Toy Fair 2007: Part II

In our last installment, CBR gave you a taste of what the big guys had to offer. The heavy hitters came out swinging with a barrage of Marvel, DC and Star Wars merchandise. When the TV news shows up, they only focus on these gigantic attractions. Because of this, the public always misses out on some of the best products at the Con.

In our final report from Toy Fair 2007, we'll try to spotlight some of these overlooked treasures. Join us as we spotlight some of the great gear that didn't have Spidey's face tattooed all over it.

Underground Toys: FANTASTIC!

You'll be pleased to know that The Doctor was well represented by Underground Toys. "Doctor Who," that is. Straight out of the new series, all your favorite characters are represented in various toys, including both of the recent Doctors. The 12-inch dolls and 6-inch action figures represent most of the cast.

As for enemies, Underground is staying true to the series. By that we mean that you'll be seeing about a billion different Daleks! Remote Controlled Daleks, Alarm Clock Daleks, and even a deluxe Genesis Ark Set! (More Daleks!) Don't worry, there was lots of "Cybermen" stuff too. Underground even had a remote controlled TARDIS and the ultimate Doctor Who deus ex machina, the Sonic Screwdriver! 2007 looks to be a fine year for Doctor Who fanatics.

Shocker Toys: Where it's cool to be a robot.

Shocker Toys had a figure that practically tore us away from the "Doctor Who" stuff. "Scud the Disposable Assassin" 6-inch action figures, Complete with "pinkies up" gun slinging hands, these figures are a sight for sore eyes. Now if we can just get that final issue printed already, Scud fans will be sitting pretty.

Scud is part of Shocker's 6-inch "Indie Spotlight" line. The series also features both Shadowhawk and Katchoo figures. If you still can't get enough, they've even made a deluxe 8-inch representation of everyone's favorite homeless superhero, The Maxx?

Shocker's smaller line is called, appropriately enough, Shockini. These fully articulated and poseable figures come in at half the size of their big brothers. 3-inch versions of Scud, Nighthawk, Katchoo and The Maxx are accompanied by a few other wild cards. Blocky versions of Dick Tracy, Madman, Kabuki and Solar are also available.

If you're looking to create your own unique time, check out the huge variety of blank Shockini's they sell. These are an absolute blast. You can customize them however you like and they're just splendid for stop motion animation.

Have you ever wished that someone would make action figures out of the band GWAR? Well fear not, oh fans of silliness and metal, Shocker Toys has you covered with three special 7-inch likenesses of Techno, Oderus and Beefcake. The line is called "GWAR Wave 1," so we can expect even more GWAR related swag down the road. Rock on, puny mortals.


Anyone who's interested in customizable toys will love the new beauties from Stikfas! With over 50 interchangeable kits, Stikfas have been a dream come true for hobbyists from the moment they hit the shelves. Instead of just plain vanilla armatures, the new stuff will come decked out with all sorts of wild options. From giant alien walkers and soldiers to pirates and samurai, you can find a Stikfas for damn near anything! There's even a Cowboy and Indian set, so the age-old race war can rage on in toy form!

Also available Cuboyds, which feature 14 points of articulation and can also be interchanged and customized. Cuboyds are basically smaller, blockier versions of the regular Stikfas, they actually look similar to Shocker's Shockini line.

MBears are making a debut as well. These cute single colored bears come with detachable shades and are sure to make perfect cannon fodder for the military Stikfas!


New from Wizkids comes a brand spanking new Star Wars collectible trading card game. It's not your average TCG, though. Star Wars PocketModel will feature unique cards that pop open to transform into miniature replicas of the famous spaceships. It's a great new spin on the tried and true card game, and it should actually be pretty cheap for players on a budget.

Also coming soon is the HALO ActionClix game. It's a lot like HeroClix, except now instead of The Hulk and Wolverine, you do battle with Master Chief and the Arbitor. There's even got a tiny version of the Warthog. HALO ActionClix looks like it will be a laugh riot.

Bif Bang Pow!

That's actually their company name, we're not trying to be cute. Bif Bang Pow! toys has managed to secure the license to one of the greatest movies of all time: "The Big Lebowski!" Finally The Dude and Walter are immortalized in both bobble head and action figure form. The Walter figure even comes with a Donny in a Can. Plus Bif Bang Pow! isn't stopping at his Dudeness. Also gracing their glass shelves were several authentic Flash Gordon replicas designed by Alex Ross.

Mini Mag Stands and Displays

You know how all those figures have those little holes on their bottoms, even though it doesn't seem to fit anywhere? Well now you can thanks to Mini Mag. These interlocking magnetic displays are actually just what the doctor ordered for your collection. Now you can proudly arrange your assorted toys in a truckload of different positions. It's the perfect way to get the most out of your figures.

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter

Upon walking into Toy Fair 2007, guests were greeted by the gigantic visage of Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter action figures. The ad's melodramatic tagline read: "He Changed Our World." Which is true… if by "changed our world" you mean "we briefly discussed that time Steve Irwin almost fed his child to a vicious lizard."

So yes, we suppose Irwin clearly changed the very essence of our global culture and deserves his own toy line. No mention of a stingray figure, though.

Create Your Own Comics!

Have you ever dreamed of making your very own comics? Well, now you can with Planetwide Media's Comic Book Creator. Okay, so technically this isn't exactly the super-powered professional tool you might be hoping for, but it's still pretty nifty. Using either your own photos or the included official Marvel artwork, you can easily drag-and-drop various bubbles into your creation. Comic Book Creator is an intuitive way to turn your boring photographs into goofy PDF comics. When you finish crafting your masterpiece, you can either print them or publish online. And hey, pictures of Aunt Ethyl with perverted thought bubbles are worth their weight in holiday-ruining gold!

Heading Home

It was a phenomenal time and we got to see some really great stuff. 2007 looks like it's going to be a phenomenal year for collectors. If Toy Fair 2007 is any indication, half of you will be taking second mortgages to get a hold of all the cool swag. That's it for this Comic Book Resources in-depth coverage of the New York Toy Fair! Now get out those credit cards and we'll meet you at the shop!

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