Toy Fair 2018: NECA Scares Up It, Alien, Predator, Del Toro and More

NECA celebrates some of the darker corners of the pop culture world, and has been doing it incredibly well for years. Sure, it releases some fantastic superhero film-based pieces, but also more horror movie and television action figures than just about anyone else. That means fans can see a huge Gal Gadot Wonder Woman not far from a huge Jason Voorhees, and Laura Moon from American Gods. This heavy focus on horror was apparent at NECA's presence at this year's New York Toy Fair.

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Before fully jumping into all of the scare fare coming from NECA in 2018, let's take a look at the company's huge Ultimate Quarter Scale action figures of Deadpool, Captain America from Civil War and the big-screen version of Wonder Woman! Each of these pieces look completely accurate and come with a nice amount of accessories, especially the Merc with a Mouth.

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Moving from one murdering clown to another, let's talk about the two It offerings coming up from the company. Later this year, you can have your pick of an Ultimate Pennywise based on the 1990 TV movie, or the big screen offering from last year! Both will come with iconic red balloons and multiple heads.

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Guillermo del Toro fans will be ecstatic to see even more offerings from the director's signature series. His 2001 film The Devil's Backbone is featured in the Santi piece, which comes with a diorama of the bomb that crashed into his orphanage courtyard. Meanwhile, Pan's Labyrinth inspired a 7-inch Pale Man action figure that comes with a throne, The Faun and a separate diorama element.

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That's far from the end of the horror parade, though. Horror icon Jason Voorhees will be showcased in a variety of pieces ranging from the Ultimate Quarter Scale figure from The Final Chapter, the Camp Crystal Lake Accessory Pack and the Ultimate Jason from the second film, complete with bag-head! There are also plans for one more Ultimate Gremlin with a beer and other snacks, as well as Emily Browning's Laura Moon from American Gods.

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Bruce Campbell will continue to be immortalized in plastic along with his various co-stars from two different eras. The Evil Dead 2 2-pack comes with Ash and Evil Ed. Meanwhile, the second wave of Ash vs. Evil Dead figures will include Asylum Ash, Henrietta and Demon Spawn. If you're looking for something a bit more cuddly, then get your hand on -- or in -- the Ashy Slashy Puppet!

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Before Toy Fair even started, NECA revealed a trio of Retro figures on their website. This lineup included some surprising entries. The tuxedoed Freddy from Dream Warrior seemed right in line with expectations, but then came the Captain Blake figure from John Carpenter's underrated classic The Fog and Jeffrey Combs' Herbert West from Stuart Gordon's seminal Re-Animator.

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It wouldn't be a NECA event without checking out a slew of action figures from the Alien and Predator franchises. The 13th wave of Aliens figures will continue taking cues from the 1990s Kenner line with three figures of Space Marine Sgt. Apone, Scorpion Alien and Snake Alien, with an articulated tail! Alien vs. Predator -- not the film, but the 1992 arcade game -- has also been mined for inspiration. The Dutch and Linn Kurosawa 2-pack comes with both characters' signature weapons to fight off a trio of Preds from the game: Mad Predator, Predator Warrior and Predator Warrior.

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And now, the Predators! The 18th series of figures will include Dark Horse Comics-inspired characters Machiko Noguchi, Hornhead Predator and Broken Tusk Predator. The company also showed off the Ultimate Elder Predator: The Golden Angel, The Clan Leader Throne and the Ultimate Bad Blood Vs Enforcer 2-pack based on the Predator: Bad Blood comic. The company also has plenty of plans for The Predator action figures -- based on the September 14-debuting film -- but could not show them off just yet.

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NECA could open up when it came to new video game figures. If you dug the classic Orange Box from Valve, then you'll be excited about the Chell and Gordon Freeman reissues from Portal and Half-Life 2 respectively. Team Fortress 2 will also keep the tradition alive with Red and BLU squads! Meanwhile, the delightful platform star Crash Bandicoot will score a few more figures including a classic version, one with a jetpack and a deluxe one with hoverboard!

Finally, let's take a gander at one of the most interesting additions to NECA's collectible arsenal: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles multi-level Street Scene Diorama Environment. Though clearly designed with the fantastic TMNT figures in mind, this set could also be used with a variety of other figures in the 6- to 9-inch scale.

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