TOYING AROUND: Avengers Abound!

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON | Last week Hot Toys unveiled their upcoming Hulk toys based on "Avengers: Age of Ultron" which debuts on May 1. This week, the other half of what many fans hope will be one of the biggest, baddest fights in cinema history debuted in the form of the Hulkbuster Iron Man toy. The basic figure stands 22-inches-tall and comes fully articulated, but there's also a version that comes with an Iron Man XLIII bust that fits inside showing off the smaller, more fragile version of the character within.

IRON MAN | While wandering around Toy Fair we spotted a variety of Marvel heroes as interpreted by Square Enix. We snapped overly dark pictures of Iron Man, but now you can see brighter, more detailed photos of Armored Avenger that will hit stores in July.

WASP | On the more flirty side of things, Kotobukiya unveiled their Marvel Bishoujo Wasp PVC statue based on Janet Van Dyne's black-and-yellow costume. The insectoid heroine can be pre-ordered now and ships in September.

STAR WARS | While the heroes of Marvel got a love this week, so did the number one villain of Star Wars. Sideshow revealed their Darth Vader Premium Format Figure, a 26.5-inch tall figure based on the characters appearance in "Return of the Jedi." Based on the climactic scene from that film, this version of the Dark Lord comes with a light-up red lightsaber.

CHAPPIE | Neill Bomkamp made waves recently with his talk of working on a new "Alien" film, but this weekend sees the release of his next sci-fi action offering, "Chappie." Gentle Giant is selling a 1:4 scale statue of the robot hero on their own and through Entertainment Earth that stands 18.5-inches tall and ships in January.

FUNKO REACTION | As they have in the past few years, Funko rolled into New York Toy Fair with more new licensed figures than we can count. Over on their blog, they showcased two of those in the ReAction line based on "Breaking Bad" and "Karate Kid." The former includes three versions of Walter White -- underwear, cook and Heisenberg -- plus two takes on Jesse Pinkman, in his street clothes and as a cook, as well as Gus Fring. Meanwhile, Daniel Larusso comes in fence-painting gear as well as karate tournament duds. He's joined by Mr. Miyagi, Ali, John Kreese and Johnny Lawrence.

CHUCKY | What do you call a collectible doll based on a movie doll? Why, Chucky of course. The star of the "Child's Play" franchise -- which had a nice resurgence recently with "Curse of Chucky" -- scored a 15-inch doll from Mezco that boasts 11 points of articulation and seven catchphrases. The murderous doll ships in September.

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