<i>Toy Story 3</i> Writer Pens A New Story, <i>Snow And The Seven</i>

The snow just keeps on coming, and by that we mean in the form of no less than three Snow White films now in production -- one from Relativity Media, one from Universal and one from, bizarrely enough, Disney. And while Wednesday heralded the inevitable end of winter, it also brought the latest news on one of those upcoming projects, Disney's Snow and the Seven.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt is in talks to work on the script to the film originally written Scott Elder and Josh Harmon. If things go through, Arndt joins director Francis Lawrence and Academy Award-winning production designer John Myhre on Snow and the Seven.

All three movies offer up re-imaginings of the classic story. Relativity Media's The Brothers Grimm: Snow White gives a darker and more edgy take on the familiar fairy tale and reportedly re-envisions the Seven Dwarfs as seven thieves eager to help Snow out of her life-threatening, Evil Queen-related situation. We reported earlier on director Tarsem Singh's attachment to the project, as well as Julia Roberts possibly coming on as the Evil Queen.

Meanwhile, Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman takes a more traditional approach, but skews off on its own path when, instead of leaving Snow on her own after deciding not to kill her, the Huntsman takes her under his wing. This version took one step further into the forests of productivity recently with reports of Viggo Mortensen in talks for the titular huntsman role.

However, Disney's Snow and the Seven definitely takes the prize for the uniquest of them all. The movie takes place in 19th-century China and focuses on an Englishwoman, on the run from her stepmother, who joins up with a group of seven international warriors. In a certain way, it makes sense for the company to go in a drastically different direction, as they made the original iconic animated film many people associate with the character and story of Snow White.

So, while there's been a lot of snow already in 2011, get ready for even more in as more news breaks and these films proceed in production.

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