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Toy Fair 2015: Diamond Select Toys Brings Batman, Avengers, Kevin Smith & More

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Toy Fair 2015: Diamond Select Toys Brings Batman, Avengers, Kevin Smith & More

Diamond Select Toys offered such variety at Toy Fair, it was almost difficult keeping up with everything the company has in the works. Not only does it boast Marvel and DC Animated action figures and statues, but the company will also release a slew of TV, movie and comic collectibles throughout 2015.

Batman and his mythos continue to be a major source of collectibles, and DST is firmly in on that action with new figures, busts, banks and statues based on “Gotham,” “Batman ’66” and “Batman: The Animated Series.”

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As you can see, the company has a series of Animated busts in the works, with cartoon-accurate interpretations of Batman, Catwoman, Phantasm, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and the Frank Miller-esque Dark Knight version of the Caped Crusader. Toony versions of The Joker and Harley Quinn will also become banks.

Then you have the full size DC statues. Batgirl from the 60s “Batman” series stands with fists on hips and a flowing cape, while Supergirl and Wonder Woman in their animated looks join the cross license Femme Fatale series that also includes characters like Cassie Hack, Lady Death and Kabuki.

And thats just what we could photograph. DST also had various products on display that are not yet ready for mass reveals including a set of “Gotham” Minimates that includes James Gordon, Edward Nygma, Capt. Essen and Black Mask. Gotham Select figures of Penguin, Gordon and Selena Kyle were also there, but not to be photographed. “Batman ’66” banks based on Egghead and Batgirl also fit into this secretive category.

On the other side of the comic aisle, Marvel and DST’s longstanding partnership will continue to bring about toys of all shapes and sizes, including the reveal of the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Black Widow Marvel Select figure CBR previewed last month. Marvel Select’s Ant-Man, Sabertooth, Cable and Carnage were also on display.

Attendees even got to scope out first hand the previously revealed Retro Thor and the 60th wave of Marvel Minimates, which revolves around the blue and gold-clad heroes facing off against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Each 2-pack comes with accessories and spare parts to make new characters. Here’s how they break down: Wolverine (with Forge parts) vs. Blob, Banshee (with Gambit parts) vs. Pyro, Storm (with Psylocke parts) vs. Avalanche, and the rare Jubilee vs. Destiny!

The second series of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ‘Mates made an appearance as well, but couldn’t be photographed. We got a look at Hulk, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Vision and a Winter Hydra agent. Single, blind bagged variations on Iron Man, Ultron and his robots will also hit around the time of the film’s May 1 debut.

Speaking of comics, Mirage’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics inspired a 4-pack of TMNT Minimates that presents the heroes in their red masks. The previously seen series of ‘Mates based on the current animated series stood nearby.

Diamond Select Toys will spend 2015 celebrating both classic movies and new favorites. The biggest box office reveal comes in the form of Ghostbusters Select, a line that will consist of at least four waves — three of which are already sculpted — each one including a piece to build the finale from the original film. Ray and Winston were on display and looked spot-on.

In other movie collectible news, the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” will appear in a frosty, post-time jump version. Aliens and Predators will both make their way into the Minimates line — though we couldn’t shoot them — along with banks and bottle openers.

Even indie filmmakers inspire DST. Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” keeps rolling down the Minimates route, along with Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s “Sin City.” Miller’s noir comic and the film it’s based on also lead to a Marv bust that captures Mickey Rourke’s weighty performance as the bruiser.

Kevin Smith’s relationship with DST, however, seems to be resulting in the most toys. Smith’s “Comic Book Men” reality series earned a Minimates set, as did various characters from “Jay and Silent Bob.” The writer-director’s first film, “Clerks,” will be the basis of four Select style figures of main characters Dante, Jay, Randall and Silent Bob. Jay and Silent Bob will even star in a zombie 2-pack!

Those aren’t the only monsters coming from DST in the coming year, though. Godzilla, Rodan and Mechagodzilla will guard your cash as banks while the Universal Monsters Select line grows to include a few new members. You can see the DST original character of Lucy Westenra — based on the original “Dracula” story — but new takes on The Wolfman and The Mummy could not be photographed. A black and white 3-pack of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dr. Jekyll (from “Abbot and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”) and a Mole Person from “The Mole People” will also be available.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” might not be as scary as those movies, but it still lends itself to some impressive collectibles. This recent acquisition will lend itself to Select figures of Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie as well as a series of Minimates and even a doll set of Jack and Sally.

Finally, “Star Trek” fans can look forward to Worf’s addition to the line of Star Trek Select figures comes with multiple hand sets holding different weapons including his iconic bat’leth.

All of these collectibles and more will be available for purchase in stores as well as through Diamond Select Toys’ website.

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