TOYING AROUND: A Cavalcade of SDCC Exclusives

By now you've likely decided whether or not you're heading to sunny California July 18-21 for Comic-Con International in San Diego. Here at TOYING AROUND, we've got a whole new batch of SDCC exclusive merchandise for you to check out from Diamond Select Toys, Icon Heroes, Dark Horse Deluxe and a few other companies. For everyone else, this week provided all kinds of great new reveals from Sideshow's "Pacific Rim" statues and Hot Toys' "Man of Steel" Superman figure, to a classic Gentle Giant Spider-Man statue and a variety of "Hobbit" merch!

DIAMOND CCI EXCLUSIVES | Diamond Select Toys unveiled a whole boatload of CCI exclusives this week on Previews. They'll have DC Be@rbricks based on Superman and The Riddler as well as black and white MiniMates 2-packs of Jay and Silent Bob and Dr. Smith and The Robot from "Lost in Space." Speaking of 'bots, they also have die-cast versions of Robbie the Robot from "Forbidden Planet" in blue and purple along with an R2-B1 Star Wars bank, a Hershel's Farm Walking Dead MiniMate 4-pack featuring Rick, Hershel and two zombies and the Wolverine Saga MiniMate pack with Ultimate Wolverine, Logan-San, Spacesuit Wolverine and Symbiote Wolverine. As if all that wasn't enough, DST went to StarTrek.com to premiere one more San Diego exclusive: a limited-to-200-pieces fully cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey.

ICON HEROES CCI EXCLUSIVES | Icon Heroes is teaming up with Action Figure Xpress for their Comic-Con exclusives. Their San Diego and summer items include a version of their Filmation He-Man paperweight with the hero lofting his battle axe, an orange Faker's Power Sword letter opener and a box set of Thundercats including Grune, Mumm-Ra, Lion-O, Jagga and Ma-Mutt.

DARK HORSE CCI EXCLUSIVES | Not to be outdone, Dark Horse Deluxe showed off their own CCI exclusives, including a 5-inch Hellboy Qee with San Diego Comic-Con T-shirt, a 7-inch Stark shield replica from "Game of Thrones" and a green Troll with white hair and red eyes standing 2.5 inches tall from their Good Luck Troll line of mini collectibles.

THE HOBBIT CCI EXCLUSIVE | Back in May we relayed the news the The Bridge Direct is offering an exclusive figure of Azog the Orc Commander as their CCI exclusive, but they didn't actually reveal the toy until now. The figure comes with two different hands, one holding Thror's severed head, the other featuring the character's signature spikes for multiple ways to recreate the version of the character seen in Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." The figure is limited to 2600 pieces.

MEZCO CCI EXCLUSIVE | Just when we thought they were done, Mezco came back with one more summer exclusive. This 9-inch tall glow-in-the-dark Creature from the Black Lagoon figure boasts 11 points of articulation and comes limited to just 100 pieces.

MAN OF STEEL | After much anticipation and some tantalizing teasers, Hot Toys finally unveiled their Superman Movie Masterpiece Series figure based on this week's "Man of Steel." The figure, which happens to be the 200th in the Movie Masterpiece Series, features Henry Cavill's version of the character as seen in the Zack Snyder film. To celebrate their milestone, Hot Toys is including a full size replica of the Kryptonian Command Key as seen on the big screen for anyone who buys this figure!

SKYBOUND COLLECTIBLES | Did you see CBR's exclusive look at the Invincible MiniMates and Atom Eve Femme Fatales statue from Diamond Select Toys and Skybound? Click the link to take a look! Now there's more -- USA Today got the first look at DST's first wave of "Thief of Thieves" 'Mates! The first 4-pack features Celia, Augustus, Agent Elizabeth Cohen and Conrad a.k.a. Redmond. They go on sale this fall.

PACIFIC RIM | Sideshow Collectibles announced this week a series of statues in the works based on Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim" film premiering July 12. The first two pieces teased in these videos are lead Jaeger Gipsy Danger and Kaiju Knifehead. Del Toro even makes an appearance in the video -- is there anything that guy's not involved in?!

THE WALKING DEAD | While most of us don't want to stand against a gnashing, ravenous zombie horde, we sure like seeing it on TV every week. Andrew Lincoln makes it look so easy as Sheriff Rick Grimes on AMC's "The Walking Dead," based on Robert Kirkman's Skybound comic. Now you can get a little closer to the zombie action thanks to Gentle Giants' Sheriff Grimes Badge Prop Replica, created from digital scans of the actual badge worn by the actor in the series. The display shadowbox also comes with a recreation of Lincoln's signature, but we won't say anything if you tell your friends it's legit.

THE HOBBIT | There's all kinds of sayings about being over a barrel and up a certain creek without a paddle, but it looks like Bilbo Baggins is both in this upcoming piece from Weta. Based on a scene yet to be seen in Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" debuting December 13, this roughly 3-inch by 4-inch statue is but the first of many Barrel Riders based on the film.

SPIDER-MAN | As much as we love alternate costumes, some superhero looks are just too cool to move away from for too long -- Spider-Man's red and blue duds certainly fit in that category. Gentle Giant celebrates Peter Parker's iconic sewing skills with this 1:6 scale Spider-Man Red and Blue Mini Bust, swinging into shops early 2014.

BATMAN | The NY Post's Parallel Worlds geek blog got the first in-hand images of Mattel's premiere wave of figures based on the classic 60s "Batman" TV show. Wave One includes Adam West's Batman, Frank Gorshin's Riddler and Burgess Meredith as Penguin.

PROMETHEUS | NECA's going the re-decoration route for the third wave of figures based on Ridley Scott's most recent entry in the "Alien" franchise, "Prometheus." Series 3 includes Chair Suit and Pressure Suit Engineers created with translucent blue plastic and a hand-painted deco. Each 8-inch figure, which are released in September, also comes with an Ampule accessory filled with mysterious goodness.

PREDATORS | While they were at it, NECA also premiered the third series of Quarter Scale Predator figures. All new, 18-inch toys based on the Elder from "Predator 2" and Big Red from Sandy Collora's "Batman: Dead End" fan film join their fellow intergalactic gamesmen in the larger scale. The figures land in a hot hunting ground near you this August.

SHAZAM! | As we figured a few weeks ago when Kotobukiya teased a close-up image of a statue with a lightning bolt chest symbol, they have a Shazam! statue in the works. Koto debuted the full image of the New 52 ARTFX+ statue on their Facebook page in all its 8-inch heroic glory. Billy Batson's alter ego is available in December.

GREMLINS | Whenever possible, we highly recommend buying toy versions of creatures instead of the real thing. Take Medicom's Gizmo figure -- sure, you could get the real thing, but then you've got all those rules you need to follow and we're pretty sure there's not an app for raising Mogwai. With this toy, imported through Sideshow, you get Giz's cute looks as well as moveable eyes, 3D glasses and three baby Mogwai balls. He ships in October.

GREEN LANTERN | Geoff Johns put a lot of work into not only returning Hal Jordan from the dead but making him one of the premiere heroes in the DC cosmos. Sideshow put a near-equal amount of effort into this Feburary-shipping Life-Size Green Lantern bust which stands 2.5 feet tall and perfectly captures Hal's superhero swagger.

DOCTOR WHO | Amy Pond finally gets her due thanks to BIG Chief Studios Ltd. The company has been producing high quality 1:6 scale figures based on "Doctor Who" with lots of accessories and clothing options -- now it's Amy's turn! She comes with various appendages as well as Raggedy versions of the Amy and the TARDIS, along with plenty of other odds and ends. BIG Chief also announced a second head with sculpted hair instead of synthetic is included if you prefer your follicles to stand perfectly still. Also, if you order through BIG Chief's site, you'll get an exclusive Raggedy Doctor to go along with his companions.

TRANSFORMERS | Cassettes and boom boxes might be all but extinct these days, but geek love for Soundwave will never die! Hasbro's giving the tape playing Decepticon the Masterpiece treatment with a set that not only includes the big bad himself, but also five of his tape pals. Better yet? Everyone transforms and comes with accessories! (via The Fwoosh)

POP! VINYL | Funko's line of Pop Vinyl figures continues to grow and expand with a variety of different offerings. The company took to Twitter to show off the first image of a Nightwing entry in the line and also sent out a press release about the second wave of Wizard of Oz toys. This new one includes Scarecrow, Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and Glinda the Good Witch. While no release date was announced for Nightwing, the Ozlings are in stores August 8.

SAILOR MOON | Looks like the Sailor Moon figure we showed off from S.H.Figuarts by way of Bluefin Tamashii Nations is getting some company this fall. Bluefin's Facebook page premiered the upcoming Sailor Mercury figure based on the classic property. She comes with several different hands and faces as well as goggles and two different pocket computers. Mercury ships in October or November of this year.

DC VIDEO GAMES | Between "Batman: Arkham Origins" and "Infinite Crisis" there's a lot of buzz around DC's upcoming slate of video games. DC Collectibles has even gotten in on the action with a group of figures and statues. The first wave of Arkham Origins figures include Bane and Joker looking younger and fresher than in the previous offerings. The game also inspired an entry in the Batman: Black & White line of statues based on the game's designs and sculpted by Gentle Giant. DCC also has an 11-inch tall Arcane Green Lantern statue from "Infinite Crisis" to celebrate the more mystical side of the Multiverse. The figures bow in October followed by the statues in December.

GOTHAM LADIES | December sees the release of three very interesting and very dangerous women from DC Collectibles. The company shines the spotlight on Batman's female allies and enemies in the waning days of 2013 with a Gotham City Garage Catwoman statue created from Dustin Nguyen's designs as well as a holiday-themed Ame-Comi 2-pack featuring Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy ready to celebrate the season.

THE HOBBIT | Azog's getting even more collectible love, this time from the gang at Gentle Giant. The villainous orc received the mini-bust treatment, standing 6.75 inches tall and wielding all kinds of dwarf-carving weapons. The handpainted polystone piece is out early 2014.

STAR WARS | Star Wars and Gentle Giant have had a long and creative relationship, which you can see in these two products hitting early next year. GG's line of up-scaled Kenner Jumbo figures moves into the Battle of Hoth section of "Empire Strikes Back" with a parka-sporting Han Solo! For something completely different, they also have nearly 6-inch tall Star Wars Imperial Seal Bookends for the more literary-minded Star Wars fan.

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