Toy Fair 2018: DC Collectibles Spotlight Batman, Harley Quinn and More

DC Collectibles, DC Entertainment's in-house line of action figures, statues and other pieces of work to proudly display on your shelves, continues to show off a wide variety of offerings that not only reflect current publishing initiatives, but also classic versions of their characters along with all-new interpretations. This year's New York Toy Fair offerings will continue that tradition through 2018 and into the future.

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One of the most ambitious sets on display came in the form of the multi-piece New Teen Titans statue set inspired by George Pérez's cover to 1980's New Teen Titans #1. Though sold separately, these seven pieces will all form together to recreate that rushing-into-action pose. Expect them to roll out seasonally, with Robin and Starfire hitting first in the summer, and Raven flying solo in the winter to close the series out. If this proves successful, just think of all the other classic covers that could get this treatment!

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The DC Designer Series will also carry on its mission to bring comic book artists' work into the third dimension. The Action Comics #1000 Jim Lee Superman piece made its debut at the show. As you can see, it's still in the early stages of development, but looks stunning. Kal-El will fly along with his cousin in that line with a piece based on Michael Turner's Supergirl. Other large scale statues include a Kenneth Rocafort Red Hood and mini versions of Jim Lee's Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, plus a Brian Bolland Killing Joke Joker and an all-new Batman designed by Bolland complete with Joker playing card in hand.

While still on the subject of statues, the Rick Baker Joker could not be ignored with its prominent place in the showroom's corner. DC Collectibles contacted the special effects legend and gave him free rein to put his own spin on the Clown Prince of Crime. This will be a very limited run piece, and they're actually using Baker's molds to create the finished products. The back of the piece even features Baker's signature carved into the life-size bust.

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For more dark takes on the denizens of Gotham, the Batman: Black and White line will continue on with a Becky Cloonan Batman, a Greg Capullo "Batman Who Laughed" and Batman and Joker from Gerard Way, based on a pitch he sent to DC years ago. Note all the detail on the inside of Batman's cape, which features a map of Gotham City!

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The company will also expand on the Artists Alley idea with more offerings featuring the designs of Chris Uminga, Murase, Nooligan and even more in the works for the future, sure to wow plenty of fans.

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The world of Bombshells will continue to gain new products thanks to a variety of different platforms. Wonder Woman will return thanks to the deluxe statue format. Harley Quinn and Joker will also make a comeback, but this time as action figures. Finally, check out the Batman and Catwoman statue, plus one starring the Joker's Daughter!

DC Collectibles hopes that some of that Bombshells magic will carry over into the Gotham Garage line. You can see the two different ways they're tackling this gearhead-themed line with the Supergirl piece that fits in with the world and the Batgirl one, complete with motorcycle.

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For more incredible statues featuring DC's bevy of strong female characters, dig the Joelle Jones-designed DC Cover Girls Batgirl statue snapping a selfie while doing rad kicks. The Harley Quinn Black, White and Red series will also expand to include pieces based on the artwork of Michael Turner and Billy Tan.

Meanwhile, the DCTV Black Lightning piece perfectly captures actor Cress Williams' likeness, and I was told he's "over the moon" about the result.

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DC Collectibles also displayed a new line of PVC statues they're calling DC Core that will feature classic characters at a lower price point. The first four offerings will be Joker, Batman, Wonder Woman and Batgirl.

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Speaking of classic characters that won't break the bank, DCC showed off their new Essentials line, which will revolve around archenemies for the first few waves. That means fans will have your pick between Flash, Reverse Flash, Batman, Deathstroke, Superman, Brainiac, Aquaman and Black Manta.

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Finally, with Geoff Johns and Gary Frank returning to the world of Watchmen in the pages of Doomsday Clock, you can expect action figure 2-packs that will mark the first time that DC Collectibles created figures based on the comic versions of these characters. The packs will include Ozymandia and Dr. Manhattan, Comedian and Marionette and Rorschach and Mime.

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