<i>Toy Story</i> Enjoys A Hawaiian <i>Play-cation</i>

We've long known that a new Toy Story short would premiere in front of Cars 2, and recent rumors have pegged the story as centering on Ken and Barbie's Hawaiian honeymoon. Now, new details have come to light thanks to the synopsis for Play-cation, a new book from Random House and Disney that's based on the upcoming Toy Story short.

The synopsis, courtesy of Amazon and The Pixar Blog:

Bonnie is off to Hawaii, and Barbie and Ken are excited to go along on their first tropical vacation! But when they're accidentally left behind, it's up to Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the toys to create a Hawaiian paradise right in Bonnie's room. Based on the latest animated short featuring the toys from Disney/Pixar Toy Story, this full-color storybook includes punch-out postcards that girls and boys ages 3-7 will love sending to their friends!

Sounds like another fun time with Woody and the gang, don't you think? Even if a fourth Toy Story movie never happens — which it well could, given the way that Toy Story 3 resolved itself — it's nice to see the story continuing through Pixar's planned shorts. If nothing else, more Michael Keaton-as-Ken is an undeniably good thing.

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