Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Expands Marvel, Star Wars Lines

As it does every year, Hasbro impressed the assembled at the company's Brand Preview Toy Fair event with a large scale presentation featuring some of its biggest brands like Marvel and Star Wars. In addition to movie tie-ins for "Captain America: Civil War" and "Dr. Strange," Hasbro also showed off product based on "Star Wars Rebels," Marvel Comics and the rest of the Star Wars Universe.

Before fully diving into the images, it's worth repeating that the term "Marvel Legends" now refers to the entire line of figures in all scales rather that just the six inch figures as it has in the past. With that out of the way, let's jump into the movie figures!

The Captain America waves will feature a mix of comic- and film-based characters, as usual. When it comes to "Winter Soldier," the six inch wave will consist of movie Cap, Iron Man, Black Panther and Scarlet Witch, as well as comic offerings like Nick Fury, Red Guardian, Secret Wars Cap and Nuke, who comes with an alternate, mangled face. Though teased, we'll have to wait until Comic-Con International to learn what the Build-a-Figure will be.

"Civil War" also inspired new offerings in the 3.75 inch line, including Cap with his motorcycle and Falcon with Redwing. The kid-centric, foot-tall Titan toys will also feature the first Falcon figure in that style as well as new versions of War Machine, Iron Man and Captain America.

Attendees at the Brand Preview event were also treated to the first look at the Dr. Strange action figure based on Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of the Master of the Mystic Arts, but were not allowed to photograph it. I can say that it looked just like the few images we've seen so far. The 6-inch line revolving around that film will include Iron Fist, Nico from "Runaways" and a Dormammu Build-a-Figure, all based on the comics. The BAF will actually be a re-decoed version of the piece that came in last year's Book of Vishanti SDCC exclusive.

The presenters also joked that they weren't able to do full lines of figures based on the X-Men before showing off that very thing. The 6-inchers will include Deadpool, Cable, Iceman, Havok, Kitty Pryde with Lockheed, '90s Rogue and Phoenix.

Spider-Man will continue to grow his ranks thanks to another line of 6-inch figures. This one will include "Ultimate Spider-Man" versions of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, Hobgoblin and Silk, one of the franchise's newer characters from the past few years.

Speaking of everyone's favorite Wall Crawler, he, Captain America and Iron Man will all kick off a brand new line of Marvel Legends 12-inch figures that will feature the type of articulation and accessories fans have come to expect from toys half that size.

Getting down to the even smaller 3.75 inch scale, the House of Ideas inspired not just new waves, but a new batch of comic 2-packs. The second wave will feature Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora, Armored Spider-Man, Living Laser, Vision and New Warrior-turned-Avenger Rage, while Hydro Man, Quasar, Morbius and green costume Rogue will make up the third. The comic 2-packs return with some pretty epic pairings, like Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-vell in Cosmic Marvels, two versions of Hyperion in Supreme Powers and Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider in Web Slingers.

While not available to be photographed, Hasbro announced a slew of new store exclusives in the works, including new 6-inch versions of Captain America and Winter Soldier at Walmart, a 3-pack of Sam Wilson Cap, Vision and Kate Bishop Hawkeye at Toys "R" Us, Namor and a Jim Lee-inspired Punisher at Walgreens, and War Machine and Disco Armor Iron Man at Target.

Moving over to Star Wars, Hasbro revealed the winner of the fan poll to figure out a future installment of the 6-inch Star Wars: The Black Series line. Revan from the "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" video game was announced as the winner at last year's SDCC, but Toy Fair attendees got to see the first look at the enigmatic character up close and personal. The designers noted during the presentation that they spent an inordinate amount of time trying to nail down the exact color choices for the final version. Revan will soon be joined by "Star Wars Rebels" Season 1 Sabine, "A New Hope" Princess Leia and a Snowtrooper from "Empire Strikes Back."

Smaller scale "Star Wars Rebels" toy additions will include Kanan in a Stormtrooper disguise, Season 2 Sabine and Darth Maul among others. The team also teased Comic-Con International attendees will have the chance to get their hands on the company's first "Star Wars: Rogue One" action figure, much like last years' were able to purchase the First Order Stormtrooper ahead of the pack. However, that's where the information ends.

All in all it seems like Hasbro is looking to continue make Marvel and Star Wars action figures that appeal to the casual toy buyer as well as the far-more-invested fan with this mix of well-known and fairly obscure characters all with their own unique looks.

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