<i>Toy Story 3</i> Director Launches Blog For His New, Unrevealed Project

Lee Unkrich is working on something new. If you’re a fan of Pixar movies, this should be very exciting news. He hit quite the grand slam as the director of Toy Story 3, not to mention the two that preceded it. And his A Bug’s Life remains one of Pixar’s most underrated features to date.

So Unkrich now has a new project, presumably for Pixar. He hasn’t revealed any specifics, but he did take to Twitter to let his fans know that he’s started a photo-a-day project on Tumblr which will chronicle his process as this new creative effort comes together. He warns that he’ll be detailing his process “in an abstract way,” so don’t expect any major reveals. The two photos posted so far – one of a keyboard and the other of what appears to be lunch – certainly support that.

Still, this is a cool thing that the social-savvy Unkrich is doing. He’s always been great about interfacing directly with his fans over the Internet, and this Tumblr offers one more opportunity for giving curious onlookers a glimpse into his filmmaking process.

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