TOY FAIR 2016: DC Collectibles Gets Animated, Brings DC Films to Life & More

Even though DC Collectibles reveled a good chunk of its Toy Fair reveals before the show -- including a CBR-exclusive reveal of the Superman BlueLine figure -- the company still had plenty of goodness on display at this year's New York Toy Fair.

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DC Collectibles' Vice President, Creative Services Kevin Kiniry and the folks at DCC all seem very excited about moving deeper into the movie space with films like "Man of Steel," "Suicide Squad" and, of course, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." We saw the reveal of the "Suicide Squad" pieces a few weeks back, but seeing them in person really shows off the details. CBR News was told that the poses are based on extensive research by the team as they looked through stacks of photo reference from the film. They even got digital scans of the tattoos for characters like Harley and Joker in order to get them exactly right. If that wasn't enough, the team also went to great lengths to recreate everything, from Boomerang's gloves to Croc's skin.

The new DC Films line will be the first time DCC dives deeply into the world of movie toys for their parent company. Encompassing everything in the current world, the DC Films line will feature 30-plus points of articulation, bases with bendable arms for advanced posing and the kinds of accessories and add-ons that often get cut for budgetary reasons. "Man of Steel" stars Jor-El, Faora and Zod will help kick off the line, along with the two main "Batman v Superman" players as well as Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman. The Squadsters will also get in on the action in a line that I was told can potentially dig deeply into the films' characters given the right levels of fan interest.

While Ben Affleck might be the Batman everyone's talking about these days, the animated version from the '90s sure influenced a lot of people. DCC continues to build that line with more single figures and packs. Solo figures will include Harvey Bullock, Harley Quinn, a deluxe Clayface with multiple swap-out parts, Firefly, Anti-Fire Suit Batman, Joker, Ra's and Talia al Ghul, Commissioner Gordon, Scarface and The Ventriloquist and others.

Batman, Ace and Bruce Wayne from "Batman Beyond" will constitute a set, as well a "Dark Knight Returns"-inspired one with a mutant, Batman and Robin. A "Mad Love" comic 2-pack will feature the book as well as Harley, in the nightgown she appears in in the story. And then there's that delightful Holiday Joker, complete with Charlie Brown-esque Christmas tree. Of course, the biggest reveal from this line was the epic Batwing, which not only fits two characters in the cockpit, but also has landing gear underneath that folds up. This thing is enormous, but still super sleek and clean, just like the one seen in the series.

While cartoons used to be the main way to see your favorite superheroes on TV, these days we have plenty in the way of live action entertainment. DC Collectibles continues to bring those into the toy fold with products like the "Flash" and "Arrow" 2-pack featuring their their current costumes, and a Supergirl statue. I was told they might tweak the Melissa Benoist likeness, along with some of the DC Films figures, to get them as on-point as possible.

Harley Quinn continues to be one of the most popular characters around, to the point where several new lines of toys and statues revolve around her. The Harley Quinn Black and White statue line will kick off with new takes on the previously existing Bombshells and Arkham Knight pieces, as well as one done by "Harley Quinn" co-writer and cover artist Amanda Conner. Conner's artwork also inspired a Designer Series based on the character. We saw most of the basic figures last week, but these will also come with action feature-heavy accessories like the beaver, whch will pop something out of its stomach, and a Chibi that can absorb water and "cry" it out.

Greg Capullo's Designer Series continues to spread its wings. Justice Leaguers like Aquaman, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman will join with the likes of Joker, Survival Batman and the Police Battle suit. This 2-pack comes with Batman as he looks outside of the mech, as well as the suit of armor which actually has an in-costume Batman built into it.

Another tease last week revealed the upcoming DC Icons figures. This series focuses on bringing together some of the company's most classic looks from across the decades. In this case you have classic Joker and Deathstroke alongside Swamp Thing, New 52 Cyborg and Wonder Woman, plus a big old Darkseid and Grail 2-pack. DCC will also release a Justice League 7-pack of Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Cyborg and Aquaman in updated costumes.

Finally, even though the series has run its course, fans of the "Batman Arkham" games continue to look for new figures. Always happy to oblige, DC Collectibles will offer "Arkham Knight" versions of Azrael, Arkham Knight, Man Bat, Professor Pyg, a 2-pack of Batgirl and Oracle and a 3-pack of Batman and two thugs.

Even with so many continuing and debuting lines, Kiniry and company seem really excited about what they have coming out in the coming months. And, thanks to nods to the old and new, it seems like there will be plenty of action figures for DC fans of all ages to get their hands on as 2016 rolls into 2017.

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