Toy Fair 2015: Mattel Shares Batman '66, He-Man Details

2015 and 2016 will be interesting years for Mattel and its relationship with the collector audience. DC Comics-based toys have mostly shifted towards the kid-friendly, and this year will see the end of the web-exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics line of action figures. Where will things go after that? We don't know, but we can check out the images Mattel has offered of 2015's lines.

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Batman will continue to watch over toy fans thanks to a series of new toys from Mattel. The 4-inch DC Comics Multiverse will continue as individual figures based on the Dark Knight's many appearances in TV shows, movies and video games. In addition to the single packed figures, 2-packs of comic book Batman vs. Clayface, "Year One" Batman vs. Solomon Grundy and "Arkham City" Nightwing vs. Killer Croc will land. Each one comes with an Arkham Asylum cell base.

Mattel also mentioned some of the "Batman '66" 6-inch figures that have already been seen like Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, surfing versions of Batman and Joker and a set that includes the Dynamic Duo and the Batmobile. New pieces will be sold, though, like the Batman, Robin and Batgirl 3-pack and the Ultimate Batman figure which comes with a Bruce Wayne head, batarangs, the Shakespeare statue, the famous red phone and much more.

Meanwhile, Mattycollector's Masters of the Universe Classics line might be winding down at the end of this year, but that didn't stop the company from showing off new figures and announcing a new subscription.

For years, Mattel wasn't able to make action figures based on the He-Man animated relaunch that debuted in 2002 (dubbed the 200X series), but now that's not the case. To celebrate, Matty not only plans to release six toys based on characters that popped up for the first time this millennium, but also have plans for a subscription called Club 200X. The first three figures revealed are Callix, Evil Seed and Ceratus which will hit in July, August and September respectively. The October, November and December offerings will be unveiled on Feb. 23 when the subscription goes live. As an added bonus, subscribers will be the only ones who get the Heads of Eternia Accessory pack in August.

The regular MOTUC series got spotlighted in a video about the figures that will hit this year. While we've seen many of these pieces before, it did show off Peekablue and Mara for the very first time. They will be the July and August figures.

As always, check out TOYING AROUND every Saturday for more collectible news and keep an eye on Mattycollector.com for on-sale dates and other information.

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