Toy Story

This book is a little more dense than I've come to expect from a BOOM Kids! title. Snider has a feel for the main characters -- from Buzz and Woody to Andy and his mom -- and doesn't hesitate to involve many of the fan favorites from the popular Disney/Pixar movie series. Snider brings the classic hero-doppleganger plot to the world of Buzz and Woody, creating a conflict that is fun and entertaining. For no reason whatsoever, Andy receives a gift from his grandmother. That gift is a brand new Buzz Lightyear action figrue.

Watson delivers cartoony interpretations of the CG characters that are as animated and light-hearted as their silver screen counterparts. Like the characters and the story of "Toy Story," itself, Watson's art is timeless. This book looks like it could have followed up the release of the first "Toy Story" over a decade ago rather than preceding the release of "Toy Story 3".

The story proceeds as expected, which is great for a comic based on a licensed property. There is some infighting among the toys, some doubt, and more than a little bit of toy-inspired suspense. The end result is a story that has heart and brings soul to the plastic denizens of Andy's room.

Your son/nephew/cousin/self will enjoy this paper descendant of one of the most beloved films as the creators have remained true to the spirit of the films. It is not a great stretch to imagine Tim Allen delivering the lines of the dual Buzz Lightyears. This is a very good story, featuring great characters, and it builds upon what has been established while adding to the "Toy Story" legend.

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