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Toy Fair 2015: Comics Art & TV Heroes Hit DC Collectibles

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Toy Fair 2015: Comics Art & TV Heroes Hit DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles started the New York Toy Fair festivities early by posting images of some of their releases on their blog prior to the show. However, with the event in full swing, the company revealed their full slate of offerings for the rest of this year and into the next.

The DC Icons line of action figures will kick off with three waves. The focus of this line is to showcase some of the comic company’s biggest and most important characters from various periods in their long histories. The first wave includes a “Hush”-esque Batman, classic Deadman, “Longbow Hunters” Green Arrow and New 52 Mr. Miracle. The second presents New 52 Black Adam, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, Battle Armor Lex Luthor, a classic Barry Allen Flash and a Deluxe New 52 Hal Jordan Green Lantern with a snap-on armor. Classic versions of Aquaman, Harley Quinn and Superman (with his robot Kelex) and an Atomica 3-pack that comes with a medium sized Ryan Choi Atom and an even smaller Ray Palmer make up the third wave. The Icons brand will also carry over into the world of statues, kicking off with Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Firestorm and Shazam.

The other major figure reveals of the show came from the line based on “Batman: The Animated Series” and “The New Batman Adventures.” The fourth wave of figures will consist of Batman, Batgirl, Penguin and Riddler while Nightwing, Bane, Scarecrow and Bane make up the fifth. A “Mask of the Phantasm” 2-pack featuring the title villain and a version his heroic adversary with a new head are also in the works.

The massive Batmobile with lights and sounds also made quite an impression. The car can fit two full figures in it and has a slide-open top. But that’s not the only vehicle in the works. Roxy Rocket will come with her signature mode of transportation. The DC Collectibles folks also noted that the quality control problems that some of the earlier waves were plagued by have been fixed.

DC Collectibles will also continue its longstanding tradition of creating figures based on specific artist interpretations of DC characters. Jae Lee’s artwork from “Batman/Superman” was the basis for a line of figures that includes Superman, Batman Wonder Woman and Catwoman. Meanwhile, Terry Dodson’s “Teen Titans: Earth One” designs have lead to figures based on Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire.

Fans of “Arrow” and “The Flash” also have a variety of new figures, statues and props to look forward to. Arrow, Arsenal, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Flash and Captain Cold made the action figure cut this time with more potential characters popping up each week on The CW shows. Meanwhile, Flash will dash into stores as a statue followed by James Gordon from the Fox series “Gotham.” If you prefer props, official “Gotham” police badges, Dr. Fate’s helmet from NBC’s “Constantine” and Reverse Flash rings will also be available.

Meanwhile, the video games in the Batman: Arkham series continue to create unique character designs that work well in action figure form. DCC currently has a Batman 5-pack with four versions of the Dark Knight along with a new Bruce Wayne toy. The 2013 game “Batman: Arkham Origins” will receive another 3-pack featuring Electrocutioner, Shiva and Dr. Harleen Quinzel. More figures based on the upcoming “Arkham Knight” game will also debut when the game debuts in June including Batman, Arkham Knight, Harley Quinn and Scarecrow.

Moving over to the statue sphere, DCC will continue to offer variations on their Big Three characters in the Batman Black and White, Superman Man of Steel and Wonder Woman Art of War series’. New Black and Whites include Babs Tarr Batgirl, Carlos D’Anda Batman and Scarecrow based on the “Arkham” games, Bryan Hitch Batman and a Paul Dini Harley Quinn that’s based on his original designs for the character. John Romita Jr., Cully Hamner and Darwyn Cooke offered up designs for Superman statues while Wonder Woman scored new interpretations by Jill Thompson and Robert Valley who directed the 70s-tastic DC Nation shorts featuring the Amazing Amazon.

The women of DC Comics earned a variety of new statues as well. We’d already seen the Lois Lane and Batwoman Bombshell statues, but the company also had Catwoman and Harley Quinn with the Joker on display. Harley Quinn is also strutting her way into the Cover Girls line alongside New 52 Wonder Woman and Red Lantern Bleez.

Jim Lee’s New 52 versions of Deadshot, Wonder Woman and Catwoman make their way into the 3D space thanks to entries in the Super Heroes and Super Villains bust lines. Meanwhile the Gotham City Garage series vets new member, Harley Quinn, who sports a red and black motorcycle and crazy chest tattoo. This year’s Kiss statue, a series that celebrates love in the DCU, features Green Arrow and Black Canary based on the artwork of Cliff Chiang. Lastly, as far as statues go, John Constantine earns his first statue in over a decade thanks to his recent resurgence in popularity.

Rounding out the last of the reveals, the company displayed a light-up Mother Box with sounds, a Justice League Tarot Card deck, Death’s Ankh necklace and plush toys based on the Art Baltazar’s versions of Streaky, Krypto, Hoppy and Dex-Star from the DC Super Pets books.

Most of the items on display hit stores this fall, though the “Teen Titans: Year One” figures, the “Mask of the Phantasm” 2-pack, the third wave of DC Icons, Black Canary and Green Arrow and the Super Pets will debut early next year.

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