Tour <I>Walking Dead's</i> Prison With 'Uncomfortable' Robert Kirkman

With the return of The Walking Dead barely a month away, comic creator (and executive producer) Robert Kirkman takes viewers on a tour of the Prison set in the latest behind-the-scenes video from AMC.

"I never imagined that I would be here standing in this prison," he says. "It's really strange to think about all the pages coming in from Charlie Adlard, y'know, seven, eight years ago when we were doing the Prison storyline in the comic book, and watching the way he drew the prison cells and all the little nuances and stuff we put in the comic-book Prison and to see people looking at those comics and taking inspiration from that and then constructing it in real life and being able to actually go on to second levels and walk up stairs and go in cells and stuff is absolutely just completely bizarre. [...] Things that are in comic books should never exist in real life. I feel really uncomfortable here, frankly."

Readers of the long-running comic series know the West Central Prison -- changed to the West Georgia Correctional Facility for the TV show -- as a major setting for The Walking Dead, from Issue 13 in 2004 to Issue 48 in 2008. While it seems likely that Rick Grimes and the other survivors won't stay quite along in the television adaptation, we know they'll be confronted with many of the same dangers: zombie prisoners and the threat of The Governor, ruler of the nearby town of Woodbury (it remains to be seen whether they'll find any non-walker inmates).

Returning Oct. 14 on AMC, The Walking Dead stars returning cast members Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Chandler Riggs, Steve Yeun, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, IronE Singleton, Lauren Cohan, Scott Wilson, Emily Kinney and newcomers David Morrissey and Danai Gurira.

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