Tour LA with "High Rollers'" Gary Phillips, Parts 3 & 4

Crime and mystery writer Gary Phillips has been giving CBR readers a tour of the Los Angeles locations that his Boom! Studios mini-series "High Rollers" takes place in. As Phillips told CBR News earlier this year, "High Rollers" is a modern gangster story that uses the vast urban Los Angeles landscape as its backdrop.

Phillips began his tour introducing Los Angeles to our readers in part one. In part two, Phillips took readers to Crenshaw Blvd.. Today we bring you the final two videos Gary shot in Los Angeles.

In part three of his tour of the locales that "High Rollers" takes place in, Gary takes you to South Los Angeles, known once as South Central Los Angeles, an upper class, once predominantly black neighborhood and what role it plays in the greater story. (Runtime: 1:12)

In the final part of this four part tour of Los Angeles, Gary visits the Ballona Creek, home to some of the most vibrant graphitti work and explains its importance in gang culture and to the story he's written in "High Rollers." (Runtime: 2:11)

Issues #1 and #2 are available now at finer comic shops across the country. You can also read a preview of issue #2 right here on CBR.

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