Toy Fair 2018: Diamond Select Toys Brings DC, Marvel, Sonic to Life

Diamond Select Toys came to this year's New York Toy Fair with an intent to blow folks away with its incredibly detailed action figures and statues. With licenses that include upcoming sure-to-be blockbusters, beloved classics and comic book favorites, the company fulfilled its mission of giving fans of all genres something to look forward to adding to their collection in 2018.

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With so many fans looking forward to the March 23 debut of Pacific Rim Uprising, it's no surprise to see a solid spectrum of collectible offerings in the works at DST. In the Select figure form, you'll be able to get your hands on Gipsy Avenger, Bracer Phoenix, Saber Athena, Obsidian Fury, Guardian Bravo, Titan Redeemer and more. The vinyl kaiju you see in the photos is partially poseable and the Chibis are still being figured out at the moment, but look both adorable and super dangerous.

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Speaking of big-screen presences, we're still right in the midst of Black Panther's box office dominance, so check out the Marvel Gallery PVC statutes of of the title character and his enemy Killmonger in their battle gear! Other Marvel Gallery offerings include Black Cat, Black Widow, Wolverine in his brown costume, Carnage, Venom, Squirrel Girl, Thanos, Deadpool and Dazzler.

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Meanwhile, the Marvel Premiere Statue line will grow to include Magneto, Elektra and this Domino piece which fits together with the Deapool and Cable pieces! As if that wasn't enough, DST will also release a Marvel Select Beast figure based on his classic blue, furry look. Note that the figure does not come with a strange orb around his head -- that's a trick of the light.

And it wouldn't be a DST Toy Fair presentation without some Marvel Minimates. This next wave harkens back to the classic "Maximum Carnage" story with Spider-Man, Black Cat, Dagger, Cloak, Venom, Doppleganger, Demogoblin and Carnage. If you get them all, you'll be able to put together a Shriek figure, as well.

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The company seemed to have just as many new items planned for 2018 when it came to DC fans, though in a few different offerings. Film fans will be happy to see that Justice League stars Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg in the Movie Gallery PVC statue line. If you prefer the TV-based versions of these characters, that works, because DST also has matching Flash and Supergirl statues that look ready to race, and a Green Arrow about to draw in Star City.

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More comic-based takes like Batman, Catwoman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Shazam, Supergirl, Superman, Flash and two different takes on Harley Quinn will work into the DC Gallery line, not to mention the Game Stop-exclusive Joker and Hal Jordan pieces.

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Also, the Batman: The Animated Series and Batman '66 lines will continue with a few more pieces this year. The former will see Killer Croc, Batman Beyond and an unmasked Phantasm join the other PVC pieces while the latter will welcome Alfred, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson into the bust fold.

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If you're looking to mix up your source material in the same figure form, then look no further than the Vinimates line which will include Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Catwoman, Batman, Batwoman, Harley Quinn, Black Manta and the Joker from TV and comics!

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In addition to bringing some of our favorite comic stars to 3-D life with action figures and statues, Diamond Select also aims to add even more Ghostbusters figures to your collection. Two waves will carry on covering Ghostbusters II with Dr. Janosz Poha, Egon, Ray, Winston and Peter. At the same time, the company also plans on rolling out figures based on The Real Ghostbusters, encompassing all four leads along with Slimer (with alternate heads) and a fully articulates Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

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Maybe your preferences lean more towards Disney and/or video games. Once again, DST has you covered with the Kingdom Hearts Select figures, Minimates, Vinimates and PVC statues. The figures will include a Black Pete with Soldier, Chip and Dale, Aqua with BBS Goofy and Roxas with Goofy and Donald Duck. Many of those same characters -- plus Mickey and Tron versions -- will also feature in the Minimates waves while the Vinimates will do much of the same and also delve into Nightmare World versions of Sora, Donald and Goofy. Finally, Goofy and Sora will also make their way into the PVC line.

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More classic video game fans will be happy to know that another icon will make his way to DST: Sonic the Hedgehog! In addition to PVC statues featuring himself and his good buddy Tails, the company will also sell and Minimates set featuring both leads, Super Sonic, Dr. Robotnik and others.

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Finally, the mind of Tim Burton continues to more and more amazing The Nightmare Before Christmas toys, once again including Minimates, Select figures and beyond. This time the figures will come with pieces to build the gift tables while the Hanging Tree will come with tiny skeletons. There will also be more figures that look like the actual puppets used in the making of the film as well as a Jack that can fit into am impressive snow man costume!

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