enix's Batman: Timeless Play Arts Kai figures, toys that take the Dark Knight put him in different timeline. Recently, the company posted images of the Wild West version which comes with a variety of sci-fi-inspired, old-timey weapons with which to keep Gotham safe. The figure rides in on July 4.

CATWOMAN | For a more classic take on one of Batman's buddies, check out Sideshow Collectibles' Catwoman Premium Format Figure! Based on the character's '90s costume made famous by artist Jim Balent, the statue stands 22.5 inches tall and comes with her signature whip when it ships next winter.

BATMAN CLASSICS COLLECTION | Another woman known for her bat affinity scored a statue announcement this week. Tweeterhead revealed the latest piece in the Batman Classics CollectionM.a< which is none other than Batwoman! This golden age DC character known as Kathy Kane under the mask measures in at a foot tall and ships next summer. The statue is limited to just 250 pieces and can be pre-ordered now.

X-MEN | Cyclops has had a rough go of things lately. During "Schism," he and Wolverine came to blows that destroyed his dream of Utopia becoming a paradise for all mutants. Not long after that part of the Phoenix Force made him go a little crazier than normal. Now a younger version of himself is running around the present and he's infested with nanite Sentinels. But at least he has a cool ARTFX+ Marvel NOW! piece in the works from Kotobukiya designed by Adi Granov!

FUNKO LEGACY | Sure, we already saw these images during Toy Fair, but looking at show- and film-accurate versions of the "Firefly" crew and the Rocketeer is always fun. Once again feast your eyes on Mal, Jayne, Kaylee, Wash, Zoe and the Rocketeer! Funko announced that these accessory-loaded Legacy figures with 20 points of articulation will debut in May.

DOCTOR WHO | After 50 years in existence, the BBC's "Doctor Who" offers plenty of collectible potential. The Doctor Who Site posted images of the fourth wave of figures including Scovox Blitzer, Cyberman Mark 2 with Arm Gun, The Foretold and the 12th Doctor in Caretaker outfit. If you prefer more moveable merch, then the Moving Electronic Daleks might be more your speed. Asylum, Bronze, Emperor's Guard and Dalek Sec versions will be available.

GREMLINS | NECA debuted this NES-inspired version of Gizmo's greatest enemy Mohawk at this year's Toy Fairpainted to look like he popped right out of your Nintendo. Mohawk ships in June.

DISNEY MYSTERY MINIS | Funko's next batch of Mystery Mini blind box toys will pit some of Disney's greatest heroes against their most dastardly villains. The April-shipping offerings will include Ariel & Ursula from "Little Mermaid," Anna & Marshmallow from "Frozen," Peter Pan & Captain Hook, Jafar & Jasmine from "Aladdin," Hopper & Heimlich from "A Bug's Life," as well as Stitch & Captain Gantu from "Lilo and Stitch."

CUSTOM ATARI TOYS | Customizer Dan Polydoris filled a void in many old school video game fans' hearts when he posted images of his Atari game-inspired figures. Check out these carded figures he created from vintage Star Wars parts based on "Berzerk," "Missile Command," "Space Invaders" and "Yar's Revenge." Polydoris even made a few extras that he listed on eBay. The "Missile Command" customs are sold out, but there are still a few based on "Berzerk" still available.

NEW 52 | Finally, DC Collectibles announced that the New 52 action figure line will cease to be in 2015. The last figures will be fan poll winner Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and John Stewart. If you're feeling sad about all this, DCC produced an In Memoriam video to help console and comfort you. However, as we saw during Toy Fair, the New 52 characters will work their way into the new DC Icons line which mixes characters from all across DC's known eras.

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