Toy Fair 2018: McFarlane Toys Unveils Walking Dead, Star Trek & Beyond

McFarlane Toys may have started out as the go-to place for all things Spawn and Todd McFarlane, but the company's grown into one of the most respected collectible-makers out there, thanks to its dedication to quality and attention to detail. All of that came through while walking around their booth at New York Toy Fair this year, as CBR saw new Stranger Things and AMC's The Walking Dead figures one minute, and Star Trek and Destiny offerings the next.

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We may be in a holding pattern when it comes to new Stranger Things episodes, but the folks at McFarlane have plenty of ways to keep fans entertained with their action figures. A big part of the second season revolved around Halloween and the boys' idea to dress as the Ghostbusters. The resulting figures will come in a four-pack with accessories like unique proton packs, Dustin's ghost trap and Bob's camcorder. The costumes themselves, however, were all changed to one consistent color, to make the set feel more cohesive.

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Other new figures will include Punk Eleven in her duds from the controversial "The Lost Sister" episode; plus Mike, Will and an Upside Down Will that will actually be packaged feet-up on the card. You can also see the Dustin and Dart two-pack, though note that they're still tweaking the colors on the one-time pet to get it just right. Oh, and that massive Demogorgon you've seen around? It's fully poseable, so you can put it in any position you want -- except for close-mouthed, because those toothy flaps are permanently open!

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For a different kind of TV horror, McFarlane also continues to roll out figures and statues based on AMC's The Walking Dead. Ezekiel, All Out War Rick and Savior Prisoner Daryl will join the 6-7-inch action figure line, along with Merciless Negan and All Out War Daryl.

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From the ravenous undead to a future filled with hope and dashing captains, McFarlane Toys recently announced plans to create action figures and role-play items based on the Star Trek franchise. This spring will see the release of Captains Kirk and Picard in the 6-7-inch scale, with plenty more options coming after that. You can also get a glimpse at the Star Trek Discovery phaser in a painted version, as well as a prototype with more moving parts. I was told this particular license came together with relative ease, because of both parties being big fans of one another.

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Video game fans will also have a lot to look forward to from McFarlane in the coming year, as the company will further mine the most popular games for characters to bring to life. One such project revolves around the Borderlands franchise. The first batch of figures will feature Krieg, Zero, Lilith, Tiny Tina, Handsome Jack and a Claptrap with working shocks and multiple hats!

Another beloved franchise will make its McFarlane debut this year: Call of Duty. The first two figures will be Ghost and Soap, hearkening back to the earlier games. The plan for this line is to give these characters a franchise look, whether that be for older character like these, or newer ones in the future.

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The world of Destiny will also inspire more action figures to fill your shelves with. Destiny 2 characters Cayde-6, Zavala and Ikora Rey will hit this spring, with a line of Guardians aimed for the fall consisting of Parade Armor Titan, Crucible Hunter and Iron Banner Warlock. Around that same time, Lord Shaxx will enter the larger 10-inch deluxe figure arena. Note that, unlike the previous figure in this scale, Shaxx here will be more statue-like, striking the pose he's most known for on screen.

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Finally, the game based around the grand art of breaking into your neighbors' houses without getting caught -- Hello Neighbor -- will get a full roll-out from McFarlane Toys. For action figures, you'll be able to choose from the games playable character The Kid or three versions of The Neighbor: classic, butcher and evil smile! The game and its characters will also give you a challenge as new McFarlane Construction Sets; there's The Living Room, The Basement Door and The Neighbor's House. Every set comes with a Neighbor toy while the House features The Kid, as well as an inside and outside look at the domicile in the style made famous by this creepy game.

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